Saturday, January 29, 2011

Welcome Party

Last night, we watched Inception.

Nothing was on, sounded pretty cool, so why the hell not.

Well, halfway through, He came back for the first time in a few days.

Sandra paused the movies, walked into the kitchen, and made good on her promise in a previous post.

Have you ever seen a petite teenage girl in sock monkey footie pajamas beat the shit out of a tall faceless man in a business suit?

Because it's funny as all hell.

Of course it didn't hurt Him, but He was surprised. He kept backing up, then finally just picked her up by the scruff of the neck, and she spit in His nonexistant face.

He dropped her, and she tackled Him around the legs. Due to the speed at which everything was happening, He was caught off guard and fell backwards. So she's got Him pinned while slapping his shit, He's trying to get back up, and Preston's freaking right the fuck out with his feathers up and aiming at Slender's face.

And Lya and I just sat there watching. Because how in the hell do you react to something like that?

Finally, Sandra got up, threw the fish at His face, picked up Preston, and sat back down to finish the movie. The entire time the fight was going on, nobody said a word.

And we continued on as if nothing happened.

Good God this is our life now.


(As hilarious as it may sound?

Yeah, it was three times that much.)


  1. Spitting in Slenderman's face: A feat that can't be claimed by many living people. Bravo Miss Sandra. So, what'd you think of Inception? I quite liked it myself!

  2. Has Slender ever seen ///It///?

  3. Good God. Sandra, I think I love you. xD
    If I were absolutely certain he wasn't going to kill me, I might try that on him myself for messing up Seth.

  4. We all liked it. Awesome concept, pretty visuals.

    But Sand HATED Mal. Had no sympathy for the "stupid berk" and said she should've been given the "Penny Nook treatment", whatever the hell that means.

    And yes, they've met. Epic fighting ensued, ended in a stalemate. We haven't seen ///It/// in a while, though...


  5. That's. Fucking. Hilarious.
    I really do wish I was there. I threatened Slendy, but I couldn't fight if my life depended on it. I can sure get him pissed.
    Oh, Inception was amazing. I watched it at my eight-year-old cousin's house. Heh, not a good idea.


  6. Wait so Slenderman and ///It/// fought... and you didn't think it was important enough to mention. Even when we came to Oklahoma?...

    XD....XD XD XD... ah... Anyways, I am actually at a hotel currently, in the room next to Stephanie's. We talked, she said she needed to think. I swear if something happens to her now!......

    Thanks for beating the shit out of Slenderman Sandra. It brings a tear to the eye.

    A funny tear. Whilst I laugh maniaclly!


    ~Jack Tyler

  7. Next time you see him again you might want to beat him up some more. He hollowed another child. ~_~


    Hmmmm. Don't think they sell pufferfish around here...maybe a moray whip?

    Of course, that would lead to accusations of being Sledy's dominatrix....ew. EW. Jesus Christ the IMAGES THAT BRINGS.

    Slender-uke....EW SOME MORE.

    Well, you didn't tell us about the tape, Jack, so pbbbbt.


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  10. Slender Man just got the shit kicked out of him by a teenager... wow, this blog is surreal as fuck.

  11. Sandra, you're my hero. Seriously.
    My life is a piece of shit right now, but at least you can get a good laugh out of me. I'm sitting here looking at my nails (which I let a fucking eight-year-old paint :/) and wondering what it's like to claw his skin off...mmm...

    By the way, what exactly does ///it/// look like?


  12. Hahaha, way to go Sandra!! :33

  13. @Kate Much like the Slender Man, but more vicious, if I'm correct.

  14. Hime's right. And ///It/// has bent tentacles at a really sharp angle.

    Also, pwninator, don't forget the chicken that entered the fray. And the fact that said teenager was armed with a fish.


  15. Crowning Moment of Funny! XD ~Rose

  16. Hey guys.

    Just read this whole thing, following a link from an LJ community.

    I like it.. it's fun.. but I'm so confused. Are there other blogs I should be reading at the same time to get the full story? Or am I missing something?

  17. Ecclesia...a Gathering, Summoning. A Worship.
    Has anyone heard of a Seeker? It's not a proxy, I know that for sure.
    They hacked my blog...and I was attacked again. Apparently, they texted Danielle and told her my name was Ecclesia, but of course all the messages were deleted. I'm confused...


  18. Wh-why do you keep capitalizing the 'h' in he or him? Is Slenderman god now or something? O.o sort of person would beat up a creature that is supposed to GO AROUND AND KILL PEOPLE.

    Idk, maybe it's just me having a survival instinct.

  19. That, was. . .incredibly dangerous. I admire the bravery but what if you had irritated him and he decided he JUST DIDN'T WANT YOU AROUND ANYMORE? What then?