Saturday, May 21, 2011


Where in the fuck is everyone? All I've seen the past two weeks is Rose.

Jack? You still okay? Or can't get to a computer? Ava?


Shit. All this quiet is freaking me out.

Anything but quiet out here on the Slendy-///It/// homefront. Slenderproxies tried to ambush some ///It///derps the other day, but were counterattacked. Slender shooed us out, and we came back to find the words bitchbitchbitchbitchBITCH all over the chalkboard, a whole pack of chalk crushed into dust into the carpet, and the big boy perusing my bookshelf nonchalantly looking for something that wasn't a dimestore horror book or untouched Harry Potter/heavily worn at the spine Artemis Fowls.

Fucker broke my chalk.

Rakeass has been pretty tame. He tried to apologize the other day; chucked a bowl of popcorn at the sunuvabitch. He started sniffing at it. I think he's new to human food. I hope the salt I all but soak my popcorn in gives the arm-cutting shitter a coronary.

Bitter? Me? Fuck no.

He's quite like a man-puppy. Runs around nekkid sniffing shit and sitting by the couch when we play games or watch tv. And by sitting, I mean his limbs are all over the fucking place. I think he's quadruple jointed or something. Or has no bones at all. Though he is skinny enough for his ribs to stick out. So maybe he should be eating human food....A SKINNY PERSON IN 'MERICA? Get tha fuck out.

Am I rambling? Yeah.

And when I say puppy, I mean it. After another attempt at apologizing (I SWEAR when he talks I imagine he speaks in Zalgo text...IT'S LIKE AUDIO DISTORTION AS A LANGUAGE, ENUNCIATE YOUR WORDS, ASSHOLE) I told him he shouldn't have even tried it in the first place; Slendeytentacle out of nowhere bopped him on the head. I think that noise he made was a whimper. Or Hell. Either works.

Bet the Eldritch Abomination version of Facebook will never let this down. "Rake you silly fucker you tried to mess with that bitch? YOU CRAZEH? Bitch taunts fucking Slender, what the hell did you think would happen, she'd thank you and that mentally challenged chicken of hers would shit rainbows?"

...I need medication.

Also, please note that subconjunctival hemorrhages are NOT FUN. MY EYES ARE CURSED. This is the only one I have left an it decides 'lolfucku' and bleeds inside for no reason? What? Caused by stress? DO I SOUND LIKE I'M STRESSED MOTHERFUCKER DO YOUR JOB AND DON'T MAKE ME LOOK LIKE I TOKED UP FIVE MINUTES AGO!


Certainly, I can't be the only one who deals with shit like this. I've heard several whispers and rumors about the Slendercommunity that He's been altruistic to others. Anybody know anything? Stories they want told? Anyone with previous encounters with ///It/// or the Rake(bitch)?

Comment. Give us something to work with. Even if you heard it from your aunt's cousin's friend's neighbor's brother's proctologist. Long-ass story or timeline that would fit better in a full blogpost? Blog or site pertaining to the situation? Email me.

My hotmail. The blog's registered under Lya's, and she doesn't want to fish through a bajillion messages if we get a response.




  1. I agree. Much too quiet.

    Oh, that calm before the storm is always fun, isn't it?


  2. It is too much sadness that has occurred these past days. If the silence is what ails you, then you have yet to open your eyes and ears to what events shall happen soon. The silence has not yet reached us, and my grieving has transformed to surprise that so many have not been alert to what surrounds them. You, Sandra, seem so positive and yet so negative about each and every occurrence in your daily life. So calm when danger arrives at your door. You do not try so hard as to carry on your survival with resistance, as my lovely Shady has...Her suffering deserves to be ended by those with such powerful guardians as yourself.

    How must we, everyone that faces depression and loneliness and hurt each day, be able to continue as if we had others alike knowing that such a guarded being as yourself cannot hear our cries and stand up for those other than her immediate neighboring allies? My disappointment only adds to the sorrow that weighs down on my heart and soul. One who obtains protection from the creatures with such powerful influence on those they control cannot even open her ears and attempt to hear the echoes of my wise Shady's cries and so many others! And you have worry on your mind for the "silence" you supposedly hear in response to your useless updates. You may always end up safe in the end, but so many have died from those you believe to be amusing. Sick.

  3. Amusing. Good choice of words.

    Certainly the first months of this blog, my constant urgings to "stay positive" and "laugh to keep from crying" have gone unheeded. Maybe, after a particular amount of shuddering violently while desperately refreshing pages for updates from those who you may never see again, or a certain amount of time spent huddled in your room wondering how many dead bodies will be found in the woods and, recently, how many injured proxies were left in your unconscious unwilling wake, and waking up, barely lucid and feeling backseat in your mind to something cold and distant wondering why you're half-submerged in a rapidly rising current and how you got those bruises and cuts and what that sick fucker did to make you that way, you get abso-fucking-lutely sick of tears and force out a half-hearted laugh so you don't feel the inescapable urge to just end it all, those few and far-between who still give a shit be damned.

    It's hard to hear cries over desperate peals of laughter while wondering when the fuck that imprisonment called protection will end, when He's finally going to get tired of keeping me out of the road and get sick of my constant attempts to piss Him off and just let me get some goddamn rest and a break from having to sit here in this stupid fucking house while hurriedly closing the tab on yet another eulogy of somebody I knew, somebody I didn't know and will never be allowed to know.

    Maybe then I won't get the urge to just run into the center of the town and scream out "Look at me, I'm right fucking here, and I want it over with!" I won't have to spend my life cracking weak jokes while under the protective gaze of the lesser of two evils, though still impossibly evil He is.

    It is sick. I'm sick. And I just want to sleep.


  4. Then perhaps you would find it helpful to rest for a while, although this may be quite naive of me to say after reading your response to my...awfully naive, somewhat insulting response to your worry. I admit I have forgotten that there is never an easy answer for those who are aware of my Father's presence, and the Siblings that serve Him. Those who know of his existence shall never know ease and relaxation until this war ends, or their lives do. I also admit that living in a cage for years after years causes one to believe they are alone in such a situation.

    I am thankful I have found the words of those that suffer as well, so that I am learn from their bravery and love to live on as most of you do. The cried of my lovely Shady shall not cease to exist until the data has been taken from her mind, although none could save her from that. Perhaps, no, certainly I have expected too much of those who's words I have mistaken for a close bond of sorts. I have realized, reading over what you have just said and what you have said so long ago, that you are no more than an addition to those that are stalked by Father.

    You may be aware, that when one is greatly frustrated and has shared the pain that cries out in a monster's words, most may tend to resort to any level of begging and pleading for help. None can control He who harms my lovely Shady and so many others, not even yourself, who he seems to be so interested in. If I have not already proven myself so grossly naive, ignorant, and incorrect to request what will always remain impossible, to not already be considered a waste of what could possibly be precious time spent resting your tired eyes, I hope you may forgive my insensible words.

  5. Of course. You weren't at fault at all.

    The past ten years have been filled with mistrust and misconceptions. It rarely fazes me anymore. Even when I try defending myself, I feel more like I'm putting myself on the stand.

    Everyone's tired. We all hope it'll end soon.


  6. Again, I apologize, and truly wish somehow I could be able to assist this. I cannot. I may only give you my wishes for your safety, as well as those you love.

    We shall never know when this bloody war will end, or if those that stalk the innocent will ever cease fire. We can only dream of peace. Although, for now, may those around you provide as a distraction from death, even if only temporarily.

    Continue laughing, Sandra. It may not last long at all.

  7. It's obvious why they are all gone. it's the 24th of May right? Maybe there all gone camping. Not in the woods i hope.

  8. @gpowell71- 22nd. And....I don't get that, did I miss something?

    @Trinity- Thanks. And trust me, I have plenty reason to keep laughing. As evil as they may be, the two eldritch abominations I live with tend to do the weirdest shit. The Rake is currently trying to figure out how our toaster works. Who wants to bet that the moment my poptarts are done, he hauls ass out of there like a startled kitten? I might also. That famous line "I laugh during horror movies then scream when my toast pops up" wasn't kidding.


  9. Sandra, you have even managed to make me laugh, although I did not know what a pop-tart was before today. Although, it does seem appetizing when I look at it. It seems you have taught me something today.

    I never knew Father as anything other than a frightening beast, although for reasons unknown, I was still fond of him. No longer does this apply, though.

    They are animals, Sandra. Merely animals, no matter how big and dangerous. It is not surprising that they should act like the creatures of nature. It is simply what they are.

    As for that "famous line" you have just shown me, would that be considered 'reverse psychology'?

  10. Well at least some people had some form of peace for the past few days. I've been running left and right trying to avoid Mr. Tall, dark, and pencil dick. By the way, does the Rake ever leave your home? Because I swear that he's magically juggling you and the HYBRIDS.

  11. Wait, you don't celebrate Vic-
    Oh wait... it's a Canadian holiday. Also, I meant it was the May 24 Weekend, where most Canadians take advantage of the Monday holiday and go camping. Sorry for the Confusion, I just learned it was a exclusively Canadian holiday myself. As before, sorry for the confusion.

  12. this is snowballing into one helleva catastrophe
    maybye you could try pit rake against the biggest thrat proly just cause more chaos tho....

    anyway back to finally watching neon genisis evngelion...

  13. M is back. Sort-of.

    I wish I could say there was more good news.

  14. Steve here. Posted a comment a few months back.
    Slenderfucker still hasn't even tried to kill me. He mainly sticks to demoralization through killing small animals, such as dogs, squirrels, dogs, rabbits, dogs, and the occasional bird.

  15. Hm... Perhaps you should take advantage of the calm, you sure need it.