Thursday, December 2, 2010

She's Better

There's been a kinda pattern of Sandra freaking out and returning to lucidity in somewhat amusing ways recently, anybody else notice?

We still don't get why the shitstorm going on made Sandra act like a little child again, though we know she isn't Hallowed (or bipolar), nor does she have schizophrenia, multiple personality, or, and how she doesn't still surprises us, depression. Maybe Asperger's, she never got tested for it and it's kinda hard to take a legally dead girl to a psychiatrist, so maybe.

She was sleeping and continuing the trend of hissing when Slender was near and murmuring the error message when she woke up. Violently.

She started by lurching forward and shouting "OH GOD THE BUNDLE DATA REDACTED THROW D-CLASS AT IT", then fell out of bed, getting tangled in the covers. She proceeded with a loooong string of curses, then paused, checked the date on her phone, and cursed some more.

She said she had no memory of what happened, and asked to see the posts and comments she left. She didn't seem too surprised, pointing out that she mentions Vocaloids all the time and it wouldn't be unusual to associate with it in a time of mental distress. She seemed kind of glad that she didn't do anythign too freaky.

The she got to the third comment of her lullabies post.

Her response?

"ADKAJ;ADAHSKLDAASKDJLAH (Yes, she actually managed to put this into phonetic words) WHAT. WHAT IS THIS I DON'T EVEN. I HAVE NO RING ON THIS FINGER, WAT. SON OF A BITCH. Fuck me sideways Margaret what drugs."

She then glared daggers at Slender, and I never thought I would live to see the fucking Slender Man facepalm.

She's back in bed now (casting the occasional glare at Slender and screaming "Don't fucking look at me!!!" whenever He looks up). Also, I found a little note she scribbled while she was still a little psychotic. Anyone know what it says?

Sperare รจ peccato?

Ti accorgi delle voci senza voce?

Iwanaide towa no jubaku no kotoba wo.

Kikanaide hontou no negai wo.

I don't think it's Vocaloids, and the first two lines sound like they're either latin or italian...



  1. In Latin, the first two lines translate to;

    "I sin on account of hope.
    You sense the voice without a voice?"

    Seems like they're either in church Latin or Italian. But hopefully that can give you the gist of the meaning? I'm glad to see she's a little bit better.

  2. *shrugs* Hey, wouldn't be the first time a mortal was joined with an Eldritch Abomination from beyond the knowable veil of Time and Space.

    Besides, it was really the only way my mind could justify the chronically bizare behavior from the Slender Man towards Sandra.

    'Sides, I'm a sap, and the idea just struck me as adorable. ^_^

    Either way, it was just a thoery, as I said, and it's good to hear that she's doing so much better now.

  3. That's definetly Italian - those are lines from One-winged Bird.

    And I'm glad Sandra's up and about again

    And tell her I said thus:
    "Saa wasuremashou sono mirai ga
    Anata wa naraku no hana ja nai. ;)"

  4. Slender man Facepalmed? Lol! XD ~Rose

  5. By the way, does Sandra read the SCP wiki? ~Rose

  6. Scuse' me,but i was wonderin whether or not you could tell me about this //it// thing?

  7. I asked my Grandma and my folks to help with this because they know Italian, and the first two lines DO translate to Italian.

    "Hope is a sin?
    You see items without a voice?"

    The next two lines are indeed Japanese, from that song posted. According to a transcriber:

    "Don't speak the words of the eternal curse.
    Don't listen to your true wishes."

    I don't know who is right, either me or Jean, but either way it's ominous and grim as all Hell.

  8. Found the video for the song. It's the Umineko opening. She had the video favorited, how the hell do we miss that?

    So yay, go Maduin.

    Everyone seems to have differing translations, but they all convey the same messages:

    "Is hope a sin?
    Have you noticed the voiceless voice?
    Please don't say the words of the eternal spell,
    Please don't fulfill your true wish."

    Very pretty song. Vid w/ lyrics here.

    And damn. Beatrice. That's pretty.

    Sand just recently got into Higurashi, and wants to move on to Umineko afterwards.

    So...more japanese music for Preston to slam his head into a wall to. XD


    ((And yes, Sandra does read SCP. Excessively. And reads TVTropes about it. Excessively.

    She even made a 682 doll. God knows how she got an omnicidal reptile plushie to look adorable, but DAYAMN.))

  9. The good news is, the Rokkenjima incident was all due to an explosion, Amakusa is a traitor, he's the one who killed Kasumi and her guards. Beato and Battler have a happy marriage, if you can consider being married to a bomb a happy marriage.

    Because you see, Beatrice is one giant euphemism for the bomb, from the looks of it.

    Oh, also, wheelchair amnesiac Battler. Because of the explosion.

    Erika Furudo is dead from the start, as well.

    1. Depends on what version of the story you consider the truth! In the "no magic exists" one, Beato is an inbred woman with multiple-personality-disorder and Battler actually has white hair (hint at his real parents), and yes: everyone except Battler dies at the end! Or in the "magic is real" version, Battler explains the crimes via actual working murders, wins the game, everyone is released from the nightmare loop, Battler marries Beato and everyone lives happily ever after!
      What ending do you prefer?
      Damn it! I hate time-delays so much! Sigh! Of course, you already learned all of that yourself by the time you get my message!