Tuesday, November 16, 2010


I'm wondering if any of you have also taken an interest in Empty mind, blank face?

Because I have.

Another question: Have you ever been so angry you threw a book at Slender Man's face?

Because I may be a pioneer in that field.

He stayed in the front room last night to keep watch (the rain was crazier than when I was abducted, so we were all on guard), so I decided to have a little chat.

What happened:

S: *stomps in, throws book* YOU COLOSSAL DOUCHEBAG.

SM: *looks up*

S: You wanna tell me what the fuck is going on with Rose and Lily?!

SM: *seems almost smug. Swear to God*

S: Listen, I have put up with you dealing with proxies in my fucking living room before, and I'm no stranger to those little bitch-lets. But I AM SERIOUS. If you're making Rose's alternate personality the proxy assigned to her, I WILL BE SO PISSED.

SM: *turns back around*

S:....*throws another book* No. No doing.

SM: *taps window*

S: *looks out window, notices human shadow darting around in woods* ...Is that Drew.

SM: *nods*

S: Yeah. You see that shit? Stop. At the very least, you should be watching Rose like a hawk. Not like a normal stalking, just to make sure nothing happens to her like our little Drew predicament. I do NOT want to see a Slender-Proxy Lily and an ///It///-Proxy Rose.

After that, not much else. I'm still trying to blow off some steam.

I've put up with this thing for more than ten years. I have tried fighting back, running away, everything to get Him to back off. But He still takes an interest in my immunity, or whatever the hell it is.

I'm only hoping Rose's condition will preserve her like mine has me.



  1. Well, shit! Drew's being a bitch, and I feel maybe it's time I find a solution to this problem. Fast!!! Congrats on throwing the book! Hopefully you helped Rose.

  2. Maybe. Sometimes my yelling at Him seems to have interests, other times not. It's erratic.

    For example, He won't kill children when I'm around, but He will kill other productive members of society and hang them in the woods near the house.

    Hopefully the multiple personality Rose had going on will keep His interest and prevent Him from wanting to hurt her.


  3. YIKES! I hadn't even thought of that possablity! That would be horrible! O.O -Rose

  4. Close run in with //It// earlier today. Scared me good. But I stood my ground! My life is never dull, that's for certain! XD

  5. Stay Safe, Rose.
    You can make it.


  6. Hey Sandra, you mentioned in an earlier post that explained the ten year period you dealt with Slendy, you managed to hit him. Catch him off guard. Do you think that's part of your condition?

    A Keeper

  7. Sandra after reading your blog I have come across an odd idea that may spread some light on your immunity should it be true.

    Now you've said before that SM has followed you since childhood, not really doing much more then appearing place to place with few exceptions.

    And it was only recently that SM began to appear en masse to other people.

    Now this next part may seem strange but I think that SM doesn't go further with you because you made him. Or at least part of him.

    Allow me to explain further. As a child you created him out of your belief that he was there. The comes somethingawful which creates the first images of SM and sparks peoples belief, but because no one can decide what he is and can do they can only focus belief on his image. This image, as coincidence would have it, matches with the SM that you created and both strengthens it and fuses the two ideas together bringing us where we are today.

    I am not claiming this is correct, but if it is then it means that you might not just be immune to SM Sandra, but that ultimately you may hold power over it.


  8. //It// will never touch my sister.

  9. @ Tactics:
    Sorry to debunk your theory friend, but if Sandra was able to control Slender Man, wouldn't she have done so by now? She did state before that she has tried to keep him from killing in the past. But hell, if you're right, Sandra holds the key to end the nightmare.

    A Keeper

  10. But maybe she cannot want to.
    He's like a feeling: Maybe she could control him, but it's extremly difficult, because he has his own dynamics.

    Reminds me of Paranoia Agent, for that matter.

  11. Late to the Party, but Here's another mind pondering the SlenderSituation with no sense of self-protection other than willpower and the fact I've been researching Slendy (& how real he is, if he is, to whom, and why) for months after being directed to MarbleHornets...

    ...and still nothing out of the ordinary, hmmm...

    Depends on what ///IT/// actually is. Is it a Slendy-clone (exact or corrupted) trying to replace the original, or something else entirely? Please respond if you deem it suitable... ...or safe...

    Questionable, but Here's another idea; Either a subconsious perogative outside her consious effort, therfore outside her consious control, else same for a subdued, alternate personality (perhaps similar to Rose...) that wants a slenderman in the world. Said persona would probably NOT be an active player (other than supporting SLENDY's existance), but a quiet, leechlike observer in the back of Sandy's head... not to gross/freak/scare anyone, as these are admittedly rather far-fetched from a psychological point...

  12. Never done that. My mother got pissed because she thought He was our psychotic landlord playing a prank one time. She threw a iron frying pan at Him. I found a twisted melted lump of iron the next day.