Friday, November 19, 2010


Pretty much exactly what it says. We were ambushed by someone targeting Sandra.

Except it wasn't a proxy this time.

It was a runner, or a fighter, or whatever we're calling one of Slender's victims.

Apparently, while some of us can keep our cool and humanity during these times, others will snap and do ANYTHING. Not even to survive, because there's no way the unlucky bastard thought he could hurt Sandra and live. Only to spite Him.


We didn't even know he was here until Sandra saw him creeping in through a window. Matt was out, and Slender was off doing His thing. Bastard pulled a tazer and zapped me when I tried to protect Sandra. I blacked out until Matt returned about five minutes later. By then Sandra had run upstairs with the assailant following. When we got up to her room, he had her pinned and had a switchblade out, screaming about the "Operator's Eye".

He looked like he was about to gouge out Sandra's eye.

Let that sink in for a moment.

Matt was able to tackle him, and managed to subdue him. I went into Sandra's closet to get out some rope we keep for emergencies (yes, it is necessary), and Sandra kinda snapped. She apparently (I wasn't there to see it, only heard) glared at him, got a strange look in her eye, and began speaking...

"The body is distorted in order to bend to that twisted figure
To crawl on the illuminated street with paper lanterns
Everyone knows the feeling of walking down the street..."

At this point, he stopped struggling, and just froze up.

"This child has to cower alone..."

He looked up at her, seemingly horrified.

"I guess the shadows reach long
But the friends that talk have their waists aligned..."

Then, he gets pissed.

"You are later and before and by yourself..."

He struggled free before we could get him tied, and knocked us aside. He leapt at Sandra, pinning her again. Instead of being afraid like before, she just kept that crazy grin.

"Oh, you're here, you're here!"

Without the knife, he looked ready to just beat her to death, but then she laughed.

"Drop by and see Him."

The attacker froze up, and murmered some denial.

"Drop by and see Him."

He started backing up, screaming no.

"Drop by, to the Dark Woods."

At that moment, Slender smashed through the window, grabbed the man, and dragged him outside. By the time we helped Sandra up and looked out, the guy was dead.

Sandra's back to normal, except for humming. The lines she said were from the song Dark Woods Circus, but I'm not sure how they're relevant. But judging by Slender's timing, I kinda wonder if maybe she was using the song to call for Him...

Apparently, some people are starting to wonder if she made Him, and if she can control Him.

Nope. As far as we can tell, Slender predates ALL of the bloggers, and somethingawful, and all recorded instances of Him. And she doesn't really control Him, it's that HE can't control HER.

Wellp. I'm going to go rest. It's been a looong day, and I'm kinda tired of dealing with crap like this.


(It's fun.)


  1. Damn it.
    What's going on with Sandra?
    Something is very wrong.
    Guess it's time to consult Greenlight.

    A Keeper

    PS: Lya,Matt, keep an eye on her.
    She's starting to realize her potential.

  2. Whatever "potential" I have, I don't know 'bout it, hun.

    Just singing a favorite song.


  3. Interesting.

    But it seems odd that a runner would have been able to even find you without getting prior information, and for SM to appear at that precise moment by effectively cool-aid manning through the window.

    Be very careful these next few days Sandra, something is very wrong with this picture.

  4. It could be possible that the Runner just broke into any random house trying to escape "it" and just so happened upon the WRONG household.

  5. It wasn't one of Nightcrawler's they've been preoccupied, you seem pretty sure they weren't one of the other it's Husks(should this Fool find a separate name for them?), why? Singing as a way to draw him, I'll admit to using singing as a focus of my own, to push away things like fear or nervousness, never thought it'd pull it towards anyone though. Dark Woods Circus, eh I prefer regret message; 'sins are only realized once everything is over' to each their own though. Glad to hear you're still safe, and best of luck with the two it's.

  6. Dark Wood Circus? Almost as creepy, and almost as relevant, as Alice of Human Sacrifice.

    Also, attacking Sandra is suicidal in so many ways - Slender is one thing, another are Lya and Matt, Jack and Stephanie would freak if anything serious happen to her and, well, many bloggers have taken a liking to you guys.

    As to how he found you - you wrote, I think it was on Jack's journal, where you were.

  7. A liking to us?


    I love you all too.



    ((And yes, AHS probably would've been a good choice, but DWC has a special meaning, I'll explain on a new post later.))

  8. Yeah, may have gone off the deep end.
    Nice to see our favorite Oracle and Slendy Blogger is still alive and kicking.

    Stay Safe Sandra.

    A Keeper

    PS: Lack of sleep makes me crazy.

  9. Yeesh... Eye scream... That must have been scary. -Rose

  10. Haha, what a moron. Attacking the Oracle. I hope the Tall One leaves him wearing his guts for garters. Literally.

  11. Well, that's worrisome. Apparently Nightcrawler and his buddies have been attacked by not-Husks--but who's to say that they aren't? We're seeing more and more evidence to suggest that there are multiple levels of functioning consciousness in the Hive.

  12. Wait, Reach is opposed to this?

    Which side are you on? WHAT THE HELL.