Saturday, September 18, 2010

Last night

Oh, that fair. It was fun. IT WAS SO FUN.

And I LOVE fairs. I have more funnel cake in me than blood. So yummy...

And the best part? BABY ANIMALS.

They even had a newborn foal, and probably the highlight?

They had these chickens, but they weren't normal chickens. They were this thing called silkie chickens, and they looked like a cross between a chicken and a llama. A LLAMA CHICKEN.

Yeah, I know how chickens are nasty little territorial beasts, but I was actually surprised with some of the baby silkies. A few even nuzzled me! And this one little one, God he was so cute, and the others kept running over the poor baby!

And, of course, we saw Him. You know what? I'll just go ahead and say his name, for those who haven't caught on: *dramatic trumpets* Slenderman. *confetti*

We were up on the ferris wheel, and we saw him out in the woods. Don't think he was "taking care of business", just think he was watching us.

And I saw the last post. I'm just a leeeetle creeped out by it...but I'm almost used to it by now. Like He said, ten years of this.

Well, I'm off to annoy Lya.


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