Sunday, January 2, 2011



We're finally back. And I need a nap so hardcore.

Not much to report. Just the usual asshattery around the house, resetting security systems while Slender stalks around and Preston acts like a dumbass.

All things considered, Christmas with Jack and Stephanie wasn't too terrifying. Except for the video Jack described, but we left before I checked his blog and found out about it.

I'm sick as shit with all the drama ///It/// keeps bringing around.



  1. Welcome home! Did you all have a good New Year? What'd you haul in for Christmas? :D

  2. Welcome back!

    What did you got for Christmas?

  3. It's evident that I'm not the only one with whom He has made deep ties, and I've been redirected to you by a friend who follows this blog in order to investigate His allegiances with the few people who are impervious to his paranormal blight.
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