Saturday, December 4, 2010

Discussions and Theories

So Sandra was playing her game late last night, and, having finished our "science for the science god", we decided to sit on the couch and watch. So Matt and I are on the couch, Sandra's sitting on a cushion in front of the TV, Preston's being agreeable for once and sitting in my lap, and Slender's on the floor watching the game intently.

We mostly watched the game, asked a few questions about the plot and stuff (Sandra never looked away from the screen, the game was that interesting), and got to the topic of the bad guy. That led to villain tropes, and I made a comment about how many seem to think they're so perfect, while glancing pointedly at Slender.

SM: *writes on mini-chalkboard* Thecreationcannotsurpassthecreator.

L: Meaning...what, humans did make you?

S: Seems plausible.

M: So a bunch of shared thoughts on an urban legend on the internet sparked the creation of Him?

S: Considering the legends of Der Großmann and sightings from before computers or even electricity, it goes back way-hay-hay back when.

M: How do you figure?

S: Well, since the beginning of time, parents have warned children of horrific creatures ready to punish them when they're naughty, or attack them when they went somewhere they shouldn't. While humanity doesn't possess the power of giving life aside from birth, we do have mental strength unparalleled by other creatures. As mothers whispered in hushed tones, stories of the fair folk and witches, the combined imaginings of well meaning parents took a sinister turn, be it some manner of the supernatural or simply the will of the human psyche.

L: Hm. A good theory. Is that why He show occasional moments of altruism.

S: Seems so. As much as His image remains one of murder, He has shown a somewhat humane said, possibly held over by the instinct that He was meant to scare children to keep them from harm, not to be said harm. Even when you don't take our situation into account, I've read some stories of Him skipping over innocent people in favor of slaughtering bad people. Hell, I've heard on more than one occasion that He stopped a potential rape.

M: Stopped it, or cau-

SM: *sits up and "glares"*

M: *shuts up*

S: Okay, I'm actually considering getting into a discussion of whether or not He has the equipment to do so, but let's not make Preston's little head any more warped.

P: *peeks up at the sound of his name* Chirreep?

S: Any-huh-WAH, what I'm saying is that, by imagining up horrific things to keep their children at bay, they endangered their on children, and hundreds of generations since.

L: I see. *to Slender* Any input from you?

SM: *writes* Plausible. Ican'tsayforsurehowIcametobe,butthatexplanationdoesseemtotakeintoaccountseveraldetails.

M: What about ///It///?

S: Same dif. ///It/// was created by children. They were certain that the boogiemen were real, and indeed very dangerous. Thus, the parental attempts at keeping their children safe backfired twice. However, the childrens' creation shows no mercy.

L: Nice Job Breaking It, Hero?

S: Hy-up.

L: are you immune?

S: Ahdunno. Part of me thinks it was because my parents never used old wive's tales to keep me in line, and went to great lengths to make sure I never believed that there were monsters in the closet. It also helps that I very quickly realized that things like Santa and the Tooth Fairy were fictitious, but thought up for good. Remember the movie "Skeleton Key"? Where the hoodoo could only hurt the main character if she believed in it? Maybe that's how it works.

L: But wouldn't living with Him around change that? You know for a fact He exists now.

S: Like I said, I'm still not too sure how that works. Just a theory. But it does seem to make sense when you realize my parents grew up with fears of the monsters under the bed, and look how it turned out for them. They felt the fear, and the need to run. I never did.

M: So..wait. *to Slender* Does all that mean you like killing people, or do it for necessity?

SM: *writes* Itisnotthefaultofthecreationwhatthecreatormakesit'spurposeouttobe.

L: So you don't like it, or what?

SM: *writes* IdowhatIdo. Whetherornotitisenjoyableisnotrelevant,andvariesastimegoesonandsituationschange.

M: I guess that all makes sense-

S: *finds something in the game* Wait, I see a window. Says I can see a room through it.

L: Raise the camera, see what it is.

S: Alright. *raises camera in game* Okay, I think I- *little ghost boy pops up* JESUS IN A BATTLEMECH!!!! *screams*

At that point we all freaked, and Preston started running around and bumping into walls. Even Slender jumped.

Again, Fucking Tecmo.

We were all too excited by the scare to continue our discussion, instead cheering on the ghost battles and screaming like bitches.

So...your thoughts on Sandy's theory?



  1. Sounds a lot better than what I was thinking. Maybe that means if we change how we think of slender then his behavior will change to follow suit.

  2. That sounds logical to me. I never really considered the original intent of the Slendy-myths. Sandra's theory would explain why Slenderman acts differently towards different people- It all depends on how they perceive him.

    So the thing to do, then, is think of him as the adorable cuddlebuddy he is towards Sandy. Boom, Holly's night terrors eliminated. Thank you, Sandy.

  3. I'd also like to point out that Slenderman and Sandra's relationship is a textbook case of Tsundere from both sides. If y'all are tropers, you know what I mean. <3

    (Deleted and resubmitted for typo, whoops)

  4. Many people think there are multiple Slendy's, looking at Marble hornet there were multiple in one place, hidden around (I know it's probably not real but still.)

    If humans thought he was real and he comes into existence because of that wouldn't the conflict of humans thinking his just for keeping kids inline but is good and others thinking him as a death bringer naturally conflict and make more than one Slendy? Which is probably why there is //it// and Slendy. It would also explain why different people get different reactions from they're Slendy stalkers.

    I could just be babbling though..

  5. Trust me, we've been trying. Sand seems to think that years of killing make it hard to stop abruptly, but the fact that more and more people are trying to make Him nicer is the reason why He's been getting just a leeeetle more humane as time goes by.

    Also, yes we are Tropers. And yes, Sandra does act very Tsundere. Slender, of all people, seems to act a little more DereDere. Except this isn't a romantic comedy. This is a comedic living hell.


  6. I agree with Neena. By the way, I'm off to rescue Jeff, and I'm still recovering from taking a bullet from an unknown attacker. ~Rose

  7. Apply this to your theory and I'll wait for the fireworks.

  8. I dunno, man, a romantic-comedy sitcom with Slendy would be hilariously adorable, and probably wouldn't hurt the whole public-opinion cause. I'd watch it.

    That theory Madulin linked? Perfect setup for the inevitable Christmas Special: Slenderman Saves Christmas.

    (I'm just joking around here; don't mind me. Heh.)

  9. We saw it, Maduin. Sandra loves it to hell.

    And then, she got weird.

    "Waittaminute...WHY THE FUCK DOES THAT FATASS GET ALL THE DEER?! He's got, what, eight? Nine if you count the antisocial glowy-nosy sunbitch? Slender, you need a fuckin' DEER!"

    I drew her a chibi deer with a huge head and really skinny legs (and no discernable mouth), and she loved it.

    Calls it "Spindly Deer".

    She wants to make a plushie of it when she's done making a plushie SCP-173.


    (And yes, I know damn well what she intends to do with the 173 plushie.)

  10. Very interesting theory.

    I've been lurking this blog for a while and this is by far the most interesting Slender Man-related blog then the "oh god, he's after me/going to kill me" journals I keep reading.

  11. That's not a very nice thing to say, Sarah.

    People will be stalked. People will be killed. It's hardly their fault.

  12. 173 and 682 plushies sound awesome. ;A; <3 Any chance of pictures when they're complete?

  13. I want to see pictures of those plushies, too! XD ~Rose

  14. Sorry about that N...

  15. Couple things, first is finally someone else who watches Higurashi no Naku Koro ni! How far are you in it, and who is your favorite? Sorry have to ask. Second in the last post the SCIENCE FOR THE SCIENCE GOD line I read that in Dr Insaneos voice. If you don't know who that is you should look up The Spoony One the guy is awesome, hopefully you get some laughs out of his vids. Anyway keep up the good fight!

  16. It's kind of hard to just change how you perceive slim when you've personally seem Him murder and kill. Besides which, we aren't the ones who dreamed Him up. He's here because of Marble Hornets and something awful, for sure, but he existed before then. It's not our fault that our exposure to Him showed Him as a monster. It's not our fault He stalked and kills us. TO hell with that idea.

  17. I need to ask did slender leave you guy some time late last night for awhile? I got a creepy wake up from him. He also left me a vial of what I can only guess is his substance.

  18. *clears throat* Well... aside from my Santa theory (I'm not cocky enough and too lazy to link it here, if you read TVtropes and look up the SM pages you'll stumble upon it anyway) I'd like to correct your German a little bit. You don't need to care or correct it right now (that would be ridiculous) but in German there never was a "Großmann" of some sort. He might have been called "Der Große Mann" or just "Großer Mann" (with capital lettres for extra awesomeness) but not "Großmann".

    Maybe also "Der Schlanke Mann" or "Schlanker Mann". That's at least what His name would be in modern German. I could give it to you in the language that was German back then, but then it wouldn't differ much from His Englisch name, since both languages were almost exchangable for a long time.

  19. I think there is only one Slender but there are more like him out there, like ///it///

  20. Sometimes beings created through belief adopt an independent existence. Perhaps this is slowly happening to The Slender Man?