Sunday, June 5, 2011


Fuck everyone's couch.

School's out here.

That means screaming kids running around the woods during a turf war. FUCK.

But from what I've seen, both Eldrys are toning it down to minor ambushes at night and just trying to piss each other off instead of the glorious West Side Story battles they used to have. Powerful as they are, neither wants to be exposed to the masses.

Rake's getting along better. Still a little fuckwit, but better. He likes human food. Especially popcorn. Sadly, my saltybutterpocalypse mix still hasn't killed him. Fucker's got him a tolerance.

Still accepting emails on

And still being an idiot on Tumblr. Where the fuck has this thing been all my life?



  1. I've still got a few more weeks until school lets out.

    I can only imagine where I'm going to go from there.

  2. "Where the fuck has this thing been all my life?"

    Hiding in fear, presumably.

  3. Slendy dancing West Side Story style would be an interesting sight.

  4. School's out for me as well. It's good to know that the two eldritch abominations are keeping quiet. Try to keep Slendy from eating too many kids, kay? (if you're able to that is...)