Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Bloody Snow

And not as in "aw, dammit, it's snowing."

I mean ACTUAL blood in the snow.

Yep, more dead people in the trees.

Not sure if they were Runners, proxies, or innocent bystanders, but Jesus it looked like a battlefield out there.

Not many people were out there braving the roads, even though it wasn't that much. In Texas even half an inch is enough to turn decent people in to terrified savages freaking right the fuck out and trashing the grocery store. And the corpses all over the place didn't make it any better. You'd think we spontaneously became the cast of 40 Days of Night the way people are acting out there.

When Matt and I were out we counted at least ten bodies as they were taken down. Matt's father called and told us to lock the doors and windows and be on the lookout for suspicious persons.

Pfft. That's new.

When we got home Sandra was watching it on the news. We asked if she thought He was trying to get back at her for humiliating Him, and she didn't think so. In her own words, "this shit isn't new. It's what He does, how the hell is anything as trivial as me getting pissed gonna change that?"

She is right, though. As much as some people want to believe Sandra can control Him, she can't. He's just bringing us all along for the ride in an attempt to figure out why she didn't flip the fuck out and start keeping journals full of Operator Symbols ten years ago. Does that mean He won't kill her eventually? I doubt it. As curious as He seems to be around us, she's simply a lab mouse to study. And maybe we'll figure out how to prevent such a thing, maybe it's inevitable. For now we're just trying to give advice to others and fight off whatever comes our way.

Jesus. Ten fucking people.

You can watch a person die everyday and still not get used to it.



  1. Dear god.... what part of Texas are you in? cuz if its near me well............ ive a feeling i may be fucked...

  2. Hey, stay safe, Lya.
    Another little girl went missing. She went to my church. I swear I saw her at the park. I swear. They all believe she's dead.

    I looked for some article about this. But I can't seem to find one. If there are any, could you send me a link? I just want to see if there's anything...that might give me a clue as to what's really going on. I want to arm myself with knowledge. Just in case.

    I'm willing to help in the fight.
    Stay safe, Lya, Matt, Sandra.


  3. Is it snowing everywhere but here. . .?

  4. Sorry that wasn't considerate. . .

  5. Inch o snow, people start driving with their butts. Still intrigued and reading along...

  6. You know, Lya and Matt don't seem any more scared of Slenderman than Sandra. Why is He so interested in Sandra anymore? We don't hear about Lya or Matt's journals full of operator symbol, and we don't hear about Slenderman playing Papa Bear to them either.

    I assure you I'm not a troll, I'm just trying to give constructive literary criticism through pointing out writing flaws, even if it breaks canon.

    First of all, making long rants about troll comments that you've since deleted is sort of pointless. We don't know what you're angry about! You deleted it!

    Second of all, Sandra is a textbook Mary Sue, you even have the cliched "SHE DIDN'T CHOOSE THIS! SHE DIDN'T WANT THIS!" rants that come up over and over again.

    Third of all, this story doesn't seem to be going anywhere. ///IT/// has never been properly described, all we know is that it's scary, we don't know why. Sandra saw ///IT/// and got scared. There have been ///IT/// sightings, but what did they see? We have been given no reason to be afraid of ///IT/// nor have we been given any information about ///IT///. Most of the plot seems to be "Sandra is upset because of a comment, someone either shouts at the commenter or Sandra shouts at Slenderman." Or "Sandra talks about something in pop culture that she likes and relates it to Slenderman somehow. hahaha everythings fine." and very very rarely we get an "OH SHIT SOMETHING DANGEROUS HAS HAPPENED!" but then it gets fixed and everything gets better and nothing ever comes of it.

    Have you actually come up with an outline for this story? Or are you just making it up as you go along.

    Reading this I feel like I'm reading the Slenderman equivalent of My Immortal, although it's not as bad, it's also not as fun to read.

  7. Doesn't seem like death is something you get used to easily Lya.

  8. Jeshi, do you think this is some joke?!?!? Do you think that any of us are doing this to make you feel entertained! I ASSURE YOU THAT WE ARE NOT!

    We are running from the closest thing to pure, and absolute evil that the world has ever known, and you are critiquing us on our entertainment, and literary abilities?


  9. @Jack Tyler

    u mad?


    Kudos on having common sense and trying to point out that this blog has a lot of areas it could be improved. I'm sorry your comment will probably be deleted as soon as they see it, and you'll get flames before that. I'd know, I'm one of the 'trolls' they don't like who has already tried to explain these areas of weakness in this story.

  10. @ Jack

    Pure and Absolute evil that has taken a liking to a seventeen year old girl.

  11. Proxies are appearing by the dozen here.
    We managed to capture one, and before he killed himself, he said "The Slender Man is no longer running the show."
    It looks like He's been fired.
    However, It could be a ruse.

  12. Hey look, it's a lurker/reader who's never posted before randomly posting because she gets defensive of things she's interested in...

    Your concrit would work... if this were a story.
    It's not. It's a blog. And what do you do on blogs? You post about /life/.
    As it happens.
    Not with some "plan" or outline in mind.

    Hope that makes sense.