Friday, April 22, 2011

Relatively Quiet

Believe it or not, despite the continual proxy wars, Sandra managing to get out every few nights and coming back with no memory, and, you know, a tentacled man wandering around, it's been pretty calm here.

We've gone out to see some movies, played around in the woods, normal shit we used to do before our lives revolved around keeping Sandra hidden and trying to simultaneously fend off ///It/// and stay on His do-not-slaughter list.

Speaking of the big guy, He's been more taciturn than usual recently. You'd think the constant ass-whupping of His little soldiers would have Him on edge, or at least a little more bloodstained than usual, but...nope. Just watching from the trees or standing in doorways or behind couches during bouts of videogames and tv. We'd normally find it unsettling but we're kinda grateful. As long as there's no dead children being used to take out His frustrations, so be it. Hell, it's what we're good at now, watching for patterns yet inwardly sighing with relief when He deviates in a peaceful way. We're Watchers. Or Avoid-Getting-Fucked-Up-ers.

Sandra, however, has been a bit high-strung. By that, we mean more child-at-heart-ish. While still keeping her daily swear average steady. She chased around a butterfly for about half an hour, then shrieked like a damn banshee when Slender caught it in His fist, thinking He'd crush it.

He just opened His hand, looked it over for a bit, and let it go.

He's so calm recently He can't even be fucked to kill a butterfly.

...How do you take a whole bottle of Xanax without a mouth?

I'm just hoping things stay quiet. Proxy Wars be damned, things are almost idyllic here.

Okay, hang on, Slender's outside and His tentacles are out. He does not look happ

What the fuck-something just ran through the bushes.

I don't think it was ///It////...

I'm pretty sure ///It/// still wears clothes...

Goddammit Matt, you just HAD to tempt fate.


    Kyrie Eleison, you could only have done worse by actually typing "What's The Worst That Could Happen". Gah. I'd beat you senseless, but I'm not coming anywhere near Proxy War Central.

  2. Is it the rake? If you've seen the latest everymanhybrid episode you'll know its been busy...I wonder why its attacking you? If it even is the rake of course, but I dunno what else a naked critter that freaks out slender could be...

  3. If it is the rake, you could just scream "I've had it with these MOTHERFUCKING RAKES on this MOTHERFUCKING PLANE (plane being plane of existence)" and then throw something at him. If that doesn't work, then my prayers go to Blitz. Also, question. Does slendy have both tentacles and hands? Better break out the dressing, cause this won't end well.
    -The leaver of giant walls of text

  4. I'm not sure if it's the Rake or not. I first saw it about a week ago, but wrote it off as a dog in the low light, but now that Matt's seen it...

    Lya's pissed. Two Eldritch Abominations are plenty, we don't need another.

    Maybe, if it actually is the Rake, he's here to check out the Proxy War. Or he heard about a certain teenage girl who is immune to Slender Psychosis and wanted to validate...eep.

    Aaaaand back to updating security.


  5. I don't see what the rake would want with you guys...its busy ripping the everymanhybrid guys up (srsly I was so pissed it killed Alex's dog). The theory is that it is a servant of Habit...but I dunno what habit would want with you so maybe this disproves that theory? Assuming that the critter you're seeing IS the rake...but if the theory that the rake serves habit is true then maybe habit sent it to kill you to piss off slender? They are supposedly enemies...

  6. Unless its there for an entirely different purpose lol. You'll have to forgive my wild theorizing.

  7. Could someone explain what the Rake is? I've only heard OF it, not About it... Anyway, Why Lya, WHY? You just had to tempt fate eh? Anyway, hope you guys do okay...