Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Yeah. We heard about what happened to Ava.

Thankfully, some dumbass proxies were around, so we had an outlet for our rage.

Of course, when I stepped out and told them to get the fuck out, they started laughing.

Then Lya stepped out. Lya. The serious business woman built like a fridge with a baseball bat. That's when it stopped being funny. Some of them had the sense to run off, but a handful liked their chances against two very unathletic girl and a guy with one arm.

One of them tackled me while the others were preoccupied and tried to cuff me, and she said she wasn't stupid enough to get rid of me without His approval.

Yep. Sure enough, Mr. Fuckstick was watching. If my hands weren't held back, I would've flipped so many birds PETA would shit a palace.

So I was pinned, Matt was held up, and Lya was beating the shit out of one of them. When she was done with that, she ran over and kicked the girl holding me down in the ribs. Little bitch went flying like a ragdoll. I swear I heard some ribs cracking.

Apparently, one of the other proxies was either a family member or boyfriend, because he did NOT approve. He moved faster than I've ever seen someone that big go, and bitchslapped Lya across the face.

When asked later, Matt swore he could actually see red.

We kinda figured so much when he charged the proxy, put him down, started smashing his leg with the bat Lya dropped, and then brought his hunting boots down on the bastard's crotch. Multiple times. With his friends watching from the woods and Slender probably laughing His ass of inwardly.

So most of the Masked Morons ran for their shit, while Bondage Bitch stumbled off gasping for breath and the Dickless Wonder crawled off.

Damn. I've never seen Matt get that violent before. And he wasn't playing around, he was actually snarling. If Lya hadn't gotten back up and pulled him away I wouldn't have been surprised to see him pull off his prosthetic and beat the guy to death with it.

Suddenly I feel a lot safer.


Friday, February 18, 2011

Bwoashit what now?

Okay, I'm a leeeetle stupid right now, since I have a BIGASS MIGRAINE ready to explode my brains out of my ears, but Ava and her mother are in America, correct?

...Ava. DON'T come to East Texas, especially to a small town only a few miles from DFW. Unless you want to wrench off the testicles of a few warring factions of proxies, then by all means.

But seriously, though, the weird shit keeps on happening. In other words...HOW THE SWEET FUCK DO I KEEP MANAGING TO TAKE OUT THOSE PEOPLE?! Some are even showing up with bullets in their hands and legs, and I couldn't shoot a gun for shit even when I still had depth perception! THE HELL ASS BALLS?!

And whatever the fuck is outside that keeps doing that to me is still a complete mystery. And all that shit about animals being able to detect creepy shit is wrong, because Preston doesn't even so much as bash his head against a wall whenever it happens. Oh sure, they can tell when one of the Big Boys or their groupies are around, but not whatever it is that's doing this? FUCK.


Not much else has been happening here, though. I managed to convince Matt and Lya that fuck everything, they deserved to go out and have a nice Valentine's dinner.

So they went. After making sure every door and window was locked, save for a tiny attic window that I tried to peg proxies with tennis balls from. But, of course, since I wasn't possessed or brainwashed or whatever the hell I am when I put them down, I missed. And they laughed at me. So I threw a flashbang, and laughed my ass off as the stupid bastards stumbled into trees.

And when the big kids got back, they brought me a big ass teddy bear. Like, four feet of huggably soft derpery. And some Long John Silvers.


Love you guys.


Except for proxies, because I swear to God if those stupid bastards don't learn to stop congregating near our house...


Saturday, February 12, 2011


This is for Ava. And Reach. And those three dead bodies in a burnt house in England.

For all of them.

You stupid fucking coward. Leaving a Valentine's Day card? So cliche. You're losing your touch.

I've got a bad temper, and don't enjoy when my friends are fucked with.

And if I can't reach you, Redlight, I can reach to your brothers in arms. Maybe you'll feel less safe with numbers dwindling and less underlings who can be used as shields and backup when you actually have the balls sufficient for a confrontation.


They're back outside.

I'm not as afraid this time.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

What Happened

...Sandra took out three proxies last night.

Matt's dad called back; turns out the three they had found were tied up and waiting for authorities in the playground outside the hospital. They were babbling about being "jumped by a little girl with a fucked up eye". They didn't answer any questions about who they were or what they were doing, just that they were in an argument when "a young teenage girl tasered one, then proceeded to attack the others". They said they tried to pin her and fight her off, but "she darted around like a fucking snake. She was so fucking fast!" They were then knocked out by several blows and tazes, and woke up tied to a park bench.

Matt's dad didn't believe them, just thought they got drunk and were fooling around with other drunken idiots and got in a fight, mainly because he couldn't imagine a tiny girl taking them down when one of them was built like a friggin' fridge. Six feet, two hundred pounds, claiming a teenager came out of nowhere kicking and tazing.

We were a strange mixture of stunned and pissed.

We went to confront her about why she would do something so reckless, but...she seemed confused. At first she didn't remember, saying she felt like she had the mother of all hangovers, then it hit her and she said, "...What the fuck was I doing out there?!"

From what she says, she can remember everything that happened vividly. She stepped outside after writing the last post, then, for some reason, went back inside, grabbed a taser, some rope, and a knife to cut the rope with, and fought the first group of warring proxies she saw. She just can't remember why she did it.

And we have no idea how she could elude those guys, she's always been notoriously shitty at athleticism. Can only sprint about ten to fifteen seconds before having to sit down and hyperventilate, couldn't throw footballs properly, couldn't play goalie during soccer, always lost matches in karate classes. Hell, her hand-eye coordination's not too terrible from playing so many videogames, but that doesn't explain how she could full on Matrix every punch thrown at her. She used to be in dance classes for lyrical, but I highly doubt she pirouette'd them unconscious.

When we asked her what was outside, what she was writing about in the message, she just stared and murmured, "Nothing. Nothing was outside. It wasn't Him, or ///It///, or anybody. Nothing was there."

...She is the creepiest bitch I have ever known in my entire life.



Where did the cuts and bruises come from?

The proxies said they were unable to hit her. The big one grabbed her arm, and she's got the marks to prove it, but she managed to windmill free. So where did the other wounds come from?

She was acting tranced out, so maybe she didn't notice she was getting scratched by tree limbs or stumbled over or into rocks or stumps, but it doesn't explain the large bruise she found on her back. She said it was possible she got scratched and bumped into things, but the bruise looked like she would've had to fall backwards, and hard. She has no recollection, and doesn't think it was possible. Sandra's got a really low pain tolerance, she stubs her toe and she hits the fucking floor.

So while she was running through the forest and fighting, she would've had to have gained a higher pain tolerance, and have blacked out long enough to have fallen backwards, either onto a smooth rock or icy ground, or from an elevation.

Did it happen when she went outside to find nothing?

What the hell is going on?

The Message

We didn't understand what it meant either.

Shortly after writing it, Sandra dissapeared from the house. We were out looking all night, until the bad weather forced us back in a few hours ago.

She came back not five minutes later, holding a taser, a clean knife, and a few lengths of ropes. She was covered in minor cuts and bruises, and she was staring blankly in front of her. We tried to ask what happened, but she walked right past us, took a shower, and then went to bed, all with the same look in her eyes.

While she was in bed, Slender peeked into the window, the first time He's been here since the turf war started. Without even turning over to look at Him, Sandra muttered "Three down, two yours."

He stood there for a few minutes, and then dashed off. She smiled a little, then passed out.

My dad called a few minutes ago, and said they found three more "psychos", but something was up. He had to go before he could tell me what, though.

...What the hell happened last night?


Tuesday, February 8, 2011


He sent them there a few months before I moved in with Lya, shortly after the accident.

He wanted to know if they were immune as well.

They weren't.

Lya woke up to find herself walking through a path from the school she used to go to to her house. Halfway there, she saw him.

The boy Slender had murdered the first time I saw Him.

I was going through those woods that day on a shortcut to get to the hospital where Lya was staying, after the boy, Kenneth, had attacked her. And attempted to rape her.

He was always a bully, and eighteen year old with sixteen year old twin brothers who would do anything to gain his favor. They ambushed her on the way home when she was only thirteen. If Matt hadn't come along when he did...

Nobody was brave enough to go to the cops. Those boys were strong, and determined to make the schools and woods there own little playground. Kenneth was a sick little bastard, and if he went to jail, his brothers would immediately go after us.

It wasn't until Ken was found in the tree that his brothers fessed up. We were finally rid of him, and while everyone was scared of what might have done it, nobody felt bad. He was hated. And he was gone.

But Lya saw him in the Labyrinth, all cut out with organs dripping, but the illusion, in her own words, "was just so real...he..grinned like a filthy old man, said 'c'mere, sweety, got something real nice for ya, little bitch' like he said that day..."

He chased her, and she almost ran straight into the creek while stuck in the delusion.

But she saw something else. She still hasn't told me what, but it was something strong enough to bring her out of the Labyrinth and back to reality. It was enough to convince Him that, while she wasn't immune, being in close proximity to Him for extended periods while caring for me wouldn't drive her mad.

I moved in about two months later.

While she was stuck, on the other side of town, He tested Matt, after learning he was planning to move in with Lya to help out when I arrived.

Matt went from working out in the yard to watching a sick, decaying infection slowly spread up his left arm. When big enough holes started ripping in the flesh, maggots started pouring out from inside. In a panic, unable to realize that it was an illusion, he went over to a tablesaw in his father's shed. In his mind, he was convinced the necrotic worms were going to spread up his arm and infect the rest of him.

Lya found him a few minutes later, after rushing over to tell him about her experience. He was about to cut even more off, but she managed to clear his head and wake him up.

Matt's arm had to be cut off at the elbow. Lya was able to call in a favor from one of her uncles working for a prosthetics company, and managed to hook Matt up with a hybrid myoelectric/body-powered prosthetic. He only ever takes it off at night, and never when others visit. He says acknowledging it means admitting Slender took something away from us.

That's why they believed me when I first told them. That's why they've so readily accepted that He hovers over us like a cloud.

They don't care that He did it because of me. The say that I shouldn't take responsibility for the actions of something I can't control.

But it still feels wrong...


There's something outside.

It's not Them.

It's not one of Their's.

Sunday, February 6, 2011


Sorry for the lack of posting. Shit around here's been hectic, and our computer decided to throw a massive bitch fit in the middle of it all.

We've seen proxies of both running around through the woods. It looks like a Masquerade marathon out there at times. We even saw someone in a Guy Fawkes mask. He got too close to the house, and Sandra almost set him on fire. They didn't pay much attention to us after that.

A handful of them have been found dead, more of them injured. Dad's pissed because they always manage to escape the hospital before he can get any answers.

And Ava's back, and still out kicking ass.

Also, about the last post...Lya was exaggerating a little. I only lost my forearm in the Labyrinth, not the whole thing like her phrasing might suggest. All things considered, I'm surprised she managed to stay so calm as she typed it out. Mention of that particular brand of Slendickery normally pisses her off beyond control.

It's not a fun place.


Thursday, February 3, 2011

Shut the door

Ava's in trouble.

He's messing with her. Something's up with Reach.

The illusion can be shattered. She can break out.

Tell her. Encourage her, please.

You can make it out unharmed. Sometimes, things are lost.

Some lost their lives. Matt was lucky enough to only lose an arm.

I made it out perfectly fine.

It's possible, Ava.

Close the doors. Push Him aside.

Walk past Him.

Break His grasp.


Wednesday, February 2, 2011


They aren't sure how many more have been found, since most of them are in pieces.

Matt's father confirmed that they aren't from town, but they can't get a positive ID on any of them. Some of the ten in the trees were indentified as people from all different areas of the state. They hadn't even been reported missing, they were at their houses one moment, here the next. And apparently some had Slenderjunk lying around their houses when the police searched.

The mutilated ones, however, seem to have been killed with a different MO in mind. The only full body, and by full I mean her parts were separated but placed next to each other, had the arms bent at set intervals, with the bones snapped clean to bend.

We found the ///It/// symbol carved into a rock outside our house.

Two intensely terrifying eldritch abominations may or may not have started a turf war in our town.

Fucking hell.


Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Bloody Snow

And not as in "aw, dammit, it's snowing."

I mean ACTUAL blood in the snow.

Yep, more dead people in the trees.

Not sure if they were Runners, proxies, or innocent bystanders, but Jesus it looked like a battlefield out there.

Not many people were out there braving the roads, even though it wasn't that much. In Texas even half an inch is enough to turn decent people in to terrified savages freaking right the fuck out and trashing the grocery store. And the corpses all over the place didn't make it any better. You'd think we spontaneously became the cast of 40 Days of Night the way people are acting out there.

When Matt and I were out we counted at least ten bodies as they were taken down. Matt's father called and told us to lock the doors and windows and be on the lookout for suspicious persons.

Pfft. That's new.

When we got home Sandra was watching it on the news. We asked if she thought He was trying to get back at her for humiliating Him, and she didn't think so. In her own words, "this shit isn't new. It's what He does, how the hell is anything as trivial as me getting pissed gonna change that?"

She is right, though. As much as some people want to believe Sandra can control Him, she can't. He's just bringing us all along for the ride in an attempt to figure out why she didn't flip the fuck out and start keeping journals full of Operator Symbols ten years ago. Does that mean He won't kill her eventually? I doubt it. As curious as He seems to be around us, she's simply a lab mouse to study. And maybe we'll figure out how to prevent such a thing, maybe it's inevitable. For now we're just trying to give advice to others and fight off whatever comes our way.

Jesus. Ten fucking people.

You can watch a person die everyday and still not get used to it.