Wednesday, October 27, 2010

What Happened

As we've said before, our camera isn't letting us upload, so we have to transcribe what happened last night for you all.

(Video starts. Sandra is sitting on the bed, expression blank. Matt recording, Lya sitting on bed, Slender at the chalkboard.)

L: Sandra, are you awake?

S: I am.

L: Sandra, what happened out there?


L: Sand-

S: (Suddenly, quickly) The new has come to supplant the old as the one who brings the fear it is here and will not go and will not be stopped by the-

L: Sandra-

S: -hands of simple mortals they are but foxes and the select are his-

SM: (writes) Silenceher.

S: -hounds and the hunt has begun and they will bring them down and they shall cower-

L: (concerned) Sandra, stop this!

SM: SilencesilenceNOW

S: -before it and all will suffer unless they stand fearless but they will do all they can to end the foolish endeavors of the free and the living and it will hold them with the light the son of night and darkness this message given to show the futility of-

SM: (slaps Sandra across the face)

S: (falls backwards, then blinks, suddenly alert) (lurches forward) Oh God... (runs across the hall to the bathroom, retching heard faintly)

L: ...what did that bastard do?

SM: (writing furiously) KillitkillitIwillkillitdestroythesickthingitwilldiekillkillkillkill

(The visuals cut as the sound of chalk tapping remains. 33 seconds in, the video returns. The board is covered in Operator Symbols and death threats, and Slender flings the chalk stub at the wall. Sandra steps in, sways, and then hits the floor. Matt drops the camera as they run to her.)

She's back to normal now, but she seems to have caught a cold. Slender's been patrolling the nearby area ever since, stopping in every few hours.

What in the hell did ///It/// do to her to cause that?



  1. Sorry guys, but I got nothing. I wish to all hell I had prevented this, but it happened, and we have to live with it.

    Is Sandra still awake? I hope so...... I don't even want to imagine what it did to her. It did so little to me in comparison.


  2. If I've been reading these right, ///It/// or ///Him/// is another entity? One that Slenderman seems antagonistic about? Crap. Something that gets under Slender's skin. Hang in there.