Friday, September 24, 2010


Sorry about Lya's last post. Yesterday was a little stressful for her.

So it started out pretty well. Just some movies, cupcakes, take out, pretty fun for a party restricted to a house. We were having some legitimate, goodhearted fun.

And, of course, He had to have His moment.

Thankfully we didn't have to deal with a "pinata" (she found one when she turned 12). But he did leave something out on our porch that made Lya just a leeeeetle pissed.

Apparently He noticed how Sandra took a liking to the silkie chickens at the fair...

Don't freak, the little guy's alive. If it was a dead baby chicken we found, Lya would be a LOT angrier. She's just upset because the thing's kinda annoying. When she was typing out her post the little bastard was sitting on the keyboard pecking at her fingers. And of course we're gonna have to keep him, or else Sandra's gonna throw a bitch fit.

So, yay. Welcome home, Preston the chicken. (Yes, that's what she named the poor little guy)

All things considered, he is a cute little wad of feathers.

But the fact that He gave him to her is absolutely bizzare.


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  1. Old post is old, yes, but this is probably the best place to point out that you probably shouldn't explain the concept of a Christmas tree to Him. I'd hate to see what sort of "ornaments" he'd decorate it with.