Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Sandra hasn't been well recently.

She's been having some trouble adjusting after her accident. A few months ago, her mother and father were killed in a horrific car accident. Trust me, it wasn't pretty. Sand was lucky to get out at all. She only had a few scratches, some splintered ribs, and...well, her eye's kinda...I'll just post a picture she drew of her own eye. It may look a little pixelated, and she draws in anime styles, so it may look a little weird. I wish I could just upload a photo of her, but it's for her safety that we can't nessecarily show her face (and my camera went missing a few weeks ago).

She's never really been good at digital art, but I digress.

Doctors aren't exactly sure what cut her eye, but it left a mark. Poor thing has to use her eyedrops every few hours now. As for her other eye...I'll be blunt. It's not there anymore. Her eyelid was sewn shut. Not fun. Still, she almost doesn't seem to care. Maybe losing her parents put that in perspective for her.

It doesn't help that she's been sick recently. She coughs like mad, so hard I'm always afraid her ribs might snap again.

Right now she's sitting on my bed playing with her rabbit doll. Incredible how trauma can make you miss the days of youth. She's also been watching some birds at a feeder outside of the window.

The birds are quiet now, maybe later they'll-OH HEL-

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