Monday, July 25, 2011

Back Home

Hopefully, some of you follow my Tumblr and got our update on Slendy's new trick. If not, then know He can apparently transfer His ability to remain unnoticed by humans to Rake. And, as we found out firsthand yesterday, other people.

Sorry we haven't updated here, the computer at the house we were staying in was being a bit bitchy with blogger and, towards the end, Tumblr.

We were down in a suburb near Houston because Lya was housesitting for some friends of her family. Matt took Lya down to meet them, waited until they left for their vacation, and came back up to bring me down to avoid the slight chance that they might recognize me. Went to a July 4th carnival for some fireworks and rides and nummy funnel cake (where we found out about the "invisibilty" transfer), then visited Schlitterbahn Galveston on Friday, which was fun but lead to agonizing sunburn.

Matt was going to bring me back here on Saturday, and picked up an old school friend of his who lived an hour away from us and was visiting his parents for the weekend to take him home (he had never met me before, but to be cautious Matt called me "Cassie"). We were about an hour into the trip when the friend got a call and found out his mother had died in an accident (not Slender-related).

Matt dropped me off with Lya and went with his friend to make sure he was okay. Slender and Rake, who were staying with Lya for the extra day, seemed confused. I told them what happened. Rake actually looked a little sad, but Slender was too busy trying to figure out how we'd get out because the homeowners were going to get back the next afternoon. We decided to leave early in the morning and drop me off in the town so Matt could come back and get Lya so I wouldn't be seen.

We didn't expect them to get back early.

Rake woke me up around 9. I felt kinda disoriented, like walking underwater, and the edges of my vision were blurry. I got dressed and ran downstairs and HOLY SHIT WHY ARE THEY HERE.

I froze up for a bit but Slender made me keep moving. I tried sneaking around for the first few minutes, but Rake tugged on the bottom of my jeans and said "t͙͚̺̫͇̘̪̫̂̍ͤ͛̋̀h̡̨͕̭̲̠̩̀͐͆ͫ͑̉͆͐͊͢ĕ͍̞̝̯͚̘ͥ́̎ͥ̾̀̚͜͠y̧̺̮͍͕͓ͨͣ ̢̟̮̝͕̺̠̱͈̌ͤ̂̄́c̸̠̫͚̖̩̱̱̄͒̈ͫͮ̿ͤ͆a̡͕̮͛̌͜n͍̟̝̱̻͇̓̒͊̈̔̽̽͟͝t̷̬̻͙͔̱̬͌ͦ̿̿ͥ̓̆̈́̚͡ ̭͙͚̼̹̰͔̻̃ͩ̅ͮ͒s̶̮̰̭̲̬̯͙͒ͭͭͯ̕e̡͖̯̫͚͌͊̃̊͑͋̂ͦ͆́e̡̧̳̬͖̭͉̪͂̀͞ ̷̯͓̝͔̪̹̳̦̽̈͌͋͌͛̎ỳ̛̼̬̺͕̠̻̀̏̔͝͞o̠̫͈̦͈̜̬͋ͯͫȕ̺̖̖̰͇̲̓ͤ̇ͮͧ̔̉̕" (I told you, he sounds like he speaks Zalgotext).

Slender can make humans unnoticeable. Hello paranoia, how have you been my dear old friend?

I was able to walk around, run up and downstairs, take my stuff out to the car, not a peep out of Lya's friends. It was like we were a walking background event. Rake and I hopped in, Lya said goodbye, and we were out. The weird sensation didn't drop until we were out of the city limits.

Holy shit that was so unreal...



  1. Well it would make sense that Slender Man could make other people invisible if he can make himself invisible as well.

  2. I'm still convinced it's not so much they can't see you, rather that you just were made unnoticed.

    Still, it is interesting in it's own right. If only we could figure out how slender does this trick, it would open up a fair number of options.

  3. While my research, at the moment anyway, will likely bear no fruit on how he does it, I might be able to get some specifics on what it does. With any luck, we can figure out ways to keep him under watch.

  4. Hello paranoia, nice to see you again! Maybe that's what Slendy does with the people that disappear, that is, to make them disappear... Creepy stuff, Sandra...

  5. Out of curiosity, could you go into any more detail on what it felt like while you were unnoticeable? I think it could aid my research on His powers, possibly revealing the nature of how the unnoticeablity (good God we're gonna need a better name for that) actually works, or at least give us some warning if we become unnoticed.

  6. ...He tried to kill Drew... he's here, bleeding... Stephanie is trying to bandage it up, but last night he just came and attacked... Slender tried to kill Drew...

  7. Yeah your back Alice!!! Tell the queen to stay out of the White House. I know he's dressed for it, but I don't think they want a child-stealing, murdering Eldritch Abomination working for them. Or near the President.

  8. Well, think about it Hatter! There would be less of a chance of the president being assassinated or being noticed in public! There are more positives then negatives here, Hatty!