Monday, February 20, 2012


Oh hey look more updating from the phone GODDAMN COMPUTER.

So the Seedeater crisis wasn't exactly a crisis so much as another curious monster wanting to get to the bottom of all the bad juju and dead teenagers built like linebackers. Didn't make him peeking in our windows any less startling, but everything's calmed down now. Doesn't come inside, but he does accept the leftovers we leave outside. Good. Our garbage disposal broke.

Rake's pretty appreciative of a new buddy to run around the woods with. Or limp, I should say. You'd think an Eldy would recover from a hard hit pretty quickly, but I'm guessing he's lower tier.

Slender's taking the new arrival pretty nonchalantly. Still spends all His time standing around reading over people's shoulders and patrolling for any leftover proxies. We've had a few close encounters, including someone hiding near the house waiting for us to come play in the snow a few days ago. He ended up interrupting Seed's hunt. Seeds interrupted his cardiovascular system. What is it with this house and bloody snow?

And Matt's been teaching me to drive. Dear baby Jesus. Lya's smart; she stays the hell away from the car when I'm backing out. I almost backed over Slender, poor bastard. Hand to God He didn't show up in the rearview.

Welp I gotta go Tumble and watch Let's plays and check for more emails from my fellow Eldy Sues.