Saturday, October 2, 2010


Please note that I may have forgotten some details. It has been around ten years, you know...

*July 18, 2000-Beginning Year One
-This is where it first started. I walk to the hospital to visit Lya after she was taken there due to an attack by a local bully (though she was too afraid of retribution to tell the authorities who it was, all of us knew). I take a shortcut through the woods, since I had been through them many times with my grandmother. I witness Him ripping apart and placing said bully in a tree. When He notices me, He returns a doll I dropped, then follows me out of the forest, stopping at the edge of the treeline. For some reason, I neither run, nor feel any substantial fear. This may be why He hasn't killed me...

*Year One
-Shortly after the first encounter, my parent's move me to another state, claim I was "traumatized" by the news of the boy's death, though I suspect they may know...
-First night in the first of many new houses: see Him on another rooftop. Still no fear.

*Year Two
-Several moves later and He still follows me. I eventually attempt speaking to Him, He doesn't respond.
-I watch Him kill another person. Still no fear.

*Year Three
-First real communication: I leave out a chalkboard overnight with a question, wake up to an answer. Simply ask if He knows my name, response: "YournameisSandra" Asking His, I recieve: "Ihavenoneedforone"
-He begins following me on my walks to school, where I explain how my day goes and He simply listens and departs afterwards.
-First attempt to find a weakness. Still not afraid, simply curious. Calling His attention, I run at Him and kick at His legs. Though He is not hurt, He is knocked back and seems somewhat surprised.

*Year Four
-First realization that He stalks others. I meet up with another person He stalked, surprised to find that the boy "James" as I will call him is both terrified and hasn't been followed long. After Jame's death, we move away again.
-Finally decide to choose a nickname. Decide on simply "Slender", which He doesn't object to. (Looking back, I laugh. Hard.)

*Year Five
-First indication of His "sense of humor". On the way home from school I point out a pinata and explain the concept to Him. Twelfth birthday, Lya, Matt, and I (they were still unaware) find a dead body in a tree. While they run off to find our parents', He shows up, pokes at the body with a stick, then hands the stick to me, covering my eyes with a tentacle. I hit Him instead, and He departs. (Morbid sense of humor, but there and indicating intelligence and the capacity for abstract thought)

*Year Six
-First indication that He wants me to stay alive. While walking home late at night cornered by some older teenagers with what I must assume (from the beating and nasty comments) were bad intentions. Before any serious damage is done, He arrives and kills one of them, sending the others running. With a badly hurt leg, He supports me on the walk home, and leaves without thanks. (While this seems altruistic, I believe he simply wants me alive for his studies on how some people resist him.)
-First notice He uses proxies/Hallowed to do some of His dirty work.

*Year Seven
-I again decide to test His weaknesses, starting with shooting fireworks at Him, then a bb gun. Neither work, He doesn't get upset but seems amused.
-By now I'm no longer fazed when He enters my room. I either briefly talk with him about trivial matters, or ignore Him completely.
-I meet several of his Hallowed, all of which seem to view me with contempt and disdain.

*Year Eight
-One of the Hallowed finally snaps at me, claiming he doesn't understand why He would "allow such a pathetic, worthless bitch to survive in His glorious presence". He then assumes that it is a test, and he must kill me, and attacks. Before he can, He arrives and drags him away. Upon later inquiry, he claims that "Heisdead.Donotworryabouthimanylonger" and "Hetriedtohurtyou.Noonemaytouchyouwithoutmypermission"
-I first notice a correlation between Him and the operator symbol when He draws it on my forehead with blood. Why that didn't at least creep me out, I have no clue.

*Year Nine
OhhohoSHIT. Where do I start.
-On the way to yet another new home, my parents die when He steps out into the road, causing them to swerve and hit an oncoming truck. Against all odds, while I am thrown from the vehicle, I survive with only a broken leg, a few crushed ribs, my left eye ruined beyond repair (had to be sewn shut) and my right eye cut slightly, leaving markings in the shape of the Operator Symbol. At the hospital He leaves a note on my portable chalkboard that He didn't mean for the accident to happen. I tell Him I hate Him for saving me when I should've died with my parents (He later confirmed that He did catch me when I was thrown from the wreckage as I suspected, and tried to keep me safe while the paramedics came).
-My spiteful words seem to genuinely faze Him, and He seems worried for my mental status and that He may lose his amusing little subject. When He attempts to cheer me up by (honest to God) LEAVING FLOWERS, I stop yalling at Him, and He seems content. He also seems curious when I cry over the losses, as if trying to understand a human's range of emotion.

*Year Ten
-With no family left, Lya is given custody, and I return to my orginal home town.
-I first read of the Something Awful forums and the blogs, and wonder how people could think Him to be a tulpa when He's been around for so long.
-When Lya notices strange goings-on, she begs me to tell her what's happening: I finally cave. Surprisingly enough, she believes me, but is afraid. She then asks me to let Matt in.

*July 18, 2010
-On my way to the hospital where Matt works, we walk through the same woods where I met Him. I ask Him why He stages the deaths of so many Halloweds, and how He could possibly do so.
-I tell Matt everything, and he accepts the stories when He shows up.
-Afterwards, while sitting on the swings outside of the hospital (no children were there due to the late hour and growing mist), He comes up behind me and begins to wrap His tentacle around my neck. Though I am slightly confused, I don't try to escape, and black out.

-I wake up to Him carrying me to Lya's house. Though I am now barefoot and wearing a different dress, I do not try to get away.
-When Lya is shocked to see me, she explains that I was found at the swingset on the ground, with a rope around my neck that appeared to have slipped off of the beam on the swings. Paramedics apparently found no signs of life, and ruled it a suicide. It seems that instead of telling me, He decided to show me how He stages deaths. Earlier in the day some of the townspeople attended my closed-casket funeral, and He later explained that He had snuck me out of the coffin the night before, replacing my "body" with sandbags equivalant to my weight. He still refuses to Hallow me, seemingly satisfied that I know how He does it.
-Shortly afterwards, Lya creates the blog. I'm not allowed to go out past the woods around Lya's house during the day, and if we want to go out in public at all, we have to go to a different county or even state so I'm not recognized.

So there you have it. I'm gonna go rest now. I hope some of this helps you out, though I doubt it will.



  1. .....

    Wow. Truly amazing. And frightening. So unbelievable, yet so true.

    I wonder why. Why would he not do anything to you. Yet to all others.... he will. I am unsure......where are you know? What state?

  2. I know, isn't it just?

    Matt thought that maybe He doesn't understand why I'm unable to even force myself to be scared of Him. Maybe some people have an immunity, or maybe I'm just moronic.

    We've been staying in Lya's house in Eastern Texas. He still shows up here, but He hasn't caused us any harm, just a few annoyances (or major annoyances for Lya, she's still pissed about Preston).


  3. Unprecedent behaviour. Drastic deviation from his general modus operandi.

    Unsettling and comforting at the same time.

    Do not take this the wrong way, but this makes me fear you.

  4. For some reason, Slender Man's actions around you only make me even more frightened, when juxtaposed with his usual behavior....

  5. Sandra it did'nt work. We tryed taking shifts but my friend she fell asleep and... I need help, I need to find others.

  6. Um B what happened did he get them?

  7. Calm down, B. I said the rules don't apply to everyone, these are only what he does around me, but I'll try to help. I just need to know what exactly happened.


  8. It was two days ago. It was just me and my friend Melody. It was her shift to keep watch. I woke up to screaming and saw him. He had one of those tenticles wrapped around her neck and before I could do anything he vanished with her. It's all my falt. I was the one who told her about it I was the one who infected her. It's all my falt.

  9. Calm yourself, B. Remember better times, keep a clear head, and go searching for her. Just keep calm, and if you can find any backup who knows, then all the better. He doesn't always kill those He runs off with. Just try to stay positive until you know for sure.


  10. I found her Sandra. She's okay. Thank God.

  11. Good. We were all worried.


  12. Somehow, reading this made me waaay less scared of Him. Of course, I know He probably won't treat me the same ways, its nice to know he isn't a complete and total monster that only knows how to kill.

  13. I know I'm late, but the fact that he can write is. . .surprising.

    1. M8, consider who we're dealing with here. Is it really THAT suprising that he can write?