Thursday, November 4, 2010


Any of you miss me?

So, yes, I'm feeling a lot better. And yes, ///It/// can indeed kiss my ass.

Slender's still patrolling, but we haven't seen ///It/// in a long time, though that's probably because of what's going down with Jack and Stephanie. I just hope they'll be alright.

Being so far down south has its advantages this time of year. Even though the primary colors of fall in my town are not orange but dead brown, we get a metric fuck load of birds trying to escape the cold. Preston's been pecking at the window and screaming at them for hours now. Lya thinks it's annoying, but everyone else seems to agree it's funnier than hell.

Well, it's cold, so I'm gonna dive under some blankets. Later bitches!



  1. Good to see you back in action..... Oh, and Stephanie told me to say


    Just like that. She's in a good mood, and therefore, so am I. You know, minus minor sightings of ///It///

  2. I've been wondering what this "///It///" is. >_> I've got a feeling ///It///'s like...The Rake or something. Especially with Alex's (brother of Jeff) situation.