Tuesday, June 21, 2011

So quiet...

Thankfully, the reports of dead bodies and beaten proxies are waning. Only two in the past month. Still too risky to go out in the woods much, though we did take Sandra to see Super 8 the other day. Cool movie, very much Stand By Me meets Cloverfield.

We also finally got around to watching District 9. I take no shame in admitting that the little baby alien made me cry. Fucker was adorable. "We're the same! =) " I'm gonna go eat ice cream and sob about my lack of cute younger siblings now.

Rake's still acting like a curious little pupple half the time. The other half he talks, and that voice is damn scary. Sandra puts it as "spoken Zalgo-text". Fitting.

And Sandy's well. She could do without all the Tumblr talk of Slender's Memetic Molestation and Rake's potential to become one. Deauuurgh.

Monday, June 13, 2011


So Matt has a spontaneous adventurous side. Who knew.

Apparently his dad does, because on Thursday out of nowhere "HAY SON WANNA BORROW THA BOAT MEHBEH TAKE LYA ON A LAKE TRIP" "WHY HELL YES I WOULD LAIKE TO DADDAY."

And since I can't be left alone in a house full of weapons with the Rake, I had to go along. At least we got to take Preston and Blitz. But of fucking course Slender followed and Rake might have stowed away in the truck bed, he still isn't explaining how he got there.

Thankfully I had a day to prepare (i.e. eat a whole fucking grocery store) so I actually had a little meat on the bones and didn't look completely skeletal. Some of the people in neighboring cabins seemed a little freaked out by how thin I was, but seeing me omnom a shitload and not immediately run off to throw it all up seemed to have alleviated said concerns.

Speaking of omnomage, Rake tried out more human foods. Very much likes snack items. Tried adding rat poison to several, but the fuckwit seems immune.

And we went to Babe's. OBBY WE HAD FUCKING BABE'S.

Look it up. Holy SHIT their chicken fried steak....Rake enjoyed it as well. Hate him just a little less.


And forgive my Superjail! sadfacing last night. We...we're all just so HURT...


Okay Then

Full post will have to wait until tomorrow.

As I am currently lying on the floor twitching and sobbing crying out for the Warden to come baaaaaaaack.

Rake may or may not have set up a shrine; this shit is so fucking ridiculous DAMMIT CHRISTY KARACAS.


Sunday, June 12, 2011


Sorry for the absence.

Spontaneous weekend boating trip.

Full post after showers and napping and aloe.



Sunday, June 5, 2011


Fuck everyone's couch.

School's out here.

That means screaming kids running around the woods during a turf war. FUCK.

But from what I've seen, both Eldrys are toning it down to minor ambushes at night and just trying to piss each other off instead of the glorious West Side Story battles they used to have. Powerful as they are, neither wants to be exposed to the masses.

Rake's getting along better. Still a little fuckwit, but better. He likes human food. Especially popcorn. Sadly, my saltybutterpocalypse mix still hasn't killed him. Fucker's got him a tolerance.

Still accepting emails on CellarDoor-X-@hotmail.com

And still being an idiot on Tumblr. Where the fuck has this thing been all my life?


Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Scribe Sigma


What the hell?

Slender and Rake I know, Shadow People and the Black Dog I've heard of, and I know about Redlight, but all of those other things...scary. So far I've only encountered two, I sure as hell don't want any others to come knocking.

And the Grand Game mentioned (I apologize for any of you who just lost)...Slender and Rake are meant to be opponents? They certainly don't act like it here. Slender doesn't seem one to compete, save for challenges ///It/// makes, and Rake seems little more than a sapient puppy.

But I digress.

Two new letters sent to CellarDoor-X-@hotmail.com

One from Blue Rose, who lives near and wants to meet me. Good idea or terrible?

And one from Sean, who has coexisted peacefully with not only Him but a proxy as well for seven years. He ended the letter informing me that he asked Slender to kill him. Mercy kill, kid had cancer. Asked me to give Him a hand-rolled cigarette. 

I did, and called Him "Skinny". He took it, and seemed to be lost in thought.

I wonder if He thinks about any of us when He's finished with us.

On a different note, link to my Tumblr under the blog name. Mostly just an average teenage girl tumblr, just with a few mentions of the weirdos whenever their exploits aren't grand enough to warrant a blog post.