Saturday, February 12, 2011


This is for Ava. And Reach. And those three dead bodies in a burnt house in England.

For all of them.

You stupid fucking coward. Leaving a Valentine's Day card? So cliche. You're losing your touch.

I've got a bad temper, and don't enjoy when my friends are fucked with.

And if I can't reach you, Redlight, I can reach to your brothers in arms. Maybe you'll feel less safe with numbers dwindling and less underlings who can be used as shields and backup when you actually have the balls sufficient for a confrontation.


They're back outside.

I'm not as afraid this time.


  1. Sandra, please, don't do anything stupid. I want to kick Redlight's ass same as everyone else, but it's not worth it if you get yourself killed, okay?

    Stay safe.


  2. Careful, Sandra... I don't know how powerful this Redlight guy is, but from what I heard... Just be careful. Keep Slender-butt close (even if he's a jerkwad) and your other friends closer. You don't know what actions this guy is gonna take, he sounds really... Nuts.