Wednesday, February 9, 2011

What Happened

...Sandra took out three proxies last night.

Matt's dad called back; turns out the three they had found were tied up and waiting for authorities in the playground outside the hospital. They were babbling about being "jumped by a little girl with a fucked up eye". They didn't answer any questions about who they were or what they were doing, just that they were in an argument when "a young teenage girl tasered one, then proceeded to attack the others". They said they tried to pin her and fight her off, but "she darted around like a fucking snake. She was so fucking fast!" They were then knocked out by several blows and tazes, and woke up tied to a park bench.

Matt's dad didn't believe them, just thought they got drunk and were fooling around with other drunken idiots and got in a fight, mainly because he couldn't imagine a tiny girl taking them down when one of them was built like a friggin' fridge. Six feet, two hundred pounds, claiming a teenager came out of nowhere kicking and tazing.

We were a strange mixture of stunned and pissed.

We went to confront her about why she would do something so reckless, but...she seemed confused. At first she didn't remember, saying she felt like she had the mother of all hangovers, then it hit her and she said, "...What the fuck was I doing out there?!"

From what she says, she can remember everything that happened vividly. She stepped outside after writing the last post, then, for some reason, went back inside, grabbed a taser, some rope, and a knife to cut the rope with, and fought the first group of warring proxies she saw. She just can't remember why she did it.

And we have no idea how she could elude those guys, she's always been notoriously shitty at athleticism. Can only sprint about ten to fifteen seconds before having to sit down and hyperventilate, couldn't throw footballs properly, couldn't play goalie during soccer, always lost matches in karate classes. Hell, her hand-eye coordination's not too terrible from playing so many videogames, but that doesn't explain how she could full on Matrix every punch thrown at her. She used to be in dance classes for lyrical, but I highly doubt she pirouette'd them unconscious.

When we asked her what was outside, what she was writing about in the message, she just stared and murmured, "Nothing. Nothing was outside. It wasn't Him, or ///It///, or anybody. Nothing was there."

...She is the creepiest bitch I have ever known in my entire life.



Where did the cuts and bruises come from?

The proxies said they were unable to hit her. The big one grabbed her arm, and she's got the marks to prove it, but she managed to windmill free. So where did the other wounds come from?

She was acting tranced out, so maybe she didn't notice she was getting scratched by tree limbs or stumbled over or into rocks or stumps, but it doesn't explain the large bruise she found on her back. She said it was possible she got scratched and bumped into things, but the bruise looked like she would've had to fall backwards, and hard. She has no recollection, and doesn't think it was possible. Sandra's got a really low pain tolerance, she stubs her toe and she hits the fucking floor.

So while she was running through the forest and fighting, she would've had to have gained a higher pain tolerance, and have blacked out long enough to have fallen backwards, either onto a smooth rock or icy ground, or from an elevation.

Did it happen when she went outside to find nothing?

What the hell is going on?


  1. Hmmm... I could be wrong, however, I've been under the impression that //It// may be possessing Sandra... I mean, look at how wierd she's acted sometimes. The incident that sticks out most in my mind is when she was saying all that really wierd doom and gloom stuff, followed by a smack from Slendy. Just my thoughts on the subject...

  2. Hmm. There IS a Trope titled "Nothing is Scarier". Maybe she just got into a conflict with...Nothing. Nah, too simple. But the way she mentioned 'Nothing' seems revelatory; on the other hand, we've got Hamlet's response to that. "'Seems,' madam? Nay, it is; I know not 'seems.'"
    Mmph. Even The Bard offers me little insight here. Ideas, all?