Tuesday, November 30, 2010

No clue

Lya and I don't get what's going on at all.

Sandra's been screaming and convulsing for hours now, and repeating that japanese message over and over. It's apparently from on of her favorite Vocaloids songs, and mean "An irreversible ("serious" in Kuri's translation) error has occured".

We know that she means something's going on with Nessa, though we have no clue what. At first we thought she had died, due to Fizzy's post, but then things got weird in the comments of Sandra's post, people are saying things that don't make sense, and "Nessa" commented "herself".

We asked Sandra what the "error" was, but she just kept on freaking out.

And then shit got weird.

Slender returned from His patrolling (or whatever the hell He does when He isn't here, as if we don't know), possibly mistaking the commotion for another attack. When He got inside, Sandra looked at Him, took on the most twisted, hateful glare, and fucking lunged.

Lya and I grabbed her and held her back, and she was screaming and clawing like a wild cat.

We finally managed to sedate her, and got her to bed, but she still repeats the error message in her sleep. And whenever He gets closer to her, she hisses and shudders like she's trapped in a nightmare.

None of us know what the hell is wrong with her, and Slender seems confused as well.

Sandra had a theory that He only has an extremely limited range of emotions, and doesn't understand concepts such as amity, or grief, or vengeance. She thinks He only knows amusement (hence toying around with victims), extreme anger, curiosity (which would explain why He's followed her around just because He doesn't affect her), and confusion. Other than that, nothing. Not even evil.

Sandra wrote out a paper on the theory, and we've been searching for it whenever we can, in the hopes that maybe it will make sense and shed some light on how to stop him.



  1. If you'd give me a private e-mail or something, I'd be happy to try and talk to her.

    I speak vocaloid quite fluently.

  2. Can you send me an E-mail? I think I know who Hollowed Nessa and Jeff.