Sunday, September 18, 2011


We're all alive. We've got someone to fucking thank and some lucky stars or something because I don't even know how the fuck what just happened is even survivable

I might curl into a ball and cry. Or vomit.

And Jesus the smell of that shit is so strong

Matt's getting some samples of it, Slender's washing Himself off outside, and Lya's taking care of Rake

Oh God Rake

It's all my fault I don't want him to die I don't want him to die please I don't want him to die



  1. That's it. ///It/// is going to die. Too many people(And the Rake) have been hurt. I am not going to sit around while some inter-dimensional whatthefuck fucks with people. Rose and Theo will try to make their way to you, if that's ok. I hope everyone is safe, and i am so sorry. I'm going to find Jack & Stephanie. Excuse me, i have a be-tentacled Fuckface to torch.


  2. Alright, Stumpy, I have to agree with you. Sandra, if you'd like, I can set something up for you. We're close enough geographically that I could get it to you in about three days, assuming it works.

  3. Actually, hold off on asking anything of me for now. I need to check on something. I may need to apologize to you depending what I find. That said, keep Rake away from salt for now.

  4. Wait. You DON'T want Rake to die? I think the ripped out intestines of a few people have a different opinion about that...

  5. Snorlax, I think you fail to see an important thing here. Sandra has basically domesticated the Rake, and by all her accounts, Rake is similar to an abused puppy; All fangs and claw at first, but turns into a sweet, doe-eyes, fiercely protective fluffball with the right person. Hmm, humor.

  6. If it's domesticated, ask Evan of the HYBRIDS. I think he'd disagree.

  7. Hahaha if anyone would have a grudge against lil ol rakey it'd be that guy!

    If he doesn't slit your throat out of habit first...

  8. Clark, you think she domesticated that thing? That thing is not an animal to be trained. I promise you, if you ever met it, it would kill you.

  9. Which is why I work on what I can to prevent these Breaks from hurting anyone. And hat better way to test them?