Saturday, November 20, 2010


Okay, so I'm alright after last night's attack. So don't worry, I'm not spontaneously Hallowed, nor am I dead. Just really tired.

Some people have been trying to figure out how in the sweet corn a vocaloids song brought Slender running to kill that bastard.

Number 1: Speak of the Devil

To explain how He even heard me from wherever the hell he was dicking around, consider how, when you talk often about Him, chances are He'll pop up to scare the shit outta you. Either He's got some BITCHING hearing, or He can sense when someone's talking about/calling Him.

Number 2: The Song

No, there's no deep, hidden meaning behind this song. As far as I can tell, He's never been a goat-legged girl trapped in a circus.

It's just how I call Him out to tell Him there's an emergency.

See, the day of the car accident, we had my vocaloids cd playing in the car. The crash happened during the ending part of the song that I said last night (those words weren't said or sung, but were during the instrumental at the end, and having memorized them like a freak I am, I was saying them while the song played).

I was thrown from the car before I could say the last line (from the ending animation, which is SO DAMN CREEPY). Later on, after I had stopped raging against Him and finally realized that maybe He was being honest, He asked if I was alright.

I just wrote "It's fun", and He took it to mean that I was going to be okay.

So that's how I let Him know. There's no real reason for it, just another way to make chaos seem just a little easier. Singing an actual japanese line from the song means an emergency is forming, saying a line from the opening means we found a body, gtf over here, and saying the lines from last night means that an emergency is currently happening, this is not a drill.

After the crisis is managed, "It's fun" just means that we're all alive and we'll recover.

So that's it. Don't freak out when some godawful shit happens and I key in saying "IT'S FUN!" like a gleeful two year old. That's just me saying we're alright.

On a completely different note...

You guys still call me the Oracle. Why is that? I haven't made any prophecies or predictions, just given a little insight on how Slender behaves around us. And I highly doubt that the Oracle ever hung out with Persians, or was roomies with Clytemnestra.

But I still love the fuck outta that nickname. XD



  1. Nice to know I'm not the only one singing in Japanese to my vocaloid CD as I'm driving.

  2. Some people went bananas about youyr eye, dearie. I worry you might get more visits like that one soon.

    As to your (Title), I don't get Robert's reasons behind giving you that one. I'd have personally titled you (Faery), but it's too late for that.

    Regarding the Vocaloids, I used to be crazy for them, but it passed. I still love some pieces, like AHS (gloriously creepy), The Servant of Evil (Lyrics could have come from me personally), I like you I love you (That one is just adorable) and a few more.

  3. Are you sure that you don't have some power over SM? Because being able to influence him with song, as you've just shown here, implies that you do.


  4. Code speak, eh? That's cool. -Rose

  5. Hosozukuri- Hyup. All the damn time. Just about drives Lya up the wall. And apparently Miku flips Preston's bitch switch, because he goes crazy when anything with her comes on. I put on Dissapearance the other day, he damn near bashed his little brain out against the wall, little psycho...

    Maduin- Yeah, it does tend to freak people out. Though maybe he meant that I'm His reference to human behavior and emotions, and his twisted reasoning suggested that that makes me His little helper. Dumbass.

    Red- Not really control, He just understands that we associate some lines from that song with trouble. Any power I have over Him is just my power to attract danger, which seems to frustrate Him to no end.

    Rose- Hell yes. And it's a vocaloid code, so more awesomeness.


  6. Well, an oracle didn't actually see the future, she consulted a god who could. You "consult" with the Tall One, who some of his stupider followers see as a god. So in that sense, you are an oracle, I guess.

    I personally picked it up from Robert.

  7. Otaku Counter: 3


    Time for nerdy blog posts!
    (Or not...)

    A Keeper

    It's probably the auto-tuned frequency of Miku's singing voice that pisses off Preston.

  8. Lya: Most of the songs I listen to aren't really the mainstream vocaloid stuff (like melt and servant of evil and whatnot). If you want something that even a non-vocaloid lover can appreciate, try this:

    It's my current favorite.

  9. I don't trust the Oracle anymore.

    She led a Runner into his grasp.

    Is that raising red flags for anyone else?

    It just seems so wrong for the eldritch horror to be anyone's guard dog. Even if the thing wasn't doing it to protect her, she let it KILL HIM.

  10. Nessa, with all honesty, I don't like it either, but judging by how TPF acts towards Sandra, that guy was dead the moment he decided to take his knife to her face. She only did what she could to save herself.
    Creepy as all hell? Yes.
    Warranting distrust more than anything so far? No.

  11. *struggles with herself*

    I don't like to see Runners killed. How the hell do you even know if it wasn't a Proxy? That's what I'd like to know. Did Mr Thin tell you?

    Look, there are certain levels of servitude, as far as I've seen, and I hope your attacker was just a servant of //It//.

    I mean, just... ugh.

  12. I think I may have been visited by one of our tall dark and slender friends about six night's ago. . .

  13. We kinda sorta guessed he wasn't a proxy when he ran in here calling Sandra "the demon's little whore".

    And how on Earth did Sand "lead" him here? From what we found out in the woods (including a campsite and a logbook he left detailing surveilance and nasty comments about Sandra and curses towards Him), it looks a lot more like he figured out where Sandra was and decided on a little revenge. By taking out an 18 year old girl who wasn't responsible at all for any losses he's dealt with.

    We're not saying that Runners and Fighters are bad, God knows we love you guys to death for all your support and friendship. This guy was the exception. Slender doesn't only stalk good people and Hallow bad people. This Runner was proof of that, because he was willing to injure or even murder a teenage girl for the mere chance it would piss Him off.


    ((Hosozukuri- I actually do adore vocaloids, I just hate having to deal with Preston losing his shit and Sandra playing it to the point where neighbors over a mile away could hear...))

  14. What evidence do you really have that the Oracle doesn't have anything to do with that Runner's losses?

    The more I hear about her weird connection to It, the less I trust her.

    I apologize, but my paranoia is off the charts.