Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Lost Tapes

...Is one hell of a fun show.

Yeah, I know. "Sandra, why would you watch a piece of crap mockumentary when you have to deal with ///It/// and Slender and Preston whaddufuck lol?"

Because. Distraction and staying light, remember?

And to all the people like "this isn't a horror movie Sandra"...seriously. Goddamn tall guy with no face and tentacles killing people. Where has the line between truth and fiction been drawn?

So, back to the show.

I was watching what looks like the last episode of season three (sob), and it was Reptilian. About underground lizard people societies (leave it to that to get us rolling our eyes while Slender stalks around on the lookout). But a few things got my attention:

1: When one of the reptilians was "killed", his body was laying in an awkward position that made his body look WAY too long,

2: The dead people were killed and wrapped in plastic bags, and, and hold on to your asses for this one,

3: One of the markings the reptilians drew on the wall was an Operator Symbol. With a crooked X.

In the words of one of our commenters on a previous post, "I shat a house".

Aside from that, we mostly lol'd at the thought of lizard people snatching yo' people up under the guise of a rave.

So, may favorite episode had to be....Wendigo.


People turning into monsters after eating other people? AWESOME. Of course, that type of Wendigo isn't the type I'm familiar with from childhood.

Remember Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark? Yeah. Fall to your knees before the nostalgia.

Well, one of those editions had a story about a "Wendigo" that basically was a wind siren that dragged you away, caught your shit on fire, and dropped you. Portrayed as a sort of demon.


But still, that episode had some of the best effects, stellar acting, and managed to make you uneasy by use of a social taboo as subject matter. And since Wendigo psychosis is a proven thing, it makes it all the more realistic.

Wellup, I'm off to be stupid. LATER!



  1. .. / ... . . / -.-- --- ..- .-.-.-

  2. Ah. You three.

    The so-called "Oracle" and her minions.

    I understand not why he chooses to protect you; if I had my way, you would have been gutted like animals long ago.

    But he has seen fit to grant you sanctuary, for now, so I will not directly oppose you. Tread carefully, though, because if he withdraws his protection and orders me to deal with you, you will know all about it.

  3. I remember watching that show once. The one I saw was about a family who's home was infested with vampires. And not the sparkly kind. It was interesting.

  4. Why is it that when I read this Reach dude's comments, I laugh, rather than cringe??? Is it because he has no real purpose??? Is he for us, or against us, and why? He tries what I guess to be badass, but falls a little short.

    ...... ah, dark humor that shouldn't be considered funny, but is. We're Kentucky right now.... and boy is it boring!


  5. Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark, wow that brings back memories some good, some bad, and some that are just plain strange.

  6. EmptyEyes- Fuck. I friggin' suck at puzzles...

    Reach- ...Otaaaaay. Somebody pissed in your conflakes.

    Honsozukuri- Yeah, we were surprised too. They recently made an episode with more traditional vampires, minus the dying in the sun, but with no sparkles.


    Geoutlit- I know...they're apparently releasing a new anniversary edition...with new pictures. WHAT THE HELL. The pictures are what scared me the most in the first place. THEY'RE FUCKING WITH OUR CHILDHOOD.

  7. @..... Sandra I am guessing



  8. Yeah, 'twas I. Just forgot to sign off in my throes of anguish.

    Can't want to see you guys there!


  9. I translated Lily's Message, she's been Hollowed, by the way. It's Morse code, and it reads 'I SEE YOU.'. Lily's my alter, I have Multiple Personality Disorder, or MPD, for short. -Rose

  10. By the way, I like that show, too!

  11. Subtlety may not be your strong point, Jack. There is more to this conflict than those who are supporting and opposing you. I am under the Tall One's command, but I hold no personal grievance against you.

    As for the Oracle, you are correct, someone did indeed "piss in my cornflakes". You. You choose to work with the Tall One. You choose to. There are so many people, living and dead, who would kill to get rid of him, who would kill for the choice, and when you, out of all the others who have been plagued by him, get that choice, you choose to work with him. If you told him to go away, if you really told him, I'm sure he'd be more than obliging and fuck off away from you. That is the piss in my cornflakes.

  12. EmptyEyes- Thanks, I had a feeling, but the prospect of dealing with all those tiny little punctuation symbols as a language scared the hell outta me.

    As does "I SEE YOU". I'll have Matt prepare the tasers.

    Reach- You act like I help Him kill people. Wrong. I have expressed numerous times how much I despise what He does. He follows me, He chose to protect me out of curiousity or whatever the fuck He thinks He should for. And trust me, I've told Him to leave dozens of times. At a certain point, having a powerful creature protecting you doesn't matter if it causes the loss of your parents. He's persistent, He's stubborn as pretty much every single SlendyBlogger put together, and He has a hard time taking no for an answer. And why the hell are you using Oracle as my name if you hate my guts so much, unless it's meant to be mocking.

    I've TRIED to get rid of Him, I've several times told Him in no uncertain terms to fuck off, but you need to remember He's protective of me. He's not my lapdog. I don't tell Him to hurt people and ruin lives. He does it whether or not I try to stop Him, and I have indeed tried.

    "Under the Tall One's command", huh?

    Should I chalk you up as another Hallowed/Proxy/Whatever that hates my guts?


  13. I don't hate anyone, Sandra. Hate is a wasteful, unproductive emotion.

  14. Anniversary edition?!?! Sweet! Any word on when it might be released?

  15. ok I'm sorry, but what the FUCK is all of this?? Lya left a comment on my blog so I decided to check out hers and just...just...what the fuck!?