Tuesday, October 12, 2010


BITCHING is the key word, for what has happened. Lya, please take over while I go act stupid.


Instead of boring you with exposition, I'll just get to the transcript as recorded earlier. (Sorry for the lack of video, the camera has been absolutely REFUSING to work with the computer.)

*Chalkboard reads "Is Drew alive?" for several hours until yesterday afternoon. Slender stands by chalkboard.*

S: *gestures to board* Go on. Don't play stupid, I won the championship.

SM: *picks up chalk, writes* Heisalive.Hallowedbutalive.

S: *laughing* Oh, fucking RIGHT! *pause* But that doesn't fix the Hallowed problem.

SM: Whyshoulditstopyounow?

S: Huhsaywhat?

SM: Alexseemedquitelucidwhenhisgirlfriendcalledmeback.

S: I don't know, lot's of people think Marble Hornets was faked...

SM: Andwhatisitthatyouthink,Sandra?

S: I think...so wait, Alex was Hallowed?

SM: Itwouldcertainlyseemso.

S: Seriously, I need straight ans...*realization* So...if Alex was Hallowed, and he was acting a little more normal in Entry 26...Halloweds can be REVERSED?!

SM: Precisely.

S: By just being away from you?!

SM: Iftheycanevadeforlongenough.

S:...Alright, now just cut the shit and tell me where Drew is. Jack's at the end of his rope here, Slender.

SM: MaybeIlikeitthatway.

S: Maybe you're an asshole. What the hell do you even want from them?

SM: Theyarequiteaninterestingcase...

S: Slender. Don't be a douche, just tell me.

SM: Intimeyouwillknow,m'dear.

S: M'dea-You've been into Lya's library again, haven't you.

SM: Andthus,ourconversationends.Ibidtheegoodnight,fairestmaiden.'Tilthedawnarrives,dreamofme. *Exits through the window*

S:...I swear if I ever meet the proxy, or agent, or WHOEVER THE FUCK TAUGHT HIM TO HAVE A SENSE OF HUMOR... *camera shuts off due to low battery power*

...So, right. It would appear that yes, He has been in my books...and I'm kinda sick of His humor too, maybe He's just giving us a taste of our own medicine.


Okay, Sandra's coming back, so she'll take over now.


Pfft. This has been a good day...I REALLY hope Slender'll stop dicking around and just help us out for once.

Okay, now for something completely different....AHEM. WHAT THE FUCK.

Have any of you read Dare 2 Die? Especially the last post?

NO. A THOUSAND GODDAMN TIME NO. Either Ulryc's wifin' or Slender decided to fuck around with us, because I WILL NEVER believe that FUCKING ZALGO is a part of this. No. Bad boy.

I already have enough trouble sleeping, what with a psychotic baby chicken and a freaking Eldritch Abomination running around here. I CAN'T DEAL WITH THAT.

And back to happiness...




  1. Next time you see him. Tell him that, If he was created by us by thought. That he doesnt have to be A monster. Personally, if thats the case, I feel kinda bad if he would rather do ther things if He had the choice. Also.... he really does have a sense of humor...

  2. Slender Man.... Telling a joke?
    I think part of my brain just broke. At one point he's a blind, almost non-sentient force, then he's a manipulative mastermind, then he's having almost reasonable conversations infused with a weird sense of humor.... I'm not even going to bother trying to find some form of consistent behavior in him anymore.

  3. I started on Dare 2 Die recently. Zalgo, you say? The HYBRID fellows stumbled upon The Rake in their endeavours. The creepy factor has just been raised a notch.

  4. Now, I find His last comment rather interesting. "And thus,our conversation ends.I bid thee goodnight, fairest maiden. 'Til the dawn arrives, dream of me." It sounds Suspiciously Shakespearean to me, but much to my chagrin (and likely your delight) I cannot find that verbatim line in any of his works. So, luckily for you, you won't have to sit through any renditions of Romeo and Juliet with Him as he and you as she.

    Perish the thought.

    Glad to hear your friend might be okay. And as everyone knows, Zalgo is a forced meme reserved for fat cats and two brain-dead gamers on a couch.

  5. @Omega It's my belief that how you view him is how he is, for the most part. That'd explain his complete...change I see here

  6. @zerombr: I know that's almost certainly true; but I still wish it wasn't. I keep hoping to find at least something about him that's consistent, but such things are extremely rare.

  7. So, you are capable of emotion. Huh.