Sunday, April 24, 2011

Near Miss


Welcome to East Texas. =D

I have survived Slendysickness, attempted rape, a car accident, ///It///-kidnapping, attempted Proxy-kidnappings, attempted murders, Slendydeath-faking, and Preston, and the last hour scared the shit out of me like I've never even thought possible.

The wind made me its bitch.

For those who don't live in Texas, we just got out of some severe thunderstorms that MIGHT have made tornados. Maybe. Still fuzzy.

I was halfway through Spoony's SWAT 4 walkthrough when the power just fucking left. A little something you might not be aware of: the dark, especially when enveloping you with no warning, IS FUCKING TERRIFYING. I still sleep with hallway lights on or the TV. Panic ensued. Lya and Matt were shouting at me to head for the cellar, Preston was having a fit, the wind was screaming, and I was in full on Freak the Fuck Out mode. Then I saw a little beam of light in the hallway and thought, for half a second, "fuck it finally happened I died".

It was Slender. Carrying a flashlight. Crimes against human existance be damned I almost hugged the son of a bitch.


He handed me the light and followed Preston and I to the cellar. Matt, Lya, and Blitz were already waiting. Slender stayed outside in case any Proxies were stupid enough to try to break in.

I was born in Texas, and raised here for seven years, but I've never had such a close call. The constant moves around the country always managed to avoid crazy storms like this. So I did what came naturally. I freaked the almighty fuck out.

Thankfully, it didn't last long. Winds died down, He knocked on the door, angels sang.

...I fucking hate Texas weather.


Friday, April 22, 2011

Relatively Quiet

Believe it or not, despite the continual proxy wars, Sandra managing to get out every few nights and coming back with no memory, and, you know, a tentacled man wandering around, it's been pretty calm here.

We've gone out to see some movies, played around in the woods, normal shit we used to do before our lives revolved around keeping Sandra hidden and trying to simultaneously fend off ///It/// and stay on His do-not-slaughter list.

Speaking of the big guy, He's been more taciturn than usual recently. You'd think the constant ass-whupping of His little soldiers would have Him on edge, or at least a little more bloodstained than usual, but...nope. Just watching from the trees or standing in doorways or behind couches during bouts of videogames and tv. We'd normally find it unsettling but we're kinda grateful. As long as there's no dead children being used to take out His frustrations, so be it. Hell, it's what we're good at now, watching for patterns yet inwardly sighing with relief when He deviates in a peaceful way. We're Watchers. Or Avoid-Getting-Fucked-Up-ers.

Sandra, however, has been a bit high-strung. By that, we mean more child-at-heart-ish. While still keeping her daily swear average steady. She chased around a butterfly for about half an hour, then shrieked like a damn banshee when Slender caught it in His fist, thinking He'd crush it.

He just opened His hand, looked it over for a bit, and let it go.

He's so calm recently He can't even be fucked to kill a butterfly.

...How do you take a whole bottle of Xanax without a mouth?

I'm just hoping things stay quiet. Proxy Wars be damned, things are almost idyllic here.

Okay, hang on, Slender's outside and His tentacles are out. He does not look happ

What the fuck-something just ran through the bushes.

I don't think it was ///It////...

I'm pretty sure ///It/// still wears clothes...

Goddammit Matt, you just HAD to tempt fate.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011



Sandra's a little on edge now, just check the newest London Librarian. It's not the "Egyptian God" theory that caught her attention, so much as the "Operator Symbol = His Name" theory.

But enough about that for now, she'll probably butthurt over it next time she posts. For now, my kitty.

He's about 23 pounds. He is a huge motherfucker. Look. LOOOOOK.

And Preston hates him.

I asked my cousin to send more pictures from when I went to pick him up, so there'll probably be more later.

That's my disembodied arm petting him, by the way.