Saturday, September 18, 2010

I wonder?

For a long time now, I've been reading up on a wonderful site called listverse. Very informative and entertaining, indeed.


I recently stumbled upon a list about "Modern Paranormal Phenomena", and several items listed struck me as odd...Here's the link, if anybody wishes to check it out for themselves:

*cracks knuckles* Alright, prepare for wild speculation, bitches.

Time Slips

I believe several other bloggers mentioned this phenomena...didn't Jack Tyler say something like this happened to him? Or am I mistaken? And haven't those with "Slendy Sickness" frequently experienced this? ANSWERS PLEASE.

PANic in the Woods

This one snuck up behind me, knocked me out, and stole my lunch money.

If you don't plan on reading the article, it's described as "a feeling that there is a powerful, sinister force nearby, and sense imminent danger" that causes people to run back to civilization out of sheer terror. Another symptom that put up red flags? Immediate silence beforehand, save for "an unusual, escalating, buzzing sound".

Hint hint. Wink Wink. Nudge nud-IT SHOULD BE OBVIOUS.

Black Stick Men

Remember the little stick figures you drew when you were little? How they were just so damn easy to draw, and looking back you said, "Dayum. I thought that looked humanoid?" Then you sent away for that infomercial art instruction set (hoping to go to art school and sell your drawings for multiple 0's while doing what you loved) that laid there on the kitchen counter untouched while you nommed Doritos and drew fan art depicting your favorite cartoon pairing?

Well, they're back and they're pissed. Or apathetic. The motives are a little fuzzy.

When I read it at first on the list, I thought "8D...wat?" and decided to look it up.

What struck me was the blank face, the size ranging from human to impossibly tall, their (dare I say it) SLENDER form, the time of day they've been spotted at, and their habit of following some people.

And then I read an account where one pressed it's face in the window, and my Mountain Dew besieged mind was officially blown.

So, if you or a loved one has witnessed kindergarten drawings from hell, accompanied by sick relatives, operator symbols in notebooks, problems with videocameras, and a stalker (preferably wearing a mask or who types ~~<3 at the end of every sentence), please contact me, and we can arrange a family reunion. OF DOOM.

And there's no way in hell I'm mentioning the shadow figures. He's not one of them. Shadow figures don't like to be seen. He doesn't give a straight damn.

And finally,

Black Eyed Kids

The picture on the article kinda made me jump...

So who else thinks that children with no whites in their eyes who seem almost hypnotically terrifying and demand entrance into your space sounds like a new breed of, to use M's term, "Hallowed"?

On another note, I think I found a good costume to scare the shit outta Lya...but I don't want to die over something so petty.

And...that's about it.

I'm pretty sure some people will probably get pissed at me taking the whole "stalked by a powerful being who kills people" with such light-heartedness, but trust me. Zeke didn't try to stay mirthful. Neither did Andrew.

I'm just laughing to keep from screaming.

Also, I don't think I've mentioned it yet. My birthday's the 23rd. I'll be 18 then...



  1. Sandra my friend if you don't mind me asking how is it that you keep him from entering your dwelling? If you could answer it would greatly help me.

  2. Someone asking me advice?


    It helps to have a group dynamic going on. That way, you can assign sleeping schedules to keep at least one person up at all times. Staring at him won't help, but if he knows someone's awake and refuses to go quietly, he'll try to avoid confrontation in favor of a time when he can get to someone with a weaker psyche.

    If you're alone, then don't, DON'T, try to stay up at all times to keep an eye on him. It makes you tired, and thus your defenses are lowered, making a prime target. If you know the location of other victims, find them. If you don't, try cruising the blogs for someone who does, and will let you in.

    That's about all the advise I have for the particular situation. Good luck.


  3. Thank you for this information Sandra(Oracle), I'll(Sage) add it to my files. I also need to thank you for being one of the -Fighters,- I hope you last long enough to /See The End./ If you come up with any new information, or have any concepts that any of you you(Shepherd/Shield/Oracle) wish to be recorded, please tell me(Sage).

  4. Oracle? Fighter?

    XD This is a good day.


  5. Personally, if you want advice on how to beat this fellow, you probably don't deserve to keep living anyway.

  6. Trust me, A, the only beating going on here is Lya. She's the only one actually getting hostile. I'm just trying to stay lucid long enough to recount these experiences.

    Because I'm the Oracle. XD


  7. Sandra thank you for the information. And as for you A, im not trying to beat him...yet.

  8. Happy pre-emptive birthday, Sandra darling!

    Honestly, most of the article is bull, pure and simple. Time slips are often the result of alien abductions, Senor Goat Sucker is a Little Grey Ma and honestly, you could dissuade a dog-faced man with a Snausage or a rubber ball. You're really more likely to find more truth slogging through the Creepypasta archives of a *chan or maybe EncyclopediaDramatica. Or, if you would be so bold, pay your local library a visit and see if you can't look at the microfiche archives and collections of local literature and lore.

    In the meantime, cheers and best wishes.


    PS: Your birthday is on the Fall Solstice? Watch out for druids, Wiccans and hippies that go bump in the night, dear.

  9. Just curious, is there a C commenter around? :P

    Personally, I still draw black stick men. IT'S ALL I AM CAPABLE OF. DX

  10. V- Thanks hun! And yes, I understand. Just tryin' to make some sense of what I got happening here. xD And thus I shall. Druids are such a hassle.

    Shannon- Trust me, my skills aren't much better.

  11. I have an imitator?

    OMG :D~~~

  12. No A I do not wish to imitate you. I don't happen to like to imitate pyschos.