Sunday, April 24, 2011

Near Miss


Welcome to East Texas. =D

I have survived Slendysickness, attempted rape, a car accident, ///It///-kidnapping, attempted Proxy-kidnappings, attempted murders, Slendydeath-faking, and Preston, and the last hour scared the shit out of me like I've never even thought possible.

The wind made me its bitch.

For those who don't live in Texas, we just got out of some severe thunderstorms that MIGHT have made tornados. Maybe. Still fuzzy.

I was halfway through Spoony's SWAT 4 walkthrough when the power just fucking left. A little something you might not be aware of: the dark, especially when enveloping you with no warning, IS FUCKING TERRIFYING. I still sleep with hallway lights on or the TV. Panic ensued. Lya and Matt were shouting at me to head for the cellar, Preston was having a fit, the wind was screaming, and I was in full on Freak the Fuck Out mode. Then I saw a little beam of light in the hallway and thought, for half a second, "fuck it finally happened I died".

It was Slender. Carrying a flashlight. Crimes against human existance be damned I almost hugged the son of a bitch.


He handed me the light and followed Preston and I to the cellar. Matt, Lya, and Blitz were already waiting. Slender stayed outside in case any Proxies were stupid enough to try to break in.

I was born in Texas, and raised here for seven years, but I've never had such a close call. The constant moves around the country always managed to avoid crazy storms like this. So I did what came naturally. I freaked the almighty fuck out.

Thankfully, it didn't last long. Winds died down, He knocked on the door, angels sang.

...I fucking hate Texas weather.



  1. On a lighter note, did you get portal 2? It looks great! Also, happy Easter.
    -A guy who does this name thing for some strange reason. What does this even do? Nothing! It just proves that we know our own names. And there I go again, leaving giant walls of text. Maybe my previous name is accurate after all...

  2. No power outages or Slender Men up here, but it seems like tornadoes are everywhere. Glad to hear you're all okay.

    Happy zombie Jesus day!

  3. NoT EnJOYing tHE WEAther my DEAr SanDRa ? ! ? ! ?

    ThAT'S OKAY ! MinD tellINg us WheRe JaCK ANd tHE TraITOR ARe tHougH ? ! ? ! ?


    S L E E P W E LL


  4. ...Please, don't be ///You///...

    Leave them alone. LEAVE THEM THE FUCK ALONE.

    So help me I will fucking mutilate ///You///. Slender hates the shit out of ///You/// and will gladly let me take the wheel and cause ///You/// the agony ///You/// gave all of us tenfold. I haven't forgotten what ///You/// did to me last year hear me this isn'



  5. If //It// shows up here, //It// will be sorry //It// was ever born... or created... Whatever brought it into existence, //It// will be sorry it happened.

  6. wHAt HapPenED MisS SAnDra ? ! ?! !?! !>?!?!?

    DId MASTeR Hurt yOU ?!?!? !!?! !!?!? !! ?!

    Do YoU WAnT me tO MAke ThE PaIn GO AwaY ??!! ?! !?! ?!

    mY FrIEnD MR. KniFe cAn heLP thE PaIN gO awAy !!!

    I TrIed to HelP StEPhaNie WiTH heR pAin, BUt JacK GoT iN The wAy !

    He MuST HavE BeEn In MorE PaiN

    DO YOU ALL LIKE plAYING hIDe AND SEEK ?? ! !?! !!?! !> !?! !?


  7. So ///It///'s your master?

    How are your brethren, beast?

    Hope you can find the big one's arm, it kinda sorta isn't there anymore.

    Play on, motherfucker.


  8. HA Ha .... YoU're FunNY SanDrA ! !! ! !

    I woNDer iF I CAn huRt YoU LiKE I HurT jaCKie- BOy

    hiS HanD BlEd A loT. MasTeR Was hApPy !! ! ! !

    I WiLL PlaY WiTH yoU LaT3R !!! ! ! I HavE To heLp

    JaCK RigHt NoW ! !! He BarElY evEn M3t mR. KNIFe

    YoU TooK GeOrge'S arM ThouGH ??! !? ?!

    Do YoU StiLL HavE anY LeFt fOr Me

    TO EAT ?!?! !?! !? !??!? !? !??!

    WheN I HEAl JaCK, I WiLL SenD YOu whAt I DidN't

    eaT SAndRa ! ! ! !! !! !



    HAHHA AHA HAH AH AH A AHh ha H Aha HAa h ah ahAh h Ah Ah hA hA A H ahA

    Are yoU G0Ing tO TEll me WherE TheY ARe or dO

    I haVe T0 Int0DucE yoU To My bEsT FwiENd

    Mr. KNiFe ?! !>!?! !?!! ?!! ?


  9. *gasp* You watch Spoony, too!? Spoony is the best! I've actually got his Terror TRAX episode up as I'm typing this!

  10. We're all right guys for the time being. We're headed your way.

    I don't have a lot of time to post.


  11. Thank God you're okay.

    It won't be too hard to find us.

    House in the woods, no fence out back, small wire chicken coop, near a small ditch/creek.

    There's an Operator Symbol painted on our cellar door.


  12. oPErator syMboLs...

    Whatdoyou think of zeROsaGe?

  13. I don't know if you'll reply to this, but I've been following you guys for a while.

    What is ///It///?

    Although I'm glad I don't live in the USA. I'm fairly sure Asia's safe from your personal demons. Well. I hope.

    Also, Sandra? Just wanted to say that I'm sorry that all this is happening to you, as well as Matt, Lya, and everyone else. I wish I could help.

  14. ...Yep, paranoia up high. Not going to get any sleep. Paul's going to call this all fiction and call me a wuss

    ;.; Doesn't matter if it is real or fake, two creatures plus the rake is a nightmare in the making

  15. I hope Slendy kicks your scrawny ass, Proxy-controlling-Jack's-account! And Sandra, it was rather sweet for Slendy to bring you a flashlight... I probably would have hugged him out of sheer relief...