Friday, December 3, 2010

Friggin' Frig

What would you do if you heard your young, monster-stalked charge, who is a magnet for danger and kidnapping, starts screaming in terror from the next room?

If you said "charge in there with a loaded pistol, a taser, and pepper spray to bring the whoopass down", then congratulations, you've read this blog enough to know that I don't take kindly to bitches climbin' in my window to snatch my friend up.

I also don't take kindly to said screams being the result of said girl PLAYING GODDAMN FATAL FUCKING FRAME 2.

She only screamed louder when I busted in, then just shrugged and went back to playing.

Almost gave me a heart attack. Fucking Tecmo.

And Slender was just sitting on the couch watching. Apparently Sandra was right about the curiosity aspect of His personality, because He seemed to be interested in the concept of using cameras to ward off evil, since, well, cameras love the fuck outta Him.

Of course, for all His curiosity, He couldn't get too close to the screen, lest Sandra bop Him with a cushion. Preston seemed to like the game as well, considering he didn't peck the shit out of me when I pet him. Of course, this is the same little bastard that likes running at Slender, feathers poofed out like a duster, ready to peck His non-existant face off, so it's only natural that a horror game wouldn't startle him.

...I'm talking about a psychotic teenager, a japanese game, a mentally sick baby chicken, and a skinny humanoid abomination.


Oh well.

Back to the kitchen. We're trying to make some homemade smokebombs to keep proxies at bay, and I reeaally don't think Matt should be left alone with 'splosive things.


Sorry, Sandra wanted me to say it.



  1. I am immensely confused by this blog, but I must say it's... kinda nice to see Slenderman not being a complete monster. You think I could borrow him for a bit? He's such a cutie, honestly. I want to hug him.

    (But seriously: Watch your backs, guys. :T I'm getting nervous for you all.)

  2. The way you guys put up with him astounds me constantly. It makes me think that maybe he can reform his ways, all though I doubt that is even possible.

  3. Sandra has a theory on why Slender has His moments. I'll post up the full conversation in a few hours.


  4. You guys just made my day! XD ~Rose