Friday, December 10, 2010

Heading Out

We're leaving for OK tomorrow. Which sucks, because I'm sick. Not Slendy-sickness, just some sinus bullshit.

And for those who asked about pics of the plushies, sorry, but Slender keeps taking our cameras and screwing around with them. In hindsight, maybe letting Him watch Fatal Frame wasn't such a good idea...Oh well. Watching Him get startled is kinda reassuring. And funny as hell.

Also...anybody else see Concrete Giraffes? Because that shit is hilarious.

lol Slender in a pink tank...

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm off to waste my life on Tropes and SCPs.



Saturday, December 4, 2010

Discussions and Theories

So Sandra was playing her game late last night, and, having finished our "science for the science god", we decided to sit on the couch and watch. So Matt and I are on the couch, Sandra's sitting on a cushion in front of the TV, Preston's being agreeable for once and sitting in my lap, and Slender's on the floor watching the game intently.

We mostly watched the game, asked a few questions about the plot and stuff (Sandra never looked away from the screen, the game was that interesting), and got to the topic of the bad guy. That led to villain tropes, and I made a comment about how many seem to think they're so perfect, while glancing pointedly at Slender.

SM: *writes on mini-chalkboard* Thecreationcannotsurpassthecreator.

L: Meaning...what, humans did make you?

S: Seems plausible.

M: So a bunch of shared thoughts on an urban legend on the internet sparked the creation of Him?

S: Considering the legends of Der Großmann and sightings from before computers or even electricity, it goes back way-hay-hay back when.

M: How do you figure?

S: Well, since the beginning of time, parents have warned children of horrific creatures ready to punish them when they're naughty, or attack them when they went somewhere they shouldn't. While humanity doesn't possess the power of giving life aside from birth, we do have mental strength unparalleled by other creatures. As mothers whispered in hushed tones, stories of the fair folk and witches, the combined imaginings of well meaning parents took a sinister turn, be it some manner of the supernatural or simply the will of the human psyche.

L: Hm. A good theory. Is that why He show occasional moments of altruism.

S: Seems so. As much as His image remains one of murder, He has shown a somewhat humane said, possibly held over by the instinct that He was meant to scare children to keep them from harm, not to be said harm. Even when you don't take our situation into account, I've read some stories of Him skipping over innocent people in favor of slaughtering bad people. Hell, I've heard on more than one occasion that He stopped a potential rape.

M: Stopped it, or cau-

SM: *sits up and "glares"*

M: *shuts up*

S: Okay, I'm actually considering getting into a discussion of whether or not He has the equipment to do so, but let's not make Preston's little head any more warped.

P: *peeks up at the sound of his name* Chirreep?

S: Any-huh-WAH, what I'm saying is that, by imagining up horrific things to keep their children at bay, they endangered their on children, and hundreds of generations since.

L: I see. *to Slender* Any input from you?

SM: *writes* Plausible. Ican'tsayforsurehowIcametobe,butthatexplanationdoesseemtotakeintoaccountseveraldetails.

M: What about ///It///?

S: Same dif. ///It/// was created by children. They were certain that the boogiemen were real, and indeed very dangerous. Thus, the parental attempts at keeping their children safe backfired twice. However, the childrens' creation shows no mercy.

L: Nice Job Breaking It, Hero?

S: Hy-up.

L: are you immune?

S: Ahdunno. Part of me thinks it was because my parents never used old wive's tales to keep me in line, and went to great lengths to make sure I never believed that there were monsters in the closet. It also helps that I very quickly realized that things like Santa and the Tooth Fairy were fictitious, but thought up for good. Remember the movie "Skeleton Key"? Where the hoodoo could only hurt the main character if she believed in it? Maybe that's how it works.

L: But wouldn't living with Him around change that? You know for a fact He exists now.

S: Like I said, I'm still not too sure how that works. Just a theory. But it does seem to make sense when you realize my parents grew up with fears of the monsters under the bed, and look how it turned out for them. They felt the fear, and the need to run. I never did.

M: So..wait. *to Slender* Does all that mean you like killing people, or do it for necessity?

SM: *writes* Itisnotthefaultofthecreationwhatthecreatormakesit'spurposeouttobe.

L: So you don't like it, or what?

SM: *writes* IdowhatIdo. Whetherornotitisenjoyableisnotrelevant,andvariesastimegoesonandsituationschange.

M: I guess that all makes sense-

S: *finds something in the game* Wait, I see a window. Says I can see a room through it.

L: Raise the camera, see what it is.

S: Alright. *raises camera in game* Okay, I think I- *little ghost boy pops up* JESUS IN A BATTLEMECH!!!! *screams*

At that point we all freaked, and Preston started running around and bumping into walls. Even Slender jumped.

Again, Fucking Tecmo.

We were all too excited by the scare to continue our discussion, instead cheering on the ghost battles and screaming like bitches.

So...your thoughts on Sandy's theory?


Friday, December 3, 2010

Friggin' Frig

What would you do if you heard your young, monster-stalked charge, who is a magnet for danger and kidnapping, starts screaming in terror from the next room?

If you said "charge in there with a loaded pistol, a taser, and pepper spray to bring the whoopass down", then congratulations, you've read this blog enough to know that I don't take kindly to bitches climbin' in my window to snatch my friend up.

I also don't take kindly to said screams being the result of said girl PLAYING GODDAMN FATAL FUCKING FRAME 2.

She only screamed louder when I busted in, then just shrugged and went back to playing.

Almost gave me a heart attack. Fucking Tecmo.

And Slender was just sitting on the couch watching. Apparently Sandra was right about the curiosity aspect of His personality, because He seemed to be interested in the concept of using cameras to ward off evil, since, well, cameras love the fuck outta Him.

Of course, for all His curiosity, He couldn't get too close to the screen, lest Sandra bop Him with a cushion. Preston seemed to like the game as well, considering he didn't peck the shit out of me when I pet him. Of course, this is the same little bastard that likes running at Slender, feathers poofed out like a duster, ready to peck His non-existant face off, so it's only natural that a horror game wouldn't startle him.

...I'm talking about a psychotic teenager, a japanese game, a mentally sick baby chicken, and a skinny humanoid abomination.


Oh well.

Back to the kitchen. We're trying to make some homemade smokebombs to keep proxies at bay, and I reeaally don't think Matt should be left alone with 'splosive things.


Sorry, Sandra wanted me to say it.


Thursday, December 2, 2010

She's Better

There's been a kinda pattern of Sandra freaking out and returning to lucidity in somewhat amusing ways recently, anybody else notice?

We still don't get why the shitstorm going on made Sandra act like a little child again, though we know she isn't Hallowed (or bipolar), nor does she have schizophrenia, multiple personality, or, and how she doesn't still surprises us, depression. Maybe Asperger's, she never got tested for it and it's kinda hard to take a legally dead girl to a psychiatrist, so maybe.

She was sleeping and continuing the trend of hissing when Slender was near and murmuring the error message when she woke up. Violently.

She started by lurching forward and shouting "OH GOD THE BUNDLE DATA REDACTED THROW D-CLASS AT IT", then fell out of bed, getting tangled in the covers. She proceeded with a loooong string of curses, then paused, checked the date on her phone, and cursed some more.

She said she had no memory of what happened, and asked to see the posts and comments she left. She didn't seem too surprised, pointing out that she mentions Vocaloids all the time and it wouldn't be unusual to associate with it in a time of mental distress. She seemed kind of glad that she didn't do anythign too freaky.

The she got to the third comment of her lullabies post.

Her response?

"ADKAJ;ADAHSKLDAASKDJLAH (Yes, she actually managed to put this into phonetic words) WHAT. WHAT IS THIS I DON'T EVEN. I HAVE NO RING ON THIS FINGER, WAT. SON OF A BITCH. Fuck me sideways Margaret what drugs."

She then glared daggers at Slender, and I never thought I would live to see the fucking Slender Man facepalm.

She's back in bed now (casting the occasional glare at Slender and screaming "Don't fucking look at me!!!" whenever He looks up). Also, I found a little note she scribbled while she was still a little psychotic. Anyone know what it says?

Sperare è peccato?

Ti accorgi delle voci senza voce?

Iwanaide towa no jubaku no kotoba wo.

Kikanaide hontou no negai wo.

I don't think it's Vocaloids, and the first two lines sound like they're either latin or italian...


Wednesday, December 1, 2010


I can hear them.

They were a long time ago, but I hear them so clear.

Like little bells. Like Mommy's voice.

I liked Mommy's voice, but she isn't here now. She used to take care of me when I was sick. Why isn't she taking care of me?

I don't like the meanie. He took my Mommy, but it was an accident, but I still don't like Him. So mean.

Have you seen Mommy?

If you see her, tell her Sandy misses her.

And can you ask her how the song goes? I can't remember it anymore. It's hard to hear it...


I'm not well.