Friday, August 10, 2012

Hey everyone

We're all still here, and still good, except for a little spinal trauma obtained from a few bad decisions and an old swingset.

Sorry for the lack of posts. Like I said before, we've mostly been on Tumblr.

Now that I have my own computer, hopefully I'll post more on here eventually.


Ps: Changed the layout, since people were having some trouble reading


  1. I wan't to know what your Tumblr is.

    I probably should know.. But I don't..

    Can I Know plz... :3
    I want to hear more about slendy!

  2. To clarify, since I couldn't comment earlier, you have a supporter here in Indiana. I've been encountering the Slenderman for a few months now, alongside a few of my friends.
    If you know of HABIT, from the EverymanHYBRID videos, he's rather fond of communicating through me.
    If anyone needs me, contact me here...

  3. Its great to see your still alive. Iv been looking through as many blogs as I can find but most of them are inactive. Im pretty sure that means they are all . Its getting hard to find active blogs like yours.
    This whole thing is slowly getting worse. HABIT is getting bolder and slenderman is doing his favorit thing as usual and at the moment there is nothing we can do to stop it. Im trying to creat a network for s but its hard to find any. If you could inform me of all that you know at kilroywashere21@ . that would just be fantastic. My blog is
    Stay safe.


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  5. I am in need of information about where I can find the current updates. I'm researching the unknowns of the Universe, but I must continue reading. If someone could point me to the tumbler, please inform me...

    It's life and death.

  6. my name is jim cable, I post methods of defence on youtube, I can be found here