Friday, September 10, 2010

When Adults are Away...

...Then I shall play. X3

As much as Lya and Matt DETEST leaving my all by my lonesome, some supplies require more than one pair of hands. And thus, I'm locked in. I do wonder how Lya installed childproof locks without my knowledge. I do so love leaving the house to walk past the site where I first became aware, such pretty leaves and flowers.

I wish the birdies would sing for me. I miss them right now.

I drew you all a picture, wanna see?

Do you like it?

Aw, the scanner cut off my bunny doll. That's upsetting.

But M is back! And Jack Tyler as well! This is spectacular, I was beginning to fear for them. I do wonder where Lexi is, and A for that matter. Hm. I wonder.

I think I hear the birds outside...



  1. I'm in your bed, my dear.


  2. Oh, you silly little thing, you...


    All that's in my bed right now are my dolls, and that damned ugly mask Lya wants me to keep with me.


  3. Um if thats a skull mask then well...