Monday, February 20, 2012


Oh hey look more updating from the phone GODDAMN COMPUTER.

So the Seedeater crisis wasn't exactly a crisis so much as another curious monster wanting to get to the bottom of all the bad juju and dead teenagers built like linebackers. Didn't make him peeking in our windows any less startling, but everything's calmed down now. Doesn't come inside, but he does accept the leftovers we leave outside. Good. Our garbage disposal broke.

Rake's pretty appreciative of a new buddy to run around the woods with. Or limp, I should say. You'd think an Eldy would recover from a hard hit pretty quickly, but I'm guessing he's lower tier.

Slender's taking the new arrival pretty nonchalantly. Still spends all His time standing around reading over people's shoulders and patrolling for any leftover proxies. We've had a few close encounters, including someone hiding near the house waiting for us to come play in the snow a few days ago. He ended up interrupting Seed's hunt. Seeds interrupted his cardiovascular system. What is it with this house and bloody snow?

And Matt's been teaching me to drive. Dear baby Jesus. Lya's smart; she stays the hell away from the car when I'm backing out. I almost backed over Slender, poor bastard. Hand to God He didn't show up in the rearview.

Welp I gotta go Tumble and watch Let's plays and check for more emails from my fellow Eldy Sues.



  1. Wow, okay. That's... reassuring I guess. It's good that you guys are taking everything in stride so well. :) Good luck, people.

  2. Very convincing coolstory but too bad that now noone cares of you anymore Sandra i am going to kill the slenderman it is my final ultimate destiny now

  3. Congrats on the driving lessons, in any case. I'm horrible about it - we've barely had a car to use, and when we do it's usually rocketing about at high speeds. Definitely not my forte.

  4. Slendy being hit by a car? Well, you certainly did what the Hybrid boys couldn't do. Otherwise, it's nice to hear things turning "normal" once again. How are Matt, Lya and Preston doing by the way?

  5. Your blog is bad and you should feel bad. This is the worst pile of horseshit I've read in a while; how could anyone find this entertaining? I want to cause you great physical harm.
    Your friend,
    Will is a Fag

  6. Well, Mr. Fag, I believe that people enjoy this blog because it is a refreshing story, an interesting and sometimes lighthearted story as opposed to the usual "SLENDY'S GONNA KILL ME OMG!" I for one find it highly entertaining.

    1. To be refreshing it doesn't have to a huge steaming pile of horseshit. If you want a refreshing blog, then you should go find one that is worth a damn. If you like this then you have the worst taste in entertainment.

    2. Having an arguably mentally retarded teenage girl beat up and become friends with Slender Man is not interesting. Having The Rake become a pet who plays Pokemon isn't entertaining. Making up a less than half assed Slender Man ripoff just because you've turned the real one into a comic relief character is not refreshing. All of these things are simply stupid. Frankly, a twelve year old could write a better blog than this. This blog sums up everything that is wrong with the Slenderverse today. At least Breaker used proper grammar.

    3. Naruto had been training hard since dawn, and now the afternoon was nearly over, "Wow," panted Naruto, "is it really that late

      Naruto had been training hard since dawn, and now the afternoon was nearly over, "Wow," panted Naruto, "is it really that late?" Naruto retrieved his tools and returned to the village for his usual dinner: Ramen. Naruto latched to his seat and ordered a quadruple order of his favorite ramen, "So Naruto what's up?" inquired Ayame; as the orange clad ninja slurped the broth to the last drop. "Nothing…" Naruto responded; it was true, he had no plans for the evening, so after he finished his fourth bowl, he jumped to the roof and ran to find adventure.

      His first stop was to Sasuke's house, "HEY! SASUKE!" as the teen shouted the young Uchiha opened his window, opened it to show his shirtless chest," What Naruto?" groaned Sasuke as he leaned out "!" Naruto merely stared at the stud-like figure before him. "What is it Baka?" Sasuke repeated, more agitated than before, "I'm trying to sleep!" "Sorry Sasuke, it can wait…" and with that Naruto ran away. Running now Naruto began to sweat with the image of Sasuke burned into his memory, "So hot." Thought the ninja as his member slowly began to rise.

      Naruto came to his next stop, the Inuzuka House, "Kiba!" Naruto shouted to the house, trying to avoid anyone to see his continuing arousal, "Over here!" Naruto heard to his right, turning he saw Kiba standing in the doorway of one of the buildings; Naruto walked over to him only to discover that Kiba was wearing only a towel, exposing his muscled body and increasing Naruto's already strong erection, "I just finished in the Bath House, wadda you want?" "Never mind Kiba, you reminded me I still need to clean up, Bye…" Naruto ran home at top speed and fell onto his bed,

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      Naruto awoke the next day, his clone long vanished and his need for another man subsided for the time. Naruto then got ready for his new day of adventure…

    5. This is my first Drakengard yaoi fanfic so please don't be mad if I make millions of mistakes (bet I will) or don't make any sense. To all you peoples! WE NEED MORE DRAKENGARD YAOI! DO NOT LET CUTE GUYS GO TO WASTE! This fanfic is when Caim and Inuart were little and became friends. And pretend Furie was never born cause she's just in the way!

      Anyway, ENJOY!

      Caim's POV

      It was unusually hot today and when I mean hot, I mean like 30-35°. I was outside sitting near the river looking at the sky then suddenly I heard a scream. I ran to the place where the voice came from and saw a boy, same age as me, brushing over his knee.

      "What happened?" I asked looking at his injury.

      "I fell over that rock over there," he pointed at a huge rock, "And fell over and hurt me knee." He then burst into tears.

      Good thing I had a napkin on me. I went by the river and socked the napkin and ran back to the boy. I placed the cloth over his injury and in return he hissed in pain.

      "Are you alright?" I asked in worry.

      "I'll be fine...I think...OUCH!" he cried in pain.

      "That's no good! I'll take you inside before the wound gets infected" said that, I lifted him up bridal style. I did not know the blush he was getting or what I was doing. Right now, I was too concerned about his wound.

      I arrived in my room and placed him on top of my bed and then that's when I realised the blush.

      "Oh! I'm terribly sorry about that! I just got caught up in your wound that I didn't care about anything else!" I said to him looking all embarrassed.

      "I guess that's all right. Maybe you do this for strangers." He said sitting at the side of the bed. The boy could still feel the pain but not rapidly like before.

      "Not really. You're the first. Hey, I've never seen you before. What's your name?" I asked.

      "Inuart. I came here because my dad and I moved from the village of the sand to here. There is hardly any water and it's so hard to play outside so we came here. May I ask your name?"

      "Caim. got really bright red hair. Never seen anybody with red hair nor have I seen anybody with such an adorable face when in pain."

      "Hey! Cut that out!" he shouted with a blush.

    6. "Just kidding! Wanna be friends? It's okay if you say no since I'm a stranger who carried you all the way to my castle."

      "It's okay. I don't mind at all and sure we'll be best friends!" he took out his hand. I took it in return and and gave a smile.

      After 5 years, I was 18 and Inuart was 14. Inuart was taller than me by a few inches which was a surprise to me. Maybe I don't drink much milk...

      "HEY CAIM! COME ON! I WANNA TRAIN!" he shouted waving his big sword in a huge field. The fields were empty and quiet so me and Inuart went there to train our sword skills.

      "I'm coming! I'm coming!" I ran up to him as fast as I could but the damn weight of my sword was slowing me down but I still managed. I arrived and we started to train.

      Inuart was getting better and better lately. Maybe he might beat me one day but I hardly doubt he will. We were both lying down on the silky grass. Then suddenly something dirty came up to my mind.

      "Inuart, you still awake?" I asked grinning.

      "Yeah..." he didn't look at my face because he was still catching his breath.

      "Do you wanna have fun?" I grinned widely.

      "Like what?" he said starting to get more suspicious.

      "Watch." Before he could do anything I grabbed his pants and yanked them down along with his boxers.

      "WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING!" he screamed covering his penis with his hands.

      "I said watch." I grabbed his hands away and grabbed hold of his dick. I stroked it gently up and down.

      "Caim..." he was huffing then threw his head back. I continued to stoke him but a little faster.

      "CAIM! I'M GONNA...!" before he could cum I engulfed him with my mouth. He came into my mouth but I still sucked him.

      "" he was losing his ability to talk while I sucked him off. I licked him enough to get him hard again. Milk was dribbling out again but I lapped it up like a dog. I could see Inuart now staring wide eyes at me. I let go and got up and undid my belts and let my pants fall along with my boxers. Inuart was staring at my lovely rod with embarrassment and amazement of how huge it was. I went on top of him gave him a very passionate kiss. It looked like he wasn't holding back. He opened his mouth and invited me in but then it turned into a wild party after we were trying to fight for control but in the end I was the winner. I went down and licked his soft neck and left some hickys behind so everyone can see. I sat on top of him and took off his shirt.

      "Hey! What are you doing!" he said looking away, very embarrassed.

    7. "Isn't it obvious? We're gonna do sixty-nine. I've slaways admired you since we first met. In other words...I love you."

      Before he could say anything, I attacked his right nipple while pinching his left one. He moaned really loud, enough to make the bird fly away. I licked him down to the navel and poked him there a few time with my tongue. I sat up again and took off my own shirt then sat down on top of Inuart with my penis on his face.

      "Cai-Caim? Wha-What are you doi-doing?" he asked so innocently that it was so cute.

      "Sixty-nine like I told you before." and with that, I took him in. He moaned again that it made me even harder. I licked him then I felt something warm around my dick. It was Inuart mouth that was around me. It felt so wonderful. I bet Inuart never imagined us doing something like this. I licked and nibbled the base of the shaft, then moved up to the tip. I teasingly ran my tongue over the opening causing Inuart to twitch from pleasure.

      "Ah...ahhh..." Inuart moans might be enough for him but not yet.

      "You can do better than that. I'm hanging out of your mouth now." I took him out of my mouth and started to stroke him.

      "Damn you!" he started to get angry then he took me back into his mouth.

      I chuckled a little at his sudden action.

      "Come on, take it deeper like last time." I said forcefully putting myself inside Inuart but not too deep cause I don't wanna choke him.

      "Ah...mmm..." he started to dribble even more from that action.

      I sucked on him hard enough to make him twitch under me that it made me also wanting to cum even more.

      "CAIM! I'M GOING TO CUM!" he screamed.

      "ME TOO!" I screamed too.

      At the same time we both shot out our milk at the same time. I swallowed every drop of Inuart but he didn't do the same. What a shame but it was his first time, can't blame him. I crawled up to him and found him fast asleep. I kissed him on the lips and licked off my semen that was on his cute lips then I got up and dressed myself and him. Lucky he wasn't awake and carried him back inside the castle. I placed him on my bed in my room. I kissed him on his cute, adorable lips and went back to get something to eat just incase if he was hungry. I looked at him and smiled when he was still asleep. I placed the food by the bed side draw just in case if he woke up. I looked at him one more time before I left to do my work.


    8. Disclaimer: I do NOT own Gravitation...if i did then it would be rated R


      I sat there felling a little wierd cuz ,being my birthday, I was hopeing to spend it with Yuki. Alone. Not expecting Hiro to have put together a party at a kareoky bar. And I certinly didn't expect him to invite Tohma and Mika and for them to actualy show up.

      So here I am sitting next to Yuki and and everyone is looking at me like their waiting for me to get carried away and run for the stage and sing. But I can't, I've been here before but none of them know that. None of them know I was here before I met Hiro and formd Bad Luck, no one knows of the band I had in middle school and that we used to play here all the time. None of them know of the people I used to hang out with.

      I am jerkd from my thoughts by Yuki asking if I'm okay.

      "Ya I'm fine just thinking"

      "Really, well thats a first"

      I glare at him but say nothing and curse myself, I was so wraped in my thoughts that they noticed something was wrong.

      Soon after, I see Yuki stareing out into the crowd like he reconized someone.

      I fallow his gaze and gasp, no couldn't be...not here...not today.

      " Um Shu do you know that guy over there that wont stop stareing at us?"

      " Um.."shit shit shit"um who?"

      Before he could answer the guy he was looking at walkd t'wards us.

      'shit shit shit shit he just has to be here today' I think to myself.

      "um Shindo-san who is this" Tohma said when the guy was right at the table.

      Now everyone was looking at the person who lookd like my EXACT dubble, only a gothic version, and with purple hair instead of my viberant pink. Everyone was looking from him to me. Finaly I look up at him.

      " Hey Jazz what brings you here"

      " What no hug for your big bro?" he said holding out his arms with a sadistic smirk.

      "Jazz this is not..." I don't get to finnish because Yuki cuts me off.

      " 'Big bro'? " He says looking at me in a way that tells me that if i don't answer truthfully I would be in for it later...and not in a good way.

      " see..." Again I am cut off but this time by Jazz.

      "Hey nice to meet you all, I'm Jazz, Shuichi's big brother" He says holding his hand out to everyone with a smile on his face that clearly says to me that he had this all pland out from the moment he saw us walk in the door.

      "Shindo-san I wasen't aware the you had any other siblings other than your sister Maiko" Tohma says, clearly, in his mind, this is an oppertunity for him try and make Yuki hate me for keeping something from him.

      "Oh, I'm only his Bro by a tecnicality, you see little Shu-chan here was..."

      "JAZZ STOP RIGHT THERE!" I yell cutting him off, but also gaining the attention of eveyone at the table even more than what was already there.

      " Let him finnish Shindo-san, I'm sure all of us want to hear this" Tohma says with a smirk.expecailly Eiri.

      I glare at him. Oh how I want to wipe that smirk off his smug little face.

      I look at Yuki "Um...can i talk to you in privite Yuki?"

      "Sure brat but I want to know what the fuck is going on"

      But befor we could get up Jazz just has to open his fucking mouth.

      "Ahh, my itty bitty half brother is a wittle queer, hey it's 'Yuki' right? so how dose it feel to fuck a basterd love child who's only real use is a quik fuck?"

      Thats when Yuki snapd, yeah it only been recently that he's been sticking up for me, but thats only against Tohma, but I wasn't expecting him to punch Jazz. I mean maybe a glare or just ignoring him but to punch him... I wasnt' expecting that.

      A/N: this is bordem at its max

  7. I know this is a minor nitpick, like have someone shit on your face and complaining that there's corn in it, but why the fuck do you feel the need to add a fucking y after their names? It's not fucking cute, it's not cool, it's fucking retarded.

    1. Wellgood said friend this is a veryfakeandbaditssorealbad blog now Sandra should go die forever noone likes to her

    2. Trolls, both of you. Go live lives.

  8. I'm back Sandra! How long has it been?!?

    FO R EV 3 R RIgG HT?! ! ?!