Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Well, Lya's officially pissed.

A few weeks ago, I found a site called SCP Foundation. Scary, funny, pretty good for wasting time and pretending you don't have a humanoid abomination stalking around.

One of the scariest things there is a statue that kills people when they don't look. WAY scarier than it sounds. And since Lya reads it too, I showed her this comic...


Then, when she got to the last panel, she got nervous, turned to face me...

And I shoved one of my dolls into her face.

She screamed. Loud.

Now Matt's laughing so hard he can't breathe, Lya's fuming in her room, and I'm going to hell.




  1. Ever watched Doctor Who? There's an episode called 'Blink' you might enjoy. Lya not so much.

  2. The Weeping Angels. Classic Doctor Scary. I wonder what he would think about them?

  3. Yeah, we've heard a LOT about Weeping Angels, mostly by cruising the Tropes site (God knows how many hours I spend there) on Nightmare Fuel, because everyone knows mutilation and faceless stalkers don't do it for me anymore.

    Watched a few clips of it last week, showed Slender. He seemed interested, and emulated them all day until Lya got pissed and threw stuff.


  4. Just wait. Just wait until you learn about The Flesh That Hates.

    I like SCP.

    I am amused by Slender man.

    I am not amused by The Flesh that Hates.