Monday, November 22, 2010


About Lya's post. She tends to get pissed, and is sometimes more protective than Slender.

I'm not going to lash out at anyone who doesn't trust me, because that much is inevitable. I mean, the Slender Man hovers over me like a mama lion, while He normally rips people to shreds and fucks with their minds. Who wouldn't suspect something like that? Hell, maybe I'm not even human, or not human anymore. I don't know how to explain it. It's like those clouds hovering over cartoon characters when they feel like crap, except with tentacles and a sick way of going about His business.

For those who will listen and still have a shred of trust, we were trying to get the runner into the closet where Slender wouldn't see him, to give me time to explain that killing him would only make it worse for everyone involved. I didn't want him to die. I'm sick of the dying.

And yes, Nessa, I am naive. I was naive as a seven year old girl trying to convince myself that maybe He killed that bully because He was a hero preventing anyone else from being hurt like Lya. I was naive as the ten years went by as I told myself that eventually He'd get bored with me and either kill me or just leave. And I'm naive now. We've been attacked by proxies and runner alike, we've attracted the attention of a second abomination, and now we've killed someone who, under different circumstances, might've been an ally to us.

I'm used to the distrust by now. You don't spend ten years being followed by Him without running into other victims who perceive you as a threat. Hell, maybe they were right about it. Out of about 22 who shied away, 13 turned up dead, 4 dissapeared, and at least one has showed up Hallowed on my doorstep.

I get it. I have blood on my hands. If I could deny the blood of my parents, and deny the blood of those above, then I can't ignore the runner's.

He's dead, because I didn't stop to think things through.

So please, stop fighting. I know what happened, I understand the repercussions.

I just wanna sleep.



  1. I'm glad you're ... as okay as can be expected? I'm sorry, I really have no idea how to approach someone who has been through as much as you have. I hope things calm down and that you're able to get some much needed rest.

    I think there's a difference between coldly murdering someone and acting out of self-preservation. You were attacked, and the events that followed were a direct result of that: they were set in motion by whoever assaulted you. I personally don't believe that you did anything abhorrent.

    <3 Mali

  2. *hugs Sandra* I still trust you. ~Rose

  3. It is unreasonable to expect you to have a full understanding of your situation. Given all that's happened, it's amazing you haven't completely lost it. I hope you and your friends can catch a break, and stay safe.

  4. It's a tough life Sandra.
    Never lost faith in you though.
    Just worried. Always worried.

    Get some sleep.

    A Keeper

  5. Apparently I have been rejecting help from others, and am hurting you guys because of it. Without my knowledge, I have rejected the ideas of others, and put everyone facing Slenderman, or ///It/// in trouble.... Somehow.

    So if you wish that we not come to Oklahoma, I would understand. After all, me not believing in everything Robert said, has made me quite unpopular, and that is huge when facing an evil entity.

    I would completely understand guys, if you wish us to leave you alone forever



  6. I have no ill will towards you, but don't take it the wrong when I say I hope I never run into you, because that's a staggering fatality list of Runners who were later killed or Hallowed who came across you.

  7. You've got a friend in New Jersey.

    And I ain't talking about Ol' Scratch.

  8. ^ That goes double for me! ~Rose

  9. I apologize, Sandra.
    That was out of line.
    Everyone's been on edge lately.

  10. I'd like to propose two theories for public consideration.

    1) This is a game. And no I do not mean like a ARG.

    Rather how Slenderman operates as a whole reminds me of a game I used to play as a child called Sharks and Minnows. In this game you have a group of people who are the Minnows whose entire goal is to get to the other side of the pool, to where it is safe. Then you have the Shark, the Sharks entire purpose is to catch the Minnows, and any Minnow who is caught by a Shark becomes one themselves.

    Sounds familiar to Slender doesn't it? The runners keep sprinting to safety and he keeps trying to catch them. The ones he catches become Hallowed. The ones who refuse, the ones who break the rules, are slain.

    2) There is only one Slenderman.

    Sandra you claimed that Slenderman was enamored with you because of the fact that you are not scared by it. But then out of nowhere a second one, who many refer to as //IT//, arrives and snatches you like any other runner. And if I recall this scared you something fierce. And so now Slender is keeping up the act knowing that he finally has a way to get to you.

    But once again these are but theories. Feel free to disprove them as you wish.


  11. Alright I've been putting this off for long enough. . . Sandra I need to talk with Him I have a few question that need answering and He is the only one I can imagine who has the answers. Is there anyway you could ask Him for me?

  12. I'll give my support from Australia.

  13. You have my support from Arizona.
    *hugs* Take care.

  14. Finally read up on you.
    Freaky-creepy, girl, but the guy in the bunny mask still one-ups you somehow.

    I hope you feel better soon. I woke up to a shitstorm.

  15. You have support from Idaho! Not just me but my friends also!

  16. Good news, bad news.

    Good news: Jay (of Marble Hornet fame) has started updating again.

    Bad news: See good news.