Friday, December 10, 2010

Heading Out

We're leaving for OK tomorrow. Which sucks, because I'm sick. Not Slendy-sickness, just some sinus bullshit.

And for those who asked about pics of the plushies, sorry, but Slender keeps taking our cameras and screwing around with them. In hindsight, maybe letting Him watch Fatal Frame wasn't such a good idea...Oh well. Watching Him get startled is kinda reassuring. And funny as hell.

Also...anybody else see Concrete Giraffes? Because that shit is hilarious.

lol Slender in a pink tank...

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm off to waste my life on Tropes and SCPs.



Saturday, December 4, 2010

Discussions and Theories

So Sandra was playing her game late last night, and, having finished our "science for the science god", we decided to sit on the couch and watch. So Matt and I are on the couch, Sandra's sitting on a cushion in front of the TV, Preston's being agreeable for once and sitting in my lap, and Slender's on the floor watching the game intently.

We mostly watched the game, asked a few questions about the plot and stuff (Sandra never looked away from the screen, the game was that interesting), and got to the topic of the bad guy. That led to villain tropes, and I made a comment about how many seem to think they're so perfect, while glancing pointedly at Slender.

SM: *writes on mini-chalkboard* Thecreationcannotsurpassthecreator.

L: Meaning...what, humans did make you?

S: Seems plausible.

M: So a bunch of shared thoughts on an urban legend on the internet sparked the creation of Him?

S: Considering the legends of Der Großmann and sightings from before computers or even electricity, it goes back way-hay-hay back when.

M: How do you figure?

S: Well, since the beginning of time, parents have warned children of horrific creatures ready to punish them when they're naughty, or attack them when they went somewhere they shouldn't. While humanity doesn't possess the power of giving life aside from birth, we do have mental strength unparalleled by other creatures. As mothers whispered in hushed tones, stories of the fair folk and witches, the combined imaginings of well meaning parents took a sinister turn, be it some manner of the supernatural or simply the will of the human psyche.

L: Hm. A good theory. Is that why He show occasional moments of altruism.

S: Seems so. As much as His image remains one of murder, He has shown a somewhat humane said, possibly held over by the instinct that He was meant to scare children to keep them from harm, not to be said harm. Even when you don't take our situation into account, I've read some stories of Him skipping over innocent people in favor of slaughtering bad people. Hell, I've heard on more than one occasion that He stopped a potential rape.

M: Stopped it, or cau-

SM: *sits up and "glares"*

M: *shuts up*

S: Okay, I'm actually considering getting into a discussion of whether or not He has the equipment to do so, but let's not make Preston's little head any more warped.

P: *peeks up at the sound of his name* Chirreep?

S: Any-huh-WAH, what I'm saying is that, by imagining up horrific things to keep their children at bay, they endangered their on children, and hundreds of generations since.

L: I see. *to Slender* Any input from you?

SM: *writes* Plausible. Ican'tsayforsurehowIcametobe,butthatexplanationdoesseemtotakeintoaccountseveraldetails.

M: What about ///It///?

S: Same dif. ///It/// was created by children. They were certain that the boogiemen were real, and indeed very dangerous. Thus, the parental attempts at keeping their children safe backfired twice. However, the childrens' creation shows no mercy.

L: Nice Job Breaking It, Hero?

S: Hy-up.

L: are you immune?

S: Ahdunno. Part of me thinks it was because my parents never used old wive's tales to keep me in line, and went to great lengths to make sure I never believed that there were monsters in the closet. It also helps that I very quickly realized that things like Santa and the Tooth Fairy were fictitious, but thought up for good. Remember the movie "Skeleton Key"? Where the hoodoo could only hurt the main character if she believed in it? Maybe that's how it works.

L: But wouldn't living with Him around change that? You know for a fact He exists now.

S: Like I said, I'm still not too sure how that works. Just a theory. But it does seem to make sense when you realize my parents grew up with fears of the monsters under the bed, and look how it turned out for them. They felt the fear, and the need to run. I never did.

M: So..wait. *to Slender* Does all that mean you like killing people, or do it for necessity?

SM: *writes* Itisnotthefaultofthecreationwhatthecreatormakesit'spurposeouttobe.

L: So you don't like it, or what?

SM: *writes* IdowhatIdo. Whetherornotitisenjoyableisnotrelevant,andvariesastimegoesonandsituationschange.

M: I guess that all makes sense-

S: *finds something in the game* Wait, I see a window. Says I can see a room through it.

L: Raise the camera, see what it is.

S: Alright. *raises camera in game* Okay, I think I- *little ghost boy pops up* JESUS IN A BATTLEMECH!!!! *screams*

At that point we all freaked, and Preston started running around and bumping into walls. Even Slender jumped.

Again, Fucking Tecmo.

We were all too excited by the scare to continue our discussion, instead cheering on the ghost battles and screaming like bitches.

So...your thoughts on Sandy's theory?


Friday, December 3, 2010

Friggin' Frig

What would you do if you heard your young, monster-stalked charge, who is a magnet for danger and kidnapping, starts screaming in terror from the next room?

If you said "charge in there with a loaded pistol, a taser, and pepper spray to bring the whoopass down", then congratulations, you've read this blog enough to know that I don't take kindly to bitches climbin' in my window to snatch my friend up.

I also don't take kindly to said screams being the result of said girl PLAYING GODDAMN FATAL FUCKING FRAME 2.

She only screamed louder when I busted in, then just shrugged and went back to playing.

Almost gave me a heart attack. Fucking Tecmo.

And Slender was just sitting on the couch watching. Apparently Sandra was right about the curiosity aspect of His personality, because He seemed to be interested in the concept of using cameras to ward off evil, since, well, cameras love the fuck outta Him.

Of course, for all His curiosity, He couldn't get too close to the screen, lest Sandra bop Him with a cushion. Preston seemed to like the game as well, considering he didn't peck the shit out of me when I pet him. Of course, this is the same little bastard that likes running at Slender, feathers poofed out like a duster, ready to peck His non-existant face off, so it's only natural that a horror game wouldn't startle him.

...I'm talking about a psychotic teenager, a japanese game, a mentally sick baby chicken, and a skinny humanoid abomination.


Oh well.

Back to the kitchen. We're trying to make some homemade smokebombs to keep proxies at bay, and I reeaally don't think Matt should be left alone with 'splosive things.


Sorry, Sandra wanted me to say it.


Thursday, December 2, 2010

She's Better

There's been a kinda pattern of Sandra freaking out and returning to lucidity in somewhat amusing ways recently, anybody else notice?

We still don't get why the shitstorm going on made Sandra act like a little child again, though we know she isn't Hallowed (or bipolar), nor does she have schizophrenia, multiple personality, or, and how she doesn't still surprises us, depression. Maybe Asperger's, she never got tested for it and it's kinda hard to take a legally dead girl to a psychiatrist, so maybe.

She was sleeping and continuing the trend of hissing when Slender was near and murmuring the error message when she woke up. Violently.

She started by lurching forward and shouting "OH GOD THE BUNDLE DATA REDACTED THROW D-CLASS AT IT", then fell out of bed, getting tangled in the covers. She proceeded with a loooong string of curses, then paused, checked the date on her phone, and cursed some more.

She said she had no memory of what happened, and asked to see the posts and comments she left. She didn't seem too surprised, pointing out that she mentions Vocaloids all the time and it wouldn't be unusual to associate with it in a time of mental distress. She seemed kind of glad that she didn't do anythign too freaky.

The she got to the third comment of her lullabies post.

Her response?

"ADKAJ;ADAHSKLDAASKDJLAH (Yes, she actually managed to put this into phonetic words) WHAT. WHAT IS THIS I DON'T EVEN. I HAVE NO RING ON THIS FINGER, WAT. SON OF A BITCH. Fuck me sideways Margaret what drugs."

She then glared daggers at Slender, and I never thought I would live to see the fucking Slender Man facepalm.

She's back in bed now (casting the occasional glare at Slender and screaming "Don't fucking look at me!!!" whenever He looks up). Also, I found a little note she scribbled while she was still a little psychotic. Anyone know what it says?

Sperare è peccato?

Ti accorgi delle voci senza voce?

Iwanaide towa no jubaku no kotoba wo.

Kikanaide hontou no negai wo.

I don't think it's Vocaloids, and the first two lines sound like they're either latin or italian...


Wednesday, December 1, 2010


I can hear them.

They were a long time ago, but I hear them so clear.

Like little bells. Like Mommy's voice.

I liked Mommy's voice, but she isn't here now. She used to take care of me when I was sick. Why isn't she taking care of me?

I don't like the meanie. He took my Mommy, but it was an accident, but I still don't like Him. So mean.

Have you seen Mommy?

If you see her, tell her Sandy misses her.

And can you ask her how the song goes? I can't remember it anymore. It's hard to hear it...


I'm not well.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

No clue

Lya and I don't get what's going on at all.

Sandra's been screaming and convulsing for hours now, and repeating that japanese message over and over. It's apparently from on of her favorite Vocaloids songs, and mean "An irreversible ("serious" in Kuri's translation) error has occured".

We know that she means something's going on with Nessa, though we have no clue what. At first we thought she had died, due to Fizzy's post, but then things got weird in the comments of Sandra's post, people are saying things that don't make sense, and "Nessa" commented "herself".

We asked Sandra what the "error" was, but she just kept on freaking out.

And then shit got weird.

Slender returned from His patrolling (or whatever the hell He does when He isn't here, as if we don't know), possibly mistaking the commotion for another attack. When He got inside, Sandra looked at Him, took on the most twisted, hateful glare, and fucking lunged.

Lya and I grabbed her and held her back, and she was screaming and clawing like a wild cat.

We finally managed to sedate her, and got her to bed, but she still repeats the error message in her sleep. And whenever He gets closer to her, she hisses and shudders like she's trapped in a nightmare.

None of us know what the hell is wrong with her, and Slender seems confused as well.

Sandra had a theory that He only has an extremely limited range of emotions, and doesn't understand concepts such as amity, or grief, or vengeance. She thinks He only knows amusement (hence toying around with victims), extreme anger, curiosity (which would explain why He's followed her around just because He doesn't affect her), and confusion. Other than that, nothing. Not even evil.

Sandra wrote out a paper on the theory, and we've been searching for it whenever we can, in the hopes that maybe it will make sense and shed some light on how to stop him.


Monday, November 29, 2010

Shinkoku na eraa ga hassei shimashita....



Friday, November 26, 2010

Still Alive

There is so much potential here to start off with a Portal joke, but I'll skip that.

We're all fine, just a little more cautious than usual. He's off doing whatever the hell it is that's freaking everyone out, so we've had to bump up security. Hence us not posting for awhile. Sandra hasn't had to assist with installation, since she's still recovering, so we were sure she would update herself.

Instead, she ran to her room and slammed the door shut.

We checked to see what got to her, and found out what happened to Nessa.

She was in her room for more than 50 hours straight. We ended up leaving food at her door, though she didn't touch it much. It wasn't until yesterday that she walked out. We asked if she was okay, and she looked at the thermostat (it was low because we had been working and were getting hot; normally it would be pretty high because Texans are pussies when it comes to the cold), looked back, and said...

"It's colder than a witch's tit in a cast iron bra. Turn up the damn heater."

She then walked back into her room, and we heard her start blasting "Black Rock Shooter".

Yep. I think she's better now.

While she's still pissed over what happened to Nessa, and how everyone's calling out Jack for being "antisocial", she was overjoyed to see the comments of everyone who wished us luck. So, from her, and us, thank you so very much. You're what we were thankful for above all.

For our first Thanksgiving as a family, we all just sat in the living room eating chinese, while Preston ran around being stupid as comedy central blared on the tv. We were just a little startled when He stopped by, but He was only here for a few minutes to do a quick check.

Believe it or not, probably the best Thanksgiving I've ever had.

Love you guys.


Monday, November 22, 2010


About Lya's post. She tends to get pissed, and is sometimes more protective than Slender.

I'm not going to lash out at anyone who doesn't trust me, because that much is inevitable. I mean, the Slender Man hovers over me like a mama lion, while He normally rips people to shreds and fucks with their minds. Who wouldn't suspect something like that? Hell, maybe I'm not even human, or not human anymore. I don't know how to explain it. It's like those clouds hovering over cartoon characters when they feel like crap, except with tentacles and a sick way of going about His business.

For those who will listen and still have a shred of trust, we were trying to get the runner into the closet where Slender wouldn't see him, to give me time to explain that killing him would only make it worse for everyone involved. I didn't want him to die. I'm sick of the dying.

And yes, Nessa, I am naive. I was naive as a seven year old girl trying to convince myself that maybe He killed that bully because He was a hero preventing anyone else from being hurt like Lya. I was naive as the ten years went by as I told myself that eventually He'd get bored with me and either kill me or just leave. And I'm naive now. We've been attacked by proxies and runner alike, we've attracted the attention of a second abomination, and now we've killed someone who, under different circumstances, might've been an ally to us.

I'm used to the distrust by now. You don't spend ten years being followed by Him without running into other victims who perceive you as a threat. Hell, maybe they were right about it. Out of about 22 who shied away, 13 turned up dead, 4 dissapeared, and at least one has showed up Hallowed on my doorstep.

I get it. I have blood on my hands. If I could deny the blood of my parents, and deny the blood of those above, then I can't ignore the runner's.

He's dead, because I didn't stop to think things through.

So please, stop fighting. I know what happened, I understand the repercussions.

I just wanna sleep.


Sunday, November 21, 2010

Trust Issues

Okay. So some people are starting to lose trust in Sandra. Why?

Because she was attacked by a runner who had apparently been stalking us for long enough to know how she calls Him for help, who chased her throughout the house, who pinned her and beat her before trying to stab her eye out with a knife. A knife that was had a long enough blade to have gone into her brain and caused intense brain damage or even killed her.

And then, she had the AUDACITY to call for help. And how dare that help be an abomination that's followed her around since she was a child, killed countless people in front of her, unintentionally killed her parents, and won't leave even when she attacks Him with countless weapons.

And how dare she sit there, shuddering violently and starting to choke on her tears from fear and self-loathing at having to resort to drastic measures while that poor assailant gets killed.

Ain't she just a shifty little bitch?


She never chose this. She never wanted to be under the protection of a creature loathed by so much of the world, to have to face off against another one of said creatures, or have to resort to calling Him for help.

She isn't His master, or creator. She doesn't control Him, and whether or not He accomodates her distaste in killing is completely up to Him. She wasn't a sultry siren luring an innocent man to his gruesome death, she was almost murdered by someone who had no qualms about killing a girl caught up in a situation nobody deserves.

For God's sake, people. This isn't Salem, don't blame Sandra for not feeding your own pigs.


Saturday, November 20, 2010


Okay, so I'm alright after last night's attack. So don't worry, I'm not spontaneously Hallowed, nor am I dead. Just really tired.

Some people have been trying to figure out how in the sweet corn a vocaloids song brought Slender running to kill that bastard.

Number 1: Speak of the Devil

To explain how He even heard me from wherever the hell he was dicking around, consider how, when you talk often about Him, chances are He'll pop up to scare the shit outta you. Either He's got some BITCHING hearing, or He can sense when someone's talking about/calling Him.

Number 2: The Song

No, there's no deep, hidden meaning behind this song. As far as I can tell, He's never been a goat-legged girl trapped in a circus.

It's just how I call Him out to tell Him there's an emergency.

See, the day of the car accident, we had my vocaloids cd playing in the car. The crash happened during the ending part of the song that I said last night (those words weren't said or sung, but were during the instrumental at the end, and having memorized them like a freak I am, I was saying them while the song played).

I was thrown from the car before I could say the last line (from the ending animation, which is SO DAMN CREEPY). Later on, after I had stopped raging against Him and finally realized that maybe He was being honest, He asked if I was alright.

I just wrote "It's fun", and He took it to mean that I was going to be okay.

So that's how I let Him know. There's no real reason for it, just another way to make chaos seem just a little easier. Singing an actual japanese line from the song means an emergency is forming, saying a line from the opening means we found a body, gtf over here, and saying the lines from last night means that an emergency is currently happening, this is not a drill.

After the crisis is managed, "It's fun" just means that we're all alive and we'll recover.

So that's it. Don't freak out when some godawful shit happens and I key in saying "IT'S FUN!" like a gleeful two year old. That's just me saying we're alright.

On a completely different note...

You guys still call me the Oracle. Why is that? I haven't made any prophecies or predictions, just given a little insight on how Slender behaves around us. And I highly doubt that the Oracle ever hung out with Persians, or was roomies with Clytemnestra.

But I still love the fuck outta that nickname. XD


Friday, November 19, 2010


Pretty much exactly what it says. We were ambushed by someone targeting Sandra.

Except it wasn't a proxy this time.

It was a runner, or a fighter, or whatever we're calling one of Slender's victims.

Apparently, while some of us can keep our cool and humanity during these times, others will snap and do ANYTHING. Not even to survive, because there's no way the unlucky bastard thought he could hurt Sandra and live. Only to spite Him.


We didn't even know he was here until Sandra saw him creeping in through a window. Matt was out, and Slender was off doing His thing. Bastard pulled a tazer and zapped me when I tried to protect Sandra. I blacked out until Matt returned about five minutes later. By then Sandra had run upstairs with the assailant following. When we got up to her room, he had her pinned and had a switchblade out, screaming about the "Operator's Eye".

He looked like he was about to gouge out Sandra's eye.

Let that sink in for a moment.

Matt was able to tackle him, and managed to subdue him. I went into Sandra's closet to get out some rope we keep for emergencies (yes, it is necessary), and Sandra kinda snapped. She apparently (I wasn't there to see it, only heard) glared at him, got a strange look in her eye, and began speaking...

"The body is distorted in order to bend to that twisted figure
To crawl on the illuminated street with paper lanterns
Everyone knows the feeling of walking down the street..."

At this point, he stopped struggling, and just froze up.

"This child has to cower alone..."

He looked up at her, seemingly horrified.

"I guess the shadows reach long
But the friends that talk have their waists aligned..."

Then, he gets pissed.

"You are later and before and by yourself..."

He struggled free before we could get him tied, and knocked us aside. He leapt at Sandra, pinning her again. Instead of being afraid like before, she just kept that crazy grin.

"Oh, you're here, you're here!"

Without the knife, he looked ready to just beat her to death, but then she laughed.

"Drop by and see Him."

The attacker froze up, and murmered some denial.

"Drop by and see Him."

He started backing up, screaming no.

"Drop by, to the Dark Woods."

At that moment, Slender smashed through the window, grabbed the man, and dragged him outside. By the time we helped Sandra up and looked out, the guy was dead.

Sandra's back to normal, except for humming. The lines she said were from the song Dark Woods Circus, but I'm not sure how they're relevant. But judging by Slender's timing, I kinda wonder if maybe she was using the song to call for Him...

Apparently, some people are starting to wonder if she made Him, and if she can control Him.

Nope. As far as we can tell, Slender predates ALL of the bloggers, and somethingawful, and all recorded instances of Him. And she doesn't really control Him, it's that HE can't control HER.

Wellp. I'm going to go rest. It's been a looong day, and I'm kinda tired of dealing with crap like this.


(It's fun.)

Not Dead Yet

Just a quick post to confirm we're all alive, but some of us are hurt more than others.

We'll let you all know what happened later, but for now we've got injuries to patch up and a body to stash.


Tuesday, November 16, 2010


I'm wondering if any of you have also taken an interest in Empty mind, blank face?

Because I have.

Another question: Have you ever been so angry you threw a book at Slender Man's face?

Because I may be a pioneer in that field.

He stayed in the front room last night to keep watch (the rain was crazier than when I was abducted, so we were all on guard), so I decided to have a little chat.

What happened:

S: *stomps in, throws book* YOU COLOSSAL DOUCHEBAG.

SM: *looks up*

S: You wanna tell me what the fuck is going on with Rose and Lily?!

SM: *seems almost smug. Swear to God*

S: Listen, I have put up with you dealing with proxies in my fucking living room before, and I'm no stranger to those little bitch-lets. But I AM SERIOUS. If you're making Rose's alternate personality the proxy assigned to her, I WILL BE SO PISSED.

SM: *turns back around*

S:....*throws another book* No. No doing.

SM: *taps window*

S: *looks out window, notices human shadow darting around in woods* ...Is that Drew.

SM: *nods*

S: Yeah. You see that shit? Stop. At the very least, you should be watching Rose like a hawk. Not like a normal stalking, just to make sure nothing happens to her like our little Drew predicament. I do NOT want to see a Slender-Proxy Lily and an ///It///-Proxy Rose.

After that, not much else. I'm still trying to blow off some steam.

I've put up with this thing for more than ten years. I have tried fighting back, running away, everything to get Him to back off. But He still takes an interest in my immunity, or whatever the hell it is.

I'm only hoping Rose's condition will preserve her like mine has me.


Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Lost Tapes

...Is one hell of a fun show.

Yeah, I know. "Sandra, why would you watch a piece of crap mockumentary when you have to deal with ///It/// and Slender and Preston whaddufuck lol?"

Because. Distraction and staying light, remember?

And to all the people like "this isn't a horror movie Sandra"...seriously. Goddamn tall guy with no face and tentacles killing people. Where has the line between truth and fiction been drawn?

So, back to the show.

I was watching what looks like the last episode of season three (sob), and it was Reptilian. About underground lizard people societies (leave it to that to get us rolling our eyes while Slender stalks around on the lookout). But a few things got my attention:

1: When one of the reptilians was "killed", his body was laying in an awkward position that made his body look WAY too long,

2: The dead people were killed and wrapped in plastic bags, and, and hold on to your asses for this one,

3: One of the markings the reptilians drew on the wall was an Operator Symbol. With a crooked X.

In the words of one of our commenters on a previous post, "I shat a house".

Aside from that, we mostly lol'd at the thought of lizard people snatching yo' people up under the guise of a rave.

So, may favorite episode had to be....Wendigo.


People turning into monsters after eating other people? AWESOME. Of course, that type of Wendigo isn't the type I'm familiar with from childhood.

Remember Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark? Yeah. Fall to your knees before the nostalgia.

Well, one of those editions had a story about a "Wendigo" that basically was a wind siren that dragged you away, caught your shit on fire, and dropped you. Portrayed as a sort of demon.


But still, that episode had some of the best effects, stellar acting, and managed to make you uneasy by use of a social taboo as subject matter. And since Wendigo psychosis is a proven thing, it makes it all the more realistic.

Wellup, I'm off to be stupid. LATER!


Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Well, Lya's officially pissed.

A few weeks ago, I found a site called SCP Foundation. Scary, funny, pretty good for wasting time and pretending you don't have a humanoid abomination stalking around.

One of the scariest things there is a statue that kills people when they don't look. WAY scarier than it sounds. And since Lya reads it too, I showed her this comic...

Then, when she got to the last panel, she got nervous, turned to face me...

And I shoved one of my dolls into her face.

She screamed. Loud.

Now Matt's laughing so hard he can't breathe, Lya's fuming in her room, and I'm going to hell.



Monday, November 8, 2010


We were finally able to relax, getting things settled, we haven't seen ///It/// for awhile now...

Everything was calm and peaceful....

And then Sandra rediscovered the Neopets site she hasn't been on for years.


Hopefully she'll be too distracted by the animals to play when we go up to my family's farm in Oklahoma for Christmas. Of course, Sandra+animals=clusterfuck to the nth degree, but let's just keep lying to ourselves.


Friday, November 5, 2010


...Please tell me I'm not hallucinating this.

Sandra's been laughing like an idiot for five hours straight.

I guess this kinda fits in with her philosophy that keeping light and happy helps you cope better....but still.

He saw it too. His only reaction was shaking His head and going back out on patrol. I think. He probably isn't gonna go kill whoever made the video. Probably.


Thursday, November 4, 2010


Any of you miss me?

So, yes, I'm feeling a lot better. And yes, ///It/// can indeed kiss my ass.

Slender's still patrolling, but we haven't seen ///It/// in a long time, though that's probably because of what's going down with Jack and Stephanie. I just hope they'll be alright.

Being so far down south has its advantages this time of year. Even though the primary colors of fall in my town are not orange but dead brown, we get a metric fuck load of birds trying to escape the cold. Preston's been pecking at the window and screaming at them for hours now. Lya thinks it's annoying, but everyone else seems to agree it's funnier than hell.

Well, it's cold, so I'm gonna dive under some blankets. Later bitches!


Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Starting to get kinda chilly down here.

Sandra's been hanging out the window enjoying the rain. For awhile we were afraid she'd be nervous because of the association with her earlier captivity, but she told us that ///It/// could "kiss [my] freckled ass".

So, we've been doing pretty well. No sightings, Sand's gotten better. Preston's being stupid, but that's no change.


Wednesday, October 27, 2010

What Happened

As we've said before, our camera isn't letting us upload, so we have to transcribe what happened last night for you all.

(Video starts. Sandra is sitting on the bed, expression blank. Matt recording, Lya sitting on bed, Slender at the chalkboard.)

L: Sandra, are you awake?

S: I am.

L: Sandra, what happened out there?


L: Sand-

S: (Suddenly, quickly) The new has come to supplant the old as the one who brings the fear it is here and will not go and will not be stopped by the-

L: Sandra-

S: -hands of simple mortals they are but foxes and the select are his-

SM: (writes) Silenceher.

S: -hounds and the hunt has begun and they will bring them down and they shall cower-

L: (concerned) Sandra, stop this!

SM: SilencesilenceNOW

S: -before it and all will suffer unless they stand fearless but they will do all they can to end the foolish endeavors of the free and the living and it will hold them with the light the son of night and darkness this message given to show the futility of-

SM: (slaps Sandra across the face)

S: (falls backwards, then blinks, suddenly alert) (lurches forward) Oh God... (runs across the hall to the bathroom, retching heard faintly)

L: ...what did that bastard do?

SM: (writing furiously) KillitkillitIwillkillitdestroythesickthingitwilldiekillkillkillkill

(The visuals cut as the sound of chalk tapping remains. 33 seconds in, the video returns. The board is covered in Operator Symbols and death threats, and Slender flings the chalk stub at the wall. Sandra steps in, sways, and then hits the floor. Matt drops the camera as they run to her.)

She's back to normal now, but she seems to have caught a cold. Slender's been patrolling the nearby area ever since, stopping in every few hours.

What in the hell did ///It/// do to her to cause that?


Tuesday, October 26, 2010


where is he
where did he go



Where is Jack where did he go asshole what did you do to him

don't you hurt him like me i'll kill you and they'll help BUT WHERE IS HE NOW

Saturday, October 23, 2010


The rain's picked up. It's absolutely pouring out there.

Sandra was halfway into the creek last night, and with the waters steadily rising...

The message makes sense.

She's still sleeping.


Friday, October 22, 2010

Got her back

We found her. By the creek near our old school.

She's been asleep since we got to her, and she's got a few bruises, but nothing major.

She'll be fine. I'm sure of it. ///It/// isn't getting to us that easily.


Thursday, October 21, 2010


We've been searching for Sandra all day, and nothing's turned up, goddammit...

And for something without a mouth, Slender sure can scream in a blind rage with the best of them.

We've been checking everywhere, and it'll only get worse if it starts raining tomorrow like the forecast said.

And Jack, don't even TRY to blame yourself.


Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Not Him. He didn't do this. He's never done that.

They when they found that kid, found him in there...God, how could they even tell it was a child? He was mutilated! Just...just PULP, for fuck's sake!

Oh, and hell if we forget what they found in that crawlspace, God forbid we forget the mark left behind...

The Operator Symbol. With the lines bent.

///It///'s fucking around here, ///It///'s trying to scare us, and it's working. Holy shit, that little boy...

And He's not taking it too well, oh hell no. I've never seen Him so pissed, not even when proxies disobey Him, never.

We're all on edge here, I just want this to stop-

///It///'s outside.

Jack, Stephanie, you need to be caref


Sunday, October 17, 2010








Thursday, October 14, 2010







Tuesday, October 12, 2010


BITCHING is the key word, for what has happened. Lya, please take over while I go act stupid.


Instead of boring you with exposition, I'll just get to the transcript as recorded earlier. (Sorry for the lack of video, the camera has been absolutely REFUSING to work with the computer.)

*Chalkboard reads "Is Drew alive?" for several hours until yesterday afternoon. Slender stands by chalkboard.*

S: *gestures to board* Go on. Don't play stupid, I won the championship.

SM: *picks up chalk, writes* Heisalive.Hallowedbutalive.

S: *laughing* Oh, fucking RIGHT! *pause* But that doesn't fix the Hallowed problem.

SM: Whyshoulditstopyounow?

S: Huhsaywhat?

SM: Alexseemedquitelucidwhenhisgirlfriendcalledmeback.

S: I don't know, lot's of people think Marble Hornets was faked...

SM: Andwhatisitthatyouthink,Sandra?

S: I wait, Alex was Hallowed?

SM: Itwouldcertainlyseemso.

S: Seriously, I need straight ans...*realization* So...if Alex was Hallowed, and he was acting a little more normal in Entry 26...Halloweds can be REVERSED?!

SM: Precisely.

S: By just being away from you?!

SM: Iftheycanevadeforlongenough.

S:...Alright, now just cut the shit and tell me where Drew is. Jack's at the end of his rope here, Slender.

SM: MaybeIlikeitthatway.

S: Maybe you're an asshole. What the hell do you even want from them?

SM: Theyarequiteaninterestingcase...

S: Slender. Don't be a douche, just tell me.

SM: Intimeyouwillknow,m'dear.

S: M'dea-You've been into Lya's library again, haven't you.

SM: Andthus,ourconversationends.Ibidtheegoodnight,fairestmaiden.'Tilthedawnarrives,dreamofme. *Exits through the window*

S:...I swear if I ever meet the proxy, or agent, or WHOEVER THE FUCK TAUGHT HIM TO HAVE A SENSE OF HUMOR... *camera shuts off due to low battery power*

...So, right. It would appear that yes, He has been in my books...and I'm kinda sick of His humor too, maybe He's just giving us a taste of our own medicine.


Okay, Sandra's coming back, so she'll take over now.


Pfft. This has been a good day...I REALLY hope Slender'll stop dicking around and just help us out for once.

Okay, now for something completely different....AHEM. WHAT THE FUCK.

Have any of you read Dare 2 Die? Especially the last post?

NO. A THOUSAND GODDAMN TIME NO. Either Ulryc's wifin' or Slender decided to fuck around with us, because I WILL NEVER believe that FUCKING ZALGO is a part of this. No. Bad boy.

I already have enough trouble sleeping, what with a psychotic baby chicken and a freaking Eldritch Abomination running around here. I CAN'T DEAL WITH THAT.

And back to happiness...



Monday, October 11, 2010

Sandra's Working

I think she might be trying to get some answers out of Him. He hadn't answered her inquiries about Drew as of noon today, but He might be in there right-hang on, Sandra has some thing to say.

This is incredible. I'm not sure whether I should be ecstatic or terrified. This is just amazing.

We're still clearing up the information and making sure nothing's lost in translation, but I'll explain once it's all clear.

Stephanie, if you're reading this, I need you to give Jack a message that I hope will make him feel better.

Don't give up on Drew yet, we might have a way to get him back.


...Holy shit.

I need to speak with her now.


Sunday, October 10, 2010


Alright, time to put some of my experiences to good use.

Lya has a huge chalkboard up in the room where I stay, and I sometimes use it to ask Him questions, which He doesn't always answer. Tonight, however, I'm making sure He knows how urgent this is.

I'm asking about Jack's cousin Drew.


Saturday, October 2, 2010


Please note that I may have forgotten some details. It has been around ten years, you know...

*July 18, 2000-Beginning Year One
-This is where it first started. I walk to the hospital to visit Lya after she was taken there due to an attack by a local bully (though she was too afraid of retribution to tell the authorities who it was, all of us knew). I take a shortcut through the woods, since I had been through them many times with my grandmother. I witness Him ripping apart and placing said bully in a tree. When He notices me, He returns a doll I dropped, then follows me out of the forest, stopping at the edge of the treeline. For some reason, I neither run, nor feel any substantial fear. This may be why He hasn't killed me...

*Year One
-Shortly after the first encounter, my parent's move me to another state, claim I was "traumatized" by the news of the boy's death, though I suspect they may know...
-First night in the first of many new houses: see Him on another rooftop. Still no fear.

*Year Two
-Several moves later and He still follows me. I eventually attempt speaking to Him, He doesn't respond.
-I watch Him kill another person. Still no fear.

*Year Three
-First real communication: I leave out a chalkboard overnight with a question, wake up to an answer. Simply ask if He knows my name, response: "YournameisSandra" Asking His, I recieve: "Ihavenoneedforone"
-He begins following me on my walks to school, where I explain how my day goes and He simply listens and departs afterwards.
-First attempt to find a weakness. Still not afraid, simply curious. Calling His attention, I run at Him and kick at His legs. Though He is not hurt, He is knocked back and seems somewhat surprised.

*Year Four
-First realization that He stalks others. I meet up with another person He stalked, surprised to find that the boy "James" as I will call him is both terrified and hasn't been followed long. After Jame's death, we move away again.
-Finally decide to choose a nickname. Decide on simply "Slender", which He doesn't object to. (Looking back, I laugh. Hard.)

*Year Five
-First indication of His "sense of humor". On the way home from school I point out a pinata and explain the concept to Him. Twelfth birthday, Lya, Matt, and I (they were still unaware) find a dead body in a tree. While they run off to find our parents', He shows up, pokes at the body with a stick, then hands the stick to me, covering my eyes with a tentacle. I hit Him instead, and He departs. (Morbid sense of humor, but there and indicating intelligence and the capacity for abstract thought)

*Year Six
-First indication that He wants me to stay alive. While walking home late at night cornered by some older teenagers with what I must assume (from the beating and nasty comments) were bad intentions. Before any serious damage is done, He arrives and kills one of them, sending the others running. With a badly hurt leg, He supports me on the walk home, and leaves without thanks. (While this seems altruistic, I believe he simply wants me alive for his studies on how some people resist him.)
-First notice He uses proxies/Hallowed to do some of His dirty work.

*Year Seven
-I again decide to test His weaknesses, starting with shooting fireworks at Him, then a bb gun. Neither work, He doesn't get upset but seems amused.
-By now I'm no longer fazed when He enters my room. I either briefly talk with him about trivial matters, or ignore Him completely.
-I meet several of his Hallowed, all of which seem to view me with contempt and disdain.

*Year Eight
-One of the Hallowed finally snaps at me, claiming he doesn't understand why He would "allow such a pathetic, worthless bitch to survive in His glorious presence". He then assumes that it is a test, and he must kill me, and attacks. Before he can, He arrives and drags him away. Upon later inquiry, he claims that "Heisdead.Donotworryabouthimanylonger" and "Hetriedtohurtyou.Noonemaytouchyouwithoutmypermission"
-I first notice a correlation between Him and the operator symbol when He draws it on my forehead with blood. Why that didn't at least creep me out, I have no clue.

*Year Nine
OhhohoSHIT. Where do I start.
-On the way to yet another new home, my parents die when He steps out into the road, causing them to swerve and hit an oncoming truck. Against all odds, while I am thrown from the vehicle, I survive with only a broken leg, a few crushed ribs, my left eye ruined beyond repair (had to be sewn shut) and my right eye cut slightly, leaving markings in the shape of the Operator Symbol. At the hospital He leaves a note on my portable chalkboard that He didn't mean for the accident to happen. I tell Him I hate Him for saving me when I should've died with my parents (He later confirmed that He did catch me when I was thrown from the wreckage as I suspected, and tried to keep me safe while the paramedics came).
-My spiteful words seem to genuinely faze Him, and He seems worried for my mental status and that He may lose his amusing little subject. When He attempts to cheer me up by (honest to God) LEAVING FLOWERS, I stop yalling at Him, and He seems content. He also seems curious when I cry over the losses, as if trying to understand a human's range of emotion.

*Year Ten
-With no family left, Lya is given custody, and I return to my orginal home town.
-I first read of the Something Awful forums and the blogs, and wonder how people could think Him to be a tulpa when He's been around for so long.
-When Lya notices strange goings-on, she begs me to tell her what's happening: I finally cave. Surprisingly enough, she believes me, but is afraid. She then asks me to let Matt in.

*July 18, 2010
-On my way to the hospital where Matt works, we walk through the same woods where I met Him. I ask Him why He stages the deaths of so many Halloweds, and how He could possibly do so.
-I tell Matt everything, and he accepts the stories when He shows up.
-Afterwards, while sitting on the swings outside of the hospital (no children were there due to the late hour and growing mist), He comes up behind me and begins to wrap His tentacle around my neck. Though I am slightly confused, I don't try to escape, and black out.

-I wake up to Him carrying me to Lya's house. Though I am now barefoot and wearing a different dress, I do not try to get away.
-When Lya is shocked to see me, she explains that I was found at the swingset on the ground, with a rope around my neck that appeared to have slipped off of the beam on the swings. Paramedics apparently found no signs of life, and ruled it a suicide. It seems that instead of telling me, He decided to show me how He stages deaths. Earlier in the day some of the townspeople attended my closed-casket funeral, and He later explained that He had snuck me out of the coffin the night before, replacing my "body" with sandbags equivalant to my weight. He still refuses to Hallow me, seemingly satisfied that I know how He does it.
-Shortly afterwards, Lya creates the blog. I'm not allowed to go out past the woods around Lya's house during the day, and if we want to go out in public at all, we have to go to a different county or even state so I'm not recognized.

So there you have it. I'm gonna go rest now. I hope some of this helps you out, though I doubt it will.


Thursday, September 30, 2010

So I was thinking...

Should I post a rough timeline of my encounters with Him? Maybe as a reference for others, or to show how I learned what I did? Anybody really care if I do so?


Saturday, September 25, 2010


Well, I'm caving. Who wants some tips that have helped me out?
(Please note that these, at times, will completely contradict the advice of M or other bloggers. This is what works for me, and it may not work for you.)

1. Fear is NOT the appropriate response

Yes, I absolutely had to put a reference to 9 in here (good movie, by the way).

He loves fear. It makes Him stronger, it gives Him motivation to go on. Though every single instinct in your body will scream curses at you, TRY YOUR HARDEST to NOT be afraid. Mutter a little mantra of things that make you happy. Think of a better place and time. However, be warned that a lack of fear makes Him curious, and He may step it up to test your limits.

2. Operator Symbols (X) MIGHT work, but use in moderation

Don't plaster them all around the perimeter in the hopes it'll send him running. For some people, it's a repellent, others, bait. Too many of them may be interpreted as a challenge, and you DON'T want to provoke him.

3. Eat, Drink, and be Funny

It's a stressful ordeal, I know. But you MUST stay lighthearted. Crack jokes, even a few at his expense. This makes you feel a little calmer, and who knows? Make a good enough crack about His "face" or His tentacles and His morale might dip.

4. You don't have to isolate yourself

I've read so many blogs where people run away from their homes, or refuse to allow another to stay with them, all for fear that He will get to the other person. I completely understand the logic behind this, but have you ever noticed how those who "split up" in horror movies often end up stabbed through the face?

"But Sandra, this shit is REAL!"

Be that as it may, you need to take into account the fact that the more people you keep together, the easier it is to stay lighthearted. Don't make me quote that bundle of sticks anecdote at you!

5. Running isn't for everyone

He LOVES chases. Think of a wild animal. Don't they prefer to chase down and tackle their prey after a good bout of exercise? Same deal. Nowhere is safe, but with enough people and a little common sense, you can hold your own pretty freaking well.

6. When you see Him...

-Don't run off screaming
-Guns aren't very helpful. Neither are shooting fireworks at Him to blind him. I found that out the hard way.
-Attacking Him will not hurt Him, but the courage to do so will surprise Him.

7. If He touches you...

-Don't thrash or struggle. He won't kill you until he's ready, and you'll only hurt yourself.
-Don't try to avoid "eye contact". He won't hypnotize you. Looking Him straight in the "face" is another sign to Him that you won't go so easily.
-If He gently touches you to simply startle you, don't lose your shit. Simply pick His hand or tentacle up off your shoulder/head/arm, and drop it. Then walk off without acknowledging Him.

8. If you encounter a Hallowed/Proxy/Agent...

Don't freak. He won't tell them to kill you. He wants to reserve that privelege for Himself. If they attempt to do anything more than intimidate you/wreck your space, fight back, put them down, call the police. When they next meet up with Him, He will deal with them accordingly.

That's all I have time to remember. I've learned all of this through ten years of experience. Hell, who knows? Maybe he gave me my gift (Preston, my little fluffy baby <3) as a sign of respect. Maybe.

And remember, these may not apply to you. If you have any questions, just comment and I'll do my best.

Stay safe, everyone.

I gotta go, Preston's pecking at the monitor.


Friday, September 24, 2010


Sorry about Lya's last post. Yesterday was a little stressful for her.

So it started out pretty well. Just some movies, cupcakes, take out, pretty fun for a party restricted to a house. We were having some legitimate, goodhearted fun.

And, of course, He had to have His moment.

Thankfully we didn't have to deal with a "pinata" (she found one when she turned 12). But he did leave something out on our porch that made Lya just a leeeeetle pissed.

Apparently He noticed how Sandra took a liking to the silkie chickens at the fair...

Don't freak, the little guy's alive. If it was a dead baby chicken we found, Lya would be a LOT angrier. She's just upset because the thing's kinda annoying. When she was typing out her post the little bastard was sitting on the keyboard pecking at her fingers. And of course we're gonna have to keep him, or else Sandra's gonna throw a bitch fit.

So, yay. Welcome home, Preston the chicken. (Yes, that's what she named the poor little guy)

All things considered, he is a cute little wad of feathers.

But the fact that He gave him to her is absolutely bizzare.


Thursday, September 23, 2010









I swear they love to piss me off!



You know what, fuck this. I'm going to bed.


Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Well, Sand's big day is tomorrow.

She's taking it pretty well...and by that I mean jumping all around the house screaming out "Woo she legal!".

I swear, though, if he shows his nonexistant face in my house tomorrow...


Saturday, September 18, 2010

I wonder?

For a long time now, I've been reading up on a wonderful site called listverse. Very informative and entertaining, indeed.


I recently stumbled upon a list about "Modern Paranormal Phenomena", and several items listed struck me as odd...Here's the link, if anybody wishes to check it out for themselves:

*cracks knuckles* Alright, prepare for wild speculation, bitches.

Time Slips

I believe several other bloggers mentioned this phenomena...didn't Jack Tyler say something like this happened to him? Or am I mistaken? And haven't those with "Slendy Sickness" frequently experienced this? ANSWERS PLEASE.

PANic in the Woods

This one snuck up behind me, knocked me out, and stole my lunch money.

If you don't plan on reading the article, it's described as "a feeling that there is a powerful, sinister force nearby, and sense imminent danger" that causes people to run back to civilization out of sheer terror. Another symptom that put up red flags? Immediate silence beforehand, save for "an unusual, escalating, buzzing sound".

Hint hint. Wink Wink. Nudge nud-IT SHOULD BE OBVIOUS.

Black Stick Men

Remember the little stick figures you drew when you were little? How they were just so damn easy to draw, and looking back you said, "Dayum. I thought that looked humanoid?" Then you sent away for that infomercial art instruction set (hoping to go to art school and sell your drawings for multiple 0's while doing what you loved) that laid there on the kitchen counter untouched while you nommed Doritos and drew fan art depicting your favorite cartoon pairing?

Well, they're back and they're pissed. Or apathetic. The motives are a little fuzzy.

When I read it at first on the list, I thought "8D...wat?" and decided to look it up.

What struck me was the blank face, the size ranging from human to impossibly tall, their (dare I say it) SLENDER form, the time of day they've been spotted at, and their habit of following some people.

And then I read an account where one pressed it's face in the window, and my Mountain Dew besieged mind was officially blown.

So, if you or a loved one has witnessed kindergarten drawings from hell, accompanied by sick relatives, operator symbols in notebooks, problems with videocameras, and a stalker (preferably wearing a mask or who types ~~<3 at the end of every sentence), please contact me, and we can arrange a family reunion. OF DOOM.

And there's no way in hell I'm mentioning the shadow figures. He's not one of them. Shadow figures don't like to be seen. He doesn't give a straight damn.

And finally,

Black Eyed Kids

The picture on the article kinda made me jump...

So who else thinks that children with no whites in their eyes who seem almost hypnotically terrifying and demand entrance into your space sounds like a new breed of, to use M's term, "Hallowed"?

On another note, I think I found a good costume to scare the shit outta Lya...but I don't want to die over something so petty.

And...that's about it.

I'm pretty sure some people will probably get pissed at me taking the whole "stalked by a powerful being who kills people" with such light-heartedness, but trust me. Zeke didn't try to stay mirthful. Neither did Andrew.

I'm just laughing to keep from screaming.

Also, I don't think I've mentioned it yet. My birthday's the 23rd. I'll be 18 then...


Last night

Oh, that fair. It was fun. IT WAS SO FUN.

And I LOVE fairs. I have more funnel cake in me than blood. So yummy...

And the best part? BABY ANIMALS.

They even had a newborn foal, and probably the highlight?

They had these chickens, but they weren't normal chickens. They were this thing called silkie chickens, and they looked like a cross between a chicken and a llama. A LLAMA CHICKEN.

Yeah, I know how chickens are nasty little territorial beasts, but I was actually surprised with some of the baby silkies. A few even nuzzled me! And this one little one, God he was so cute, and the others kept running over the poor baby!

And, of course, we saw Him. You know what? I'll just go ahead and say his name, for those who haven't caught on: *dramatic trumpets* Slenderman. *confetti*

We were up on the ferris wheel, and we saw him out in the woods. Don't think he was "taking care of business", just think he was watching us.

And I saw the last post. I'm just a leeeetle creeped out by it...but I'm almost used to it by now. Like He said, ten years of this.

Well, I'm off to annoy Lya.


Friday, September 17, 2010










I love early birthday presents!!!!

On an unrelated note, does anyone have any idea what in the Hell just happened to Lexi? WTF?


Tuesday, September 14, 2010

All calm on the home front

Haven't seen Him in the past few days. Feeling a LOT better.

Sandra seems to be getting progressively better as well.

There's a carnival coming up in the next county soon, maybe if she's feeling alright we'll take her.

Yes, I know the reputation the carnival holds with Him, but I at least want to regain some semblance of normalcy.

Anybody have any clue what A's new puzzle means? Sandra got frustrated trying to solve it, and Matt started dancing along woth the little figures. THAT provoked some giggles.

Very good day.

I am worried about Lexi, though...


Sunday, September 12, 2010

Found her.

Sandra's back. She's alright.

Lya's not as mad as she used to get anymore. Just tired.

Yeah, I saw the last post. Whatever.









Saturday, September 11, 2010



Sandra got out.

How she exited from the fourth floor without our knowledge, I don't know. I think I might have an idea, but I'm not too sure...


Any ideas on how to find her fast?

This isn't the first time...

Damn Him. Just...He...damnit.



Have you heard that song?

It's from Silent Hill.

I like it. So very pretty.

I can play it on Lya's piano now.

I hear it all the time.


He's at my window.



Sometimes I worry about Sandra.

I mean, look at that picture she drew the other day. Frig.

Lya wasn't too upset with the drawing, it was the comment Sand left on M's Tutorial that set her off. Of course, it's not like we didn't expect she would do something like that; she's never really been a big fan of M's methods of avoiding Him. And she seems to take personal offence whenever he says He is stupid.

She's sleeping in her room on the fourth floor. That should be too high for Him, according to M.

I really hope Sandra's wrong.


Friday, September 10, 2010

When Adults are Away...

...Then I shall play. X3

As much as Lya and Matt DETEST leaving my all by my lonesome, some supplies require more than one pair of hands. And thus, I'm locked in. I do wonder how Lya installed childproof locks without my knowledge. I do so love leaving the house to walk past the site where I first became aware, such pretty leaves and flowers.

I wish the birdies would sing for me. I miss them right now.

I drew you all a picture, wanna see?

Do you like it?

Aw, the scanner cut off my bunny doll. That's upsetting.

But M is back! And Jack Tyler as well! This is spectacular, I was beginning to fear for them. I do wonder where Lexi is, and A for that matter. Hm. I wonder.

I think I hear the birds outside...


Thursday, September 9, 2010


Hm. The clock on the posts are wrong. It's almost 10 here...

I wonder why M hasn't posted recently...


Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Really, Matt? You really signed off with the operator symbol?

Dammit man...

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Don't Freak

Sorry if we left you guys hanging (said to no followers. Meh).

We're safe, don't worry. Sandra just freaked out, because she saw Him trying to get in through the window, and that in turn freaked Lya out. But it's okay now. We're all safely inside, doors and windows locked, blinds shut.

Much love and (X),


Sandra hasn't been well recently.

She's been having some trouble adjusting after her accident. A few months ago, her mother and father were killed in a horrific car accident. Trust me, it wasn't pretty. Sand was lucky to get out at all. She only had a few scratches, some splintered ribs, and...well, her eye's kinda...I'll just post a picture she drew of her own eye. It may look a little pixelated, and she draws in anime styles, so it may look a little weird. I wish I could just upload a photo of her, but it's for her safety that we can't nessecarily show her face (and my camera went missing a few weeks ago).

She's never really been good at digital art, but I digress.

Doctors aren't exactly sure what cut her eye, but it left a mark. Poor thing has to use her eyedrops every few hours now. As for her other eye...I'll be blunt. It's not there anymore. Her eyelid was sewn shut. Not fun. Still, she almost doesn't seem to care. Maybe losing her parents put that in perspective for her.

It doesn't help that she's been sick recently. She coughs like mad, so hard I'm always afraid her ribs might snap again.

Right now she's sitting on my bed playing with her rabbit doll. Incredible how trauma can make you miss the days of youth. She's also been watching some birds at a feeder outside of the window.

The birds are quiet now, maybe later they'll-OH HEL-

Monday, September 6, 2010

Thank You!!!!

Holy crap! She did make us a blog! THANK YOU LYA!!!

...Well, damn. Now I don't know what to say. I guess I'm...supposed to write about my day? Ahdunno.

I'll just turn this over to Matt while I hug Lya.

Also, this is my color now, she can get her own.


Hm, so we have a blog now. Interesting.

I do have to wonder what we'll really be saying on it, though. Do we really want to let people know what we're doing? We're already working hard enough to keep Sand hidden and the town in the dark.

Maybe the blog will serve a good purpose, though.

Maybe they can see what it's like through our eyes, not those of the victims.


(But damn if the background isn't a, I guess is the best way to put it. If we are going to mention the horrific shit that goes down around us, do we really want pretty colors? I guess Sand and Ly plan to keep it that way. And I doubt He will dispute it, he probably won't even post at all.)


Well, I finally caved. Sandra's been positively begging me to make a blog of our own. She's so enthralled by the blogs of those who witness our work that she nearly cried when I initially refused.

"We dun have to give our last naaaames, Ly! We dun have to say where we liiiive, Ly! WE DUN HAVE TO MENTION HIIIIIM, LY!"

Matt pushed her into the pool, and that got her to shut up. I laughed.

But I can only take puppy eyes for so long before giving up. I'm a pushover. That's why I'm going with them.

I won't be the only one posting, so the others:

Sandra: She's only 17, but very smart(ass). You'll know when she's posting. Her writing style now is very...odd. To say the least.

Matt: He's 27 now, and still as childish as ever. Strange, you'd think the son of a cop would detest what we do, who we've become. Maybe he just enjoys being on the other side of the flashing lights.

We might have someone else posting from time to time, but He doesn't usually bother. It'll be quite obvious when He's writing, as opposed to us.

I have to go now.

Wonder who they'll find in the trees tomorrow.

If they're found at all.