Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Yeah. We heard about what happened to Ava.

Thankfully, some dumbass proxies were around, so we had an outlet for our rage.

Of course, when I stepped out and told them to get the fuck out, they started laughing.

Then Lya stepped out. Lya. The serious business woman built like a fridge with a baseball bat. That's when it stopped being funny. Some of them had the sense to run off, but a handful liked their chances against two very unathletic girl and a guy with one arm.

One of them tackled me while the others were preoccupied and tried to cuff me, and she said she wasn't stupid enough to get rid of me without His approval.

Yep. Sure enough, Mr. Fuckstick was watching. If my hands weren't held back, I would've flipped so many birds PETA would shit a palace.

So I was pinned, Matt was held up, and Lya was beating the shit out of one of them. When she was done with that, she ran over and kicked the girl holding me down in the ribs. Little bitch went flying like a ragdoll. I swear I heard some ribs cracking.

Apparently, one of the other proxies was either a family member or boyfriend, because he did NOT approve. He moved faster than I've ever seen someone that big go, and bitchslapped Lya across the face.

When asked later, Matt swore he could actually see red.

We kinda figured so much when he charged the proxy, put him down, started smashing his leg with the bat Lya dropped, and then brought his hunting boots down on the bastard's crotch. Multiple times. With his friends watching from the woods and Slender probably laughing His ass of inwardly.

So most of the Masked Morons ran for their shit, while Bondage Bitch stumbled off gasping for breath and the Dickless Wonder crawled off.

Damn. I've never seen Matt get that violent before. And he wasn't playing around, he was actually snarling. If Lya hadn't gotten back up and pulled him away I wouldn't have been surprised to see him pull off his prosthetic and beat the guy to death with it.

Suddenly I feel a lot safer.



  1. /This is...interesting. I will have to read up on my H(a)unting.../

  2. I still stand by my statement. War never changes. whether it be with fridge people or one armed men, we start a war and we all die (unless we are super mutants)I'll get my 9mm.

  3. Damn. Mental note: don't ever piss you guys off. Ever. O.o

    Good luck, you three.


  4. Whoa-ho-ho...

    Man if we just so happen to have the bad fortune of ever being in that part of Texas, I'd definitely seek you guys for back up.


    ~ Branwen

  5. Man. I don't blame you for feeling safe. That was the most badassery I've ever heard from a one-armed man. And what I want to know is; why the crap is Slender-jerk not doing anything while all of this is going on? Isn't he all like "Mine mine, don't touch Sandra"? Ah well, who can tell what Eldritch/Humanoid Abominations are thinking...

  6. *slow applause* Well done. Which, of course, leaves us with one question for Matt and Lya:
    When's The Wedding?
    *throws a picture of Bugs Bunny and makes his escape*
    Ain't I A Stinker?

  7. I hope we will be able to do something to rescue her. I feel so fucking useless right now.

  8. close are you guys to Houston?

    Aiden got himself transported there. Not sure how or why. He's very lost and confused.

    ~ Branwen

  9. As opposed to all the rest of you, Branwen?

  10. Sandra,
    I know this is random, but i love your blog and i was wondering if you could please tell slender that i think he's the best evil businessman in the world for me :D
    You are wonderful.

  11. I'm not sure what you mean.

    As if I said rest of us aren't also lost and confused? Right. Sure. That's not what I meant at all.

    It doesn't matter anymore anyways. He's home.

    ~ Branwen

  12. Guys Jacks cousin Drew is free, and he has the bone from Dreams and Darkness we need to find him! I'll be notifying the PTC to see if they'd be willing to help out. If you guys can do anything on your end to help track him down please do so.

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