Sunday, November 21, 2010

Trust Issues

Okay. So some people are starting to lose trust in Sandra. Why?

Because she was attacked by a runner who had apparently been stalking us for long enough to know how she calls Him for help, who chased her throughout the house, who pinned her and beat her before trying to stab her eye out with a knife. A knife that was had a long enough blade to have gone into her brain and caused intense brain damage or even killed her.

And then, she had the AUDACITY to call for help. And how dare that help be an abomination that's followed her around since she was a child, killed countless people in front of her, unintentionally killed her parents, and won't leave even when she attacks Him with countless weapons.

And how dare she sit there, shuddering violently and starting to choke on her tears from fear and self-loathing at having to resort to drastic measures while that poor assailant gets killed.

Ain't she just a shifty little bitch?


She never chose this. She never wanted to be under the protection of a creature loathed by so much of the world, to have to face off against another one of said creatures, or have to resort to calling Him for help.

She isn't His master, or creator. She doesn't control Him, and whether or not He accomodates her distaste in killing is completely up to Him. She wasn't a sultry siren luring an innocent man to his gruesome death, she was almost murdered by someone who had no qualms about killing a girl caught up in a situation nobody deserves.

For God's sake, people. This isn't Salem, don't blame Sandra for not feeding your own pigs.



  1. Gee, I suppose I should be sorry. I mean, it's totally unreasonable to ask why the Runner would attack her in the first place.

  2. The fact remains that you had already subdued him before the Oracle got that look in her eye and started to call. You probably could have gotten him tied up and all if she hadn't provoked him.

    I'm sorry, I'm being kind of aggressive here, aren't I?

  3. Time to play the devils advocate.
    Lya try to look at this from our perspective.

    You have a cosmic horror, who has no qualms brutally murdering anyone it sees fit after taking steps to rip apart their sanity piece by bloody piece, standing around protecting Sandra.

    Your Slenderman is pulling a complete 180 on how he acts to everyone else. As such is it really that surprising that people are getting suspicious?

  4. Number 1: She was calling for Slender so we could figure out who the hell he was, and figure out how to get him somewhere far away where it would take him awhile to even get anywhere near us again. He had been stalking us for long enough to know she was calling Him, and he freaked.

    Why would he attack her? Idunno, maybe because He's been shown to be protective of her for whatever reason, and thought of it as revenge? All we know is that he wanted Sandra dead, and Slender got pissed.

    Number 2: As it's been said many times before, WE HAVE NO IDEA WHY HE PROTECTS HER. I know it seems suspicious. It's raised a few eyebrows amongst our group as well. Do we distrust Sand because of it? Hell no.

    Because we've known her since she was a baby. We know she LOATHES violence, and she's constantly bitching about Slender killing innocent people and screwing around.

    Hell, for all we know, maybe He doesn't kill her BECAUSE SHE'S MAGIC OH GOD HOW DID WE NEVER SEE IT BEFORE. Could we please stop acting like she's a shady, evil bitch.



  5. Well, to me, Its kill doesn't look like it was provoked by the Runner's attack, it looks like it was the direct result of the Oracle calling for It. (Confusing use of pronouns.)

    Don't tell me you really expected Slender to act nice and calm when he got to you. Please don't try to tell me that you had no idea something like this would happen. I'm not accusing you of having ulterior motives, I'm accusing you of being naïve. You are fucking naïve. You call up this Beast and think he'll play nice with whoever attacked the Oracle? No. Just no.

  6. I don't think people are blaming Sandra. It's just... it's difficult enough to trust people anyway. Friends get turned into insane cultists, and try to kill us. Loved ones die. People find it difficult to accept the fact that a being of pure evil can suddenly act... protective towards anyone. It's frustrating, to say the least. In any case, there aren't that many of us living and running. The news of any death is difficult, even if you're so sure this guy was bad news.

    Runners are just trying to do something, anything, and are projecting their fears onto you. The feeling seems to be that Slender shouldn't have been called at all. The idea of anyone with that kind of power is scary.

  7. I never claimed that Sandra was a "shady, evil bitch". Merely that there is something very strange going on and that this latest situation is the perfect example of it.


  8. "A being of pure evil"?
    No such thing.
    The Slenderman is, if anything pure, Pure Fear. Calling him evil is like calling Trees evil for having bark and photosynthesising.
    He is our enemy, no doubt about that, but it's his nature be that enemy and it's ours to want to fight back.
    "Evil" cannot be assigned to him because "Evil" is an exclusively human attribute.

    As to our lovely trust issues I do find it curious that you used the "EMERGANCY, NOW, NOT A DRILL" call for when the guy was already subdued, instead of the less threatening ones, or jus waiting for Slender to appear, but that's me talking from a far-off position.
    Hell, if I were you, I'd probably have called him the instant that guy broke into the house.

    I hope this issue gets resolved soon.
    Stay safe, the lot of you.

  9. Whoa Nessa aren't you taking it out pretty hard on her. . . I'm mean I may little new to all this, but from what I've read Slinderman would have killed him anyways just for even attacking her. If she hadn't called him she'd be dead too. I know that it's not cool for something like this to happen, but in my opinion one death is a lot more preferable than two, and honestly I would've done the same thing if I was her, and you would've too so back off and calm down attacking each other isn't going to solve anything.

  10. Just finished re-reading 'Attacked'

    She seemed Not of her own mind when she made the call. A Worrying proposition.

    Perhaps he is beginning to excert a greater hold over her mind?

  11. Sandra's just another one of us. Another person who's life has been affected by our mutual Skinny Monster.

    Do I distrust our Oracle?

    No, I do not.

    Am I worried about her?

    Yes, but not as much as Lya and Matt, they way outrank me there.

    Why does our skinny friend protect Sandra?

    I cannot answer. I do not keep that answer.

    But we can and always should trust Sandra. She's been a great friend and supportive figure throughout all of this shit.

    What kind of runner has the fucking balls to attack the only one of us in direct fucking contact with SM?

    I don't agree that what happened was necessary, but I can see why it happened.

    If you had the ability to have someone help you in a flash with a coded message, wouldn't you use it?

    She was about to get killed just for being involved. I admittedly
    see no logic in targeting Sandra, she's plagued by the thing too.

    (If they had read the blogs, you'd have known she was like us.)

    Hell, I may sound like a bloody hypocrite,considering I personally flipped the shit out when this first happened, but the facts are straight.

    Someone thought it was a good idea to kill Sandra to get back at SM.

    She just managed to escape.

    None of this would be happening if it happened to be Jack or another Runner jumping through the window to save her.

    If it wasn't SM, then we wouldn't be having this petty argument.

    Sandra, Lya, and Matt.

    They are part of this family.

    They're here with us.

    Lya, tell her personally from me-

    Stay strong Sandra(Oracle).
    This wasn't your fault.
    Stay safe and let Nessa cool off.
    I'll talk to her.

    A Keeper

    PS: Mind making some input on possible runner/blogger pairings?

    Since the Zero/Shaun crack pairing started, I've been messing around with the concept.

    Any ideas?

    And yes Zero, here too.
    Humor must be spread in dire times!
    This one especially.

  12. Well I'm pretty much by myself, however slender has only visited me once maybe twice, and I'm still trying to adjust to all this. . . Not that I'm not used to paranormal shit by now, but I was surprised that slenderman of all things was real.

  13. I think it might be important to remember that Sandra didn't proclaim herself "the Oracle" - that's a title other people have bestowed upon her. Would the negative reaction against her actions be as strong if she were "just" Sandra, calling out for help in order to stop someone from carving her eye out/killing her? I think the perceived importance of that title is adding a lot of weight to this, and that's not exactly fair since Sandra can't control what other people think of her.

  14. Ugh, let's not fight against each other guys.

    Granted, I don't know what to make of this blog as much as any of you, but remember, there's no accounting for the discrepancies between encounters.

    Robert did give her a title, because he felt she had something to offer. I don't know why Oracle or anything, but let's not go all witchhunt.

    Personally I can't begin to understand the idea of a good slendy. But I'm not talking to him, am I?

    Maybe there' a mental backlash, some part of our own superego or something that rejects the dark creature we created, and has no identity, manifests itself as the same thing.

    I don't know. I really don;t. and thusly so far I've sort of steered clear of this blog and its set of events, because it's not my place to comprehend it. I can't even begin to conceptualize this incident.

  15. also, your text scheme makes it incredibly hard to read, then again I'm half color blind. Just saying.

    Keep the peace, stay alive, stay strong all who're here.

  16. Don't worry, I trust Sandra 100%. :3 ~Rose

  17. I'm not sure what I think of the Oracle any more.

  18. I don't care what her title is, I don't care how scared she was--she was pretty much out of danger when she started to sing that freaky song. There is no countering that fact.

    Can't you solve your problems without some paranormal babysitter to help you?

    Definition of Oracle: a person giving wise or authoritative decisions or opinions.

    I have seen nothing from her that warrants this type of treatment.

  19. Well then it's a good thing you weren't the one who gave her the title isn't. What purpose or reason is there to continuously attack her verbally? Quick answer none so stop taking your frustration out on others.

  20. You can shut the hell up, wbreek.

    If the person who attacked her was a Runner beyond a shade of doubt, he was doing it of his own volition and not because of any orders from //It//. He must have had a reason. A reason more complex than "See girl associating with Slender Man, not getting killed, want to kill her for revenge." No. Because the natural response to that would be curiosity. Do you see?

  21. I'm inclined to agree with Nessa. There's more to this than what is obvious.

  22. @Nessa - Bullshit. The natural human response to other humans being in a better situation is to fuck their shit up.
    Accept it. Humans are not good, noble creatures - we are jealous, cowardly, spiteful, greedy, insidious bastards hell-bent on our own comfort.

    Also, double checking on the (Title), (Oracle) means a person who communicates with an otherworldly or supenatural being. Fits.

    @wbreeck - capitalisation and punctuation, I beg of you. Language screams in agony when you write like that.

  23. I don't know what kind of world you live in Maduin(Sage), but I would not be the person going to "fuck their shit up," as you colorfully called it. I don't think anyone else would either without good cause. I mean, that's a suicide mission that Runner just went on. Why did he think it was necessary?

    Meh, that's one definition of Oracle anyway. Robert(Guardian) never gave any indication which he meant.

    Agreed, wbreeck looks terrifically illiterate. Almost worse than Battery Resistance, wouldn't you say?

  24. Well, this is turning into a nasty little fight, isn't it?

    For the record, the Runner might *not* have had a reason for his actions other than rage - have you seen how hostile many become after contact with Him? Rage appears to be somewhat common in Runners, and I've seen the sentiment from some (in the "heat of the moment", mind you) that as long as someone pays, justice is served.

    @Nessa: I don't see why you're so adamant that this particular person was special and clearly had an important motive.

    I do think it's unfortunate that he was killed before he could calm down, because there is every possibility that he wasn't thinking clearly.

  25. I don't know. I don't know. Maybe I'm just grasping at straws here to justify myself. I'm sorry.

  26. All I'm going to say here is that, unlike Nessa(Herald) and Maduin(Sage), I live in a greyscale world. I don't think this situation is as clean as either of them are trying to make it out to be, and until we get more information on the subject, preferably from Sandra(Oracle) herself, I'm withholding judgement on it all other than my previous statement that this is just another shade of grey. It might not be a shade we particularly like, but it's not quite solid black either.

  27. I hope you're doing well over here, things are going poorly for others. Stay safe, forever.

  28. the captcha program hates me
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  29. @Fizzbomb:
    Good for, you choosing realistic shades of gray in you outlook on this, but not far enough. Who is to say what Slendy relly is, as he sems to be much more Alien in mindset (when you get down to it) than most give him credit for. Who is to say if he (it?) is pure Good, Evil, or even Fear? Good and Evil are based on individual human perception, even if largely agreed upon in most civilizations and societies, and the idea of a "Pure-X" in this universe of organized chaos is laughable.

    @Maduin & Nessa(Herald):
    You botha are most likely half right, against all odds. While yes, we all have selfish, violent drives deep down, we also have many other drives such as fear, morality, empathy, to name a few, that tend to counteract these tendencies 99.99% of the time in most individuals. The only catch is that we are different in mind because our drives are not arranged the same in order or strength from person to person. Still, the situation described is indeed unrealistic due to simple jealuosy, UNLESS HE WASN'T HIMSELF. Fear would be a deterrent, unless something had messed with his mind, precisely his drives, and therefore his identity (philosophically speaking). Considering this guy was offset mentally by Slendy, hence being a Hollowed/Runner/etc. , it is possible that he was deranged enough to attack, despite/without fear, BECAUSE of Slendy (P.S. Tall Guy, if you can read this, Food For Thought...). People react somewhat differently to Slendy's presence as individuals, so this may be an isolated incident, or at least an outlying extreme variant of standard outcomes. Do not rule out //It//'s influence yet, either, as we have little idea of how //It// operates as of yet, //It// may very well be craftier than Slendy (Again, Slendy, Food For Thought).

    I don't want figHting, I want results.
    i dOn't want to PondEr forever, i want YOU ALL to SEE THE TRUTH.
    i ANticipate DeaTH, but i wAke To eacH day dEspite my subdued fears.
    i CANNOT always agree, buT reality seems mOre than Understanding alone Can Handle.
    i wonder if i aM crazy, but perhaps gEnius lies within against all odds.