Friday, November 26, 2010

Still Alive

There is so much potential here to start off with a Portal joke, but I'll skip that.

We're all fine, just a little more cautious than usual. He's off doing whatever the hell it is that's freaking everyone out, so we've had to bump up security. Hence us not posting for awhile. Sandra hasn't had to assist with installation, since she's still recovering, so we were sure she would update herself.

Instead, she ran to her room and slammed the door shut.

We checked to see what got to her, and found out what happened to Nessa.

She was in her room for more than 50 hours straight. We ended up leaving food at her door, though she didn't touch it much. It wasn't until yesterday that she walked out. We asked if she was okay, and she looked at the thermostat (it was low because we had been working and were getting hot; normally it would be pretty high because Texans are pussies when it comes to the cold), looked back, and said...

"It's colder than a witch's tit in a cast iron bra. Turn up the damn heater."

She then walked back into her room, and we heard her start blasting "Black Rock Shooter".

Yep. I think she's better now.

While she's still pissed over what happened to Nessa, and how everyone's calling out Jack for being "antisocial", she was overjoyed to see the comments of everyone who wished us luck. So, from her, and us, thank you so very much. You're what we were thankful for above all.

For our first Thanksgiving as a family, we all just sat in the living room eating chinese, while Preston ran around being stupid as comedy central blared on the tv. We were just a little startled when He stopped by, but He was only here for a few minutes to do a quick check.

Believe it or not, probably the best Thanksgiving I've ever had.

Love you guys.



  1. I've got Nessa safe and sound. I'll keep her safe, I promise.

  2. Best of Luck, Lya,
    we all wish you well.


    Goodbye my friends.

  3. Good to see you guy's are alright Slender has been playing a serious game of mind fuck with us. Jeff's blog is gone now too. . .

  4. Nice to see at least someone can still relax in the midst of all this chaos.
    Best of luck to you all~

  5. Well.... that's good. And please don't get upset over something as meaningless as name-calling at me. Oh who am I kidding, I did, so I have no right to talk.

    Anyways, we've decided to head to Oklahoma tomorrow. We'll probably stay in a hotel/motel as long as we can, before we go off to find other places to stay.

    Just stay safe guys. Things are really crazy right now, but if you guys stay strong, it should be easy for you to survive with 10 years experience.

    ~Jack Tyler(titles are apparently no longer important)

  6. //IT// is active, too. Was chasing me all day yesterday... >.< ~Rose

  7. SOS! I'm in need of rescue! //It's// Hollowed have managed to capture me! T-T ~Rose

  8. Crap hope someone is able to get to Rose. Good luck everyone try and stay as safe as possible.