Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Scribe Sigma

What the hell?

Slender and Rake I know, Shadow People and the Black Dog I've heard of, and I know about Redlight, but all of those other things...scary. So far I've only encountered two, I sure as hell don't want any others to come knocking.

And the Grand Game mentioned (I apologize for any of you who just lost)...Slender and Rake are meant to be opponents? They certainly don't act like it here. Slender doesn't seem one to compete, save for challenges ///It/// makes, and Rake seems little more than a sapient puppy.

But I digress.

Two new letters sent to

One from Blue Rose, who lives near and wants to meet me. Good idea or terrible?

And one from Sean, who has coexisted peacefully with not only Him but a proxy as well for seven years. He ended the letter informing me that he asked Slender to kill him. Mercy kill, kid had cancer. Asked me to give Him a hand-rolled cigarette. 

I did, and called Him "Skinny". He took it, and seemed to be lost in thought.

I wonder if He thinks about any of us when He's finished with us.

On a different note, link to my Tumblr under the blog name. Mostly just an average teenage girl tumblr, just with a few mentions of the weirdos whenever their exploits aren't grand enough to warrant a blog post.



  1. I doubt that is a good idea. In the words of Peebo from The Proud Family: Remember What Happened Last Time? Execept... there wasn't a last time. But still, when this stuff happens, it normally doesn't end well. btw, did you ever watch The Proud Family. It was a hilarious show.

  2. Probably not a good idea, could be an ///It/// trap. And I wouldn't think that Slendy would be a sentimental type of Eldritch Abomination, but I guess you never really know.

  3. I would love to meet you, I really would. I'd assure you I'm not a trap sent by anyone, but I suppose it might not be entirely believable in your eyes.

    That said, I'm neither a runner nor a fighter. I'd say I stand upon neutral grounds?

  4. Hang on... If Slendy and the puppy are on opposite sides... aw, shit. I'm either being guarded by Slender from the Rake, or Slender's waiting for the Rake to contact me before He makes His move.
    I've seen Slender, but I have yet to even see any traces of the Rake.

  5. Well, this Scribe Sigma person seems to be a SCP of sorts for creepy pasta/mythological creatures. I'd be careful about Rose though; as you never can be too careful when caught in a cosmic horror story....