Monday, September 6, 2010


Well, I finally caved. Sandra's been positively begging me to make a blog of our own. She's so enthralled by the blogs of those who witness our work that she nearly cried when I initially refused.

"We dun have to give our last naaaames, Ly! We dun have to say where we liiiive, Ly! WE DUN HAVE TO MENTION HIIIIIM, LY!"

Matt pushed her into the pool, and that got her to shut up. I laughed.

But I can only take puppy eyes for so long before giving up. I'm a pushover. That's why I'm going with them.

I won't be the only one posting, so the others:

Sandra: She's only 17, but very smart(ass). You'll know when she's posting. Her writing style now is very...odd. To say the least.

Matt: He's 27 now, and still as childish as ever. Strange, you'd think the son of a cop would detest what we do, who we've become. Maybe he just enjoys being on the other side of the flashing lights.

We might have someone else posting from time to time, but He doesn't usually bother. It'll be quite obvious when He's writing, as opposed to us.

I have to go now.

Wonder who they'll find in the trees tomorrow.

If they're found at all.


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