Saturday, September 11, 2010


Sometimes I worry about Sandra.

I mean, look at that picture she drew the other day. Frig.

Lya wasn't too upset with the drawing, it was the comment Sand left on M's Tutorial that set her off. Of course, it's not like we didn't expect she would do something like that; she's never really been a big fan of M's methods of avoiding Him. And she seems to take personal offence whenever he says He is stupid.

She's sleeping in her room on the fourth floor. That should be too high for Him, according to M.

I really hope Sandra's wrong.



  1. He is scared of stairs.

    He cannot open doors.

    He can't be quiet.

    You are assuming that the above three are true if you dare to think that you can stop him by simply getting into a high place.

  2. Trust me, they should know that by now.

    I know that he's quiet. Most of the time. Sometimes I hear audio distortion. Sometimes I hear music, but it might just be me...


  3. A you seem to be worming your way into many of these lives now a days