Thursday, May 5, 2011

Saw It

And heard it.

It was only a split second...

He's a LOT scarier in person, let me tell you. Of course, pale nekkid things with huge ass claws darting past while whispering out in the language of the elder gods adds to said freak the fuck out factor, but I digress.

Slender seems annoyed, but not incredibly pissed, so I have a feeling the Rake isn't as big of a problem as the proxies and ///It///.

Matt said he saw it resting on a tree branch outside. Just lounging.

I repeat. The FUCKING RAKE is lounging around Slenderturf like Douchebag Steve.

...Slender you sonofabitch you were supposed to kill me last year.



  1. How do you sleep at night with all this happening?

  2. The television on a channel that I know won't show a horror movie trailer and cause nightnares subliminally to provide soft lighting and white noise after a warm dessert food and milk.


  3. Guess I shouldn't underestimate milk and its properties anymore o.o

  4. Nopes.

    But don't believe the LIES that it makes your bones stronger. I rolled out of bed once and swear to God I almost snapped my leg.


  5. It may not be as good for bones as they say, but one would be lying if they said that it didn't make cookies taste better :D

  6. Well that's just dandy, the mf-ing RAKE (still don't know what it is, must be bad...) is hanging around your house?! Seriously Sandra, you guys are a bunch of Weirdness Magnets if I've ever seen them....

  7. well i think the rake i much less scary than an tall faceless eldritch abomanation who torments eevryone but your mind sandra. be on your watch though

  8. The Rake has...

    ...very long and sharp claws

    ...above average intelligence

    ...the ability to cause the Compulsion
    (the feeling you absolutely have to do something)

    ...the body of a human-dog hybrid

    ...ghostly pale skin

    ...glowing eyes


    In short:
    He represents animal cruelty/intelligence!

    He usually visits you while you sleep, sits on your bed like an Alp/Mare, wispers thinks to you wich you might feel compelled to do while awake, and should you wake up in his presence you will almost certainly be killed by him!

    A creature like that is less scary than Slendy? In my opinion they are about equal if we go by the dread they caused and still cause!