Tuesday, November 30, 2010

No clue

Lya and I don't get what's going on at all.

Sandra's been screaming and convulsing for hours now, and repeating that japanese message over and over. It's apparently from on of her favorite Vocaloids songs, and mean "An irreversible ("serious" in Kuri's translation) error has occured".

We know that she means something's going on with Nessa, though we have no clue what. At first we thought she had died, due to Fizzy's post, but then things got weird in the comments of Sandra's post, people are saying things that don't make sense, and "Nessa" commented "herself".

We asked Sandra what the "error" was, but she just kept on freaking out.

And then shit got weird.

Slender returned from His patrolling (or whatever the hell He does when He isn't here, as if we don't know), possibly mistaking the commotion for another attack. When He got inside, Sandra looked at Him, took on the most twisted, hateful glare, and fucking lunged.

Lya and I grabbed her and held her back, and she was screaming and clawing like a wild cat.

We finally managed to sedate her, and got her to bed, but she still repeats the error message in her sleep. And whenever He gets closer to her, she hisses and shudders like she's trapped in a nightmare.

None of us know what the hell is wrong with her, and Slender seems confused as well.

Sandra had a theory that He only has an extremely limited range of emotions, and doesn't understand concepts such as amity, or grief, or vengeance. She thinks He only knows amusement (hence toying around with victims), extreme anger, curiosity (which would explain why He's followed her around just because He doesn't affect her), and confusion. Other than that, nothing. Not even evil.

Sandra wrote out a paper on the theory, and we've been searching for it whenever we can, in the hopes that maybe it will make sense and shed some light on how to stop him.


Monday, November 29, 2010

Shinkoku na eraa ga hassei shimashita....



Friday, November 26, 2010

Still Alive

There is so much potential here to start off with a Portal joke, but I'll skip that.

We're all fine, just a little more cautious than usual. He's off doing whatever the hell it is that's freaking everyone out, so we've had to bump up security. Hence us not posting for awhile. Sandra hasn't had to assist with installation, since she's still recovering, so we were sure she would update herself.

Instead, she ran to her room and slammed the door shut.

We checked to see what got to her, and found out what happened to Nessa.

She was in her room for more than 50 hours straight. We ended up leaving food at her door, though she didn't touch it much. It wasn't until yesterday that she walked out. We asked if she was okay, and she looked at the thermostat (it was low because we had been working and were getting hot; normally it would be pretty high because Texans are pussies when it comes to the cold), looked back, and said...

"It's colder than a witch's tit in a cast iron bra. Turn up the damn heater."

She then walked back into her room, and we heard her start blasting "Black Rock Shooter".

Yep. I think she's better now.

While she's still pissed over what happened to Nessa, and how everyone's calling out Jack for being "antisocial", she was overjoyed to see the comments of everyone who wished us luck. So, from her, and us, thank you so very much. You're what we were thankful for above all.

For our first Thanksgiving as a family, we all just sat in the living room eating chinese, while Preston ran around being stupid as comedy central blared on the tv. We were just a little startled when He stopped by, but He was only here for a few minutes to do a quick check.

Believe it or not, probably the best Thanksgiving I've ever had.

Love you guys.


Monday, November 22, 2010


About Lya's post. She tends to get pissed, and is sometimes more protective than Slender.

I'm not going to lash out at anyone who doesn't trust me, because that much is inevitable. I mean, the Slender Man hovers over me like a mama lion, while He normally rips people to shreds and fucks with their minds. Who wouldn't suspect something like that? Hell, maybe I'm not even human, or not human anymore. I don't know how to explain it. It's like those clouds hovering over cartoon characters when they feel like crap, except with tentacles and a sick way of going about His business.

For those who will listen and still have a shred of trust, we were trying to get the runner into the closet where Slender wouldn't see him, to give me time to explain that killing him would only make it worse for everyone involved. I didn't want him to die. I'm sick of the dying.

And yes, Nessa, I am naive. I was naive as a seven year old girl trying to convince myself that maybe He killed that bully because He was a hero preventing anyone else from being hurt like Lya. I was naive as the ten years went by as I told myself that eventually He'd get bored with me and either kill me or just leave. And I'm naive now. We've been attacked by proxies and runner alike, we've attracted the attention of a second abomination, and now we've killed someone who, under different circumstances, might've been an ally to us.

I'm used to the distrust by now. You don't spend ten years being followed by Him without running into other victims who perceive you as a threat. Hell, maybe they were right about it. Out of about 22 who shied away, 13 turned up dead, 4 dissapeared, and at least one has showed up Hallowed on my doorstep.

I get it. I have blood on my hands. If I could deny the blood of my parents, and deny the blood of those above, then I can't ignore the runner's.

He's dead, because I didn't stop to think things through.

So please, stop fighting. I know what happened, I understand the repercussions.

I just wanna sleep.


Sunday, November 21, 2010

Trust Issues

Okay. So some people are starting to lose trust in Sandra. Why?

Because she was attacked by a runner who had apparently been stalking us for long enough to know how she calls Him for help, who chased her throughout the house, who pinned her and beat her before trying to stab her eye out with a knife. A knife that was had a long enough blade to have gone into her brain and caused intense brain damage or even killed her.

And then, she had the AUDACITY to call for help. And how dare that help be an abomination that's followed her around since she was a child, killed countless people in front of her, unintentionally killed her parents, and won't leave even when she attacks Him with countless weapons.

And how dare she sit there, shuddering violently and starting to choke on her tears from fear and self-loathing at having to resort to drastic measures while that poor assailant gets killed.

Ain't she just a shifty little bitch?


She never chose this. She never wanted to be under the protection of a creature loathed by so much of the world, to have to face off against another one of said creatures, or have to resort to calling Him for help.

She isn't His master, or creator. She doesn't control Him, and whether or not He accomodates her distaste in killing is completely up to Him. She wasn't a sultry siren luring an innocent man to his gruesome death, she was almost murdered by someone who had no qualms about killing a girl caught up in a situation nobody deserves.

For God's sake, people. This isn't Salem, don't blame Sandra for not feeding your own pigs.


Saturday, November 20, 2010


Okay, so I'm alright after last night's attack. So don't worry, I'm not spontaneously Hallowed, nor am I dead. Just really tired.

Some people have been trying to figure out how in the sweet corn a vocaloids song brought Slender running to kill that bastard.

Number 1: Speak of the Devil

To explain how He even heard me from wherever the hell he was dicking around, consider how, when you talk often about Him, chances are He'll pop up to scare the shit outta you. Either He's got some BITCHING hearing, or He can sense when someone's talking about/calling Him.

Number 2: The Song

No, there's no deep, hidden meaning behind this song. As far as I can tell, He's never been a goat-legged girl trapped in a circus.

It's just how I call Him out to tell Him there's an emergency.

See, the day of the car accident, we had my vocaloids cd playing in the car. The crash happened during the ending part of the song that I said last night (those words weren't said or sung, but were during the instrumental at the end, and having memorized them like a freak I am, I was saying them while the song played).

I was thrown from the car before I could say the last line (from the ending animation, which is SO DAMN CREEPY). Later on, after I had stopped raging against Him and finally realized that maybe He was being honest, He asked if I was alright.

I just wrote "It's fun", and He took it to mean that I was going to be okay.

So that's how I let Him know. There's no real reason for it, just another way to make chaos seem just a little easier. Singing an actual japanese line from the song means an emergency is forming, saying a line from the opening means we found a body, gtf over here, and saying the lines from last night means that an emergency is currently happening, this is not a drill.

After the crisis is managed, "It's fun" just means that we're all alive and we'll recover.

So that's it. Don't freak out when some godawful shit happens and I key in saying "IT'S FUN!" like a gleeful two year old. That's just me saying we're alright.

On a completely different note...

You guys still call me the Oracle. Why is that? I haven't made any prophecies or predictions, just given a little insight on how Slender behaves around us. And I highly doubt that the Oracle ever hung out with Persians, or was roomies with Clytemnestra.

But I still love the fuck outta that nickname. XD


Friday, November 19, 2010


Pretty much exactly what it says. We were ambushed by someone targeting Sandra.

Except it wasn't a proxy this time.

It was a runner, or a fighter, or whatever we're calling one of Slender's victims.

Apparently, while some of us can keep our cool and humanity during these times, others will snap and do ANYTHING. Not even to survive, because there's no way the unlucky bastard thought he could hurt Sandra and live. Only to spite Him.


We didn't even know he was here until Sandra saw him creeping in through a window. Matt was out, and Slender was off doing His thing. Bastard pulled a tazer and zapped me when I tried to protect Sandra. I blacked out until Matt returned about five minutes later. By then Sandra had run upstairs with the assailant following. When we got up to her room, he had her pinned and had a switchblade out, screaming about the "Operator's Eye".

He looked like he was about to gouge out Sandra's eye.

Let that sink in for a moment.

Matt was able to tackle him, and managed to subdue him. I went into Sandra's closet to get out some rope we keep for emergencies (yes, it is necessary), and Sandra kinda snapped. She apparently (I wasn't there to see it, only heard) glared at him, got a strange look in her eye, and began speaking...

"The body is distorted in order to bend to that twisted figure
To crawl on the illuminated street with paper lanterns
Everyone knows the feeling of walking down the street..."

At this point, he stopped struggling, and just froze up.

"This child has to cower alone..."

He looked up at her, seemingly horrified.

"I guess the shadows reach long
But the friends that talk have their waists aligned..."

Then, he gets pissed.

"You are later and before and by yourself..."

He struggled free before we could get him tied, and knocked us aside. He leapt at Sandra, pinning her again. Instead of being afraid like before, she just kept that crazy grin.

"Oh, you're here, you're here!"

Without the knife, he looked ready to just beat her to death, but then she laughed.

"Drop by and see Him."

The attacker froze up, and murmered some denial.

"Drop by and see Him."

He started backing up, screaming no.

"Drop by, to the Dark Woods."

At that moment, Slender smashed through the window, grabbed the man, and dragged him outside. By the time we helped Sandra up and looked out, the guy was dead.

Sandra's back to normal, except for humming. The lines she said were from the song Dark Woods Circus, but I'm not sure how they're relevant. But judging by Slender's timing, I kinda wonder if maybe she was using the song to call for Him...

Apparently, some people are starting to wonder if she made Him, and if she can control Him.

Nope. As far as we can tell, Slender predates ALL of the bloggers, and somethingawful, and all recorded instances of Him. And she doesn't really control Him, it's that HE can't control HER.

Wellp. I'm going to go rest. It's been a looong day, and I'm kinda tired of dealing with crap like this.


(It's fun.)

Not Dead Yet

Just a quick post to confirm we're all alive, but some of us are hurt more than others.

We'll let you all know what happened later, but for now we've got injuries to patch up and a body to stash.


Tuesday, November 16, 2010


I'm wondering if any of you have also taken an interest in Empty mind, blank face?

Because I have.

Another question: Have you ever been so angry you threw a book at Slender Man's face?

Because I may be a pioneer in that field.

He stayed in the front room last night to keep watch (the rain was crazier than when I was abducted, so we were all on guard), so I decided to have a little chat.

What happened:

S: *stomps in, throws book* YOU COLOSSAL DOUCHEBAG.

SM: *looks up*

S: You wanna tell me what the fuck is going on with Rose and Lily?!

SM: *seems almost smug. Swear to God*

S: Listen, I have put up with you dealing with proxies in my fucking living room before, and I'm no stranger to those little bitch-lets. But I AM SERIOUS. If you're making Rose's alternate personality the proxy assigned to her, I WILL BE SO PISSED.

SM: *turns back around*

S:....*throws another book* No. No doing.

SM: *taps window*

S: *looks out window, notices human shadow darting around in woods* ...Is that Drew.

SM: *nods*

S: Yeah. You see that shit? Stop. At the very least, you should be watching Rose like a hawk. Not like a normal stalking, just to make sure nothing happens to her like our little Drew predicament. I do NOT want to see a Slender-Proxy Lily and an ///It///-Proxy Rose.

After that, not much else. I'm still trying to blow off some steam.

I've put up with this thing for more than ten years. I have tried fighting back, running away, everything to get Him to back off. But He still takes an interest in my immunity, or whatever the hell it is.

I'm only hoping Rose's condition will preserve her like mine has me.


Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Lost Tapes

...Is one hell of a fun show.

Yeah, I know. "Sandra, why would you watch a piece of crap mockumentary when you have to deal with ///It/// and Slender and Preston whaddufuck lol?"

Because. Distraction and staying light, remember?

And to all the people like "this isn't a horror movie Sandra"...seriously. Goddamn tall guy with no face and tentacles killing people. Where has the line between truth and fiction been drawn?

So, back to the show.

I was watching what looks like the last episode of season three (sob), and it was Reptilian. About underground lizard people societies (leave it to that to get us rolling our eyes while Slender stalks around on the lookout). But a few things got my attention:

1: When one of the reptilians was "killed", his body was laying in an awkward position that made his body look WAY too long,

2: The dead people were killed and wrapped in plastic bags, and, and hold on to your asses for this one,

3: One of the markings the reptilians drew on the wall was an Operator Symbol. With a crooked X.

In the words of one of our commenters on a previous post, "I shat a house".

Aside from that, we mostly lol'd at the thought of lizard people snatching yo' people up under the guise of a rave.

So, may favorite episode had to be....Wendigo.


People turning into monsters after eating other people? AWESOME. Of course, that type of Wendigo isn't the type I'm familiar with from childhood.

Remember Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark? Yeah. Fall to your knees before the nostalgia.

Well, one of those editions had a story about a "Wendigo" that basically was a wind siren that dragged you away, caught your shit on fire, and dropped you. Portrayed as a sort of demon.


But still, that episode had some of the best effects, stellar acting, and managed to make you uneasy by use of a social taboo as subject matter. And since Wendigo psychosis is a proven thing, it makes it all the more realistic.

Wellup, I'm off to be stupid. LATER!


Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Well, Lya's officially pissed.

A few weeks ago, I found a site called SCP Foundation. Scary, funny, pretty good for wasting time and pretending you don't have a humanoid abomination stalking around.

One of the scariest things there is a statue that kills people when they don't look. WAY scarier than it sounds. And since Lya reads it too, I showed her this comic...


Then, when she got to the last panel, she got nervous, turned to face me...

And I shoved one of my dolls into her face.

She screamed. Loud.

Now Matt's laughing so hard he can't breathe, Lya's fuming in her room, and I'm going to hell.



Monday, November 8, 2010


We were finally able to relax, getting things settled, we haven't seen ///It/// for awhile now...

Everything was calm and peaceful....

And then Sandra rediscovered the Neopets site she hasn't been on for years.


Hopefully she'll be too distracted by the animals to play when we go up to my family's farm in Oklahoma for Christmas. Of course, Sandra+animals=clusterfuck to the nth degree, but let's just keep lying to ourselves.


Friday, November 5, 2010


...Please tell me I'm not hallucinating this.


Sandra's been laughing like an idiot for five hours straight.

I guess this kinda fits in with her philosophy that keeping light and happy helps you cope better....but still.

He saw it too. His only reaction was shaking His head and going back out on patrol. I think. He probably isn't gonna go kill whoever made the video. Probably.


Thursday, November 4, 2010


Any of you miss me?

So, yes, I'm feeling a lot better. And yes, ///It/// can indeed kiss my ass.

Slender's still patrolling, but we haven't seen ///It/// in a long time, though that's probably because of what's going down with Jack and Stephanie. I just hope they'll be alright.

Being so far down south has its advantages this time of year. Even though the primary colors of fall in my town are not orange but dead brown, we get a metric fuck load of birds trying to escape the cold. Preston's been pecking at the window and screaming at them for hours now. Lya thinks it's annoying, but everyone else seems to agree it's funnier than hell.

Well, it's cold, so I'm gonna dive under some blankets. Later bitches!


Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Starting to get kinda chilly down here.

Sandra's been hanging out the window enjoying the rain. For awhile we were afraid she'd be nervous because of the association with her earlier captivity, but she told us that ///It/// could "kiss [my] freckled ass".

So, we've been doing pretty well. No sightings, Sand's gotten better. Preston's being stupid, but that's no change.