Monday, June 13, 2011


So Matt has a spontaneous adventurous side. Who knew.

Apparently his dad does, because on Thursday out of nowhere "HAY SON WANNA BORROW THA BOAT MEHBEH TAKE LYA ON A LAKE TRIP" "WHY HELL YES I WOULD LAIKE TO DADDAY."

And since I can't be left alone in a house full of weapons with the Rake, I had to go along. At least we got to take Preston and Blitz. But of fucking course Slender followed and Rake might have stowed away in the truck bed, he still isn't explaining how he got there.

Thankfully I had a day to prepare (i.e. eat a whole fucking grocery store) so I actually had a little meat on the bones and didn't look completely skeletal. Some of the people in neighboring cabins seemed a little freaked out by how thin I was, but seeing me omnom a shitload and not immediately run off to throw it all up seemed to have alleviated said concerns.

Speaking of omnomage, Rake tried out more human foods. Very much likes snack items. Tried adding rat poison to several, but the fuckwit seems immune.

And we went to Babe's. OBBY WE HAD FUCKING BABE'S.

Look it up. Holy SHIT their chicken fried steak....Rake enjoyed it as well. Hate him just a little less.


And forgive my Superjail! sadfacing last night. We...we're all just so HURT...


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  1. Hm, Slendy and the Rake in a boat... Brings up interesting mental images... Why is it I always imagine him with shades whenever he's not doing anything lethal? lol, careful with that boat, Sandra.